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Random quote: "only what is loving is true." ~ Raj
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Hokey Pokey..... hear the squeal
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Posted 2003-03-10 11:59 PM (#4732 - in reply to #4659)
Subject: Facts, grievances, perhaps an ass-kicking

Okay maedell....... it appears to me that you are just begging for an ass-kicking..... and i got a good ass-kick welling up inside me...... but you're not going to get it.  I don't like you maedell.  If i were to express what i think of you, it would be very unflattering.  I was hoping this would get to a point where i could maybe start to like you.... but you don't seem to want that.  Yes..... your grievance is very precious to you....... and you NEED your lies to preserve your grievance.

Yes..... your lies are so important to you...... for they preserve your precious grievance.  It would be far too risky to expose your lies to the light of scrutiny...... for if they were to fall, your grievance would have no foundation. You are wrong..... and you know it.

Well.... i'll work with what you've given.

Originally written by MaeDell on 2003-03-10 3:09 PM

Tell it to the Judge, Ryan. . .the one who ordered you to pay the fine. . .how wrong I am about your participation in the copyright fracas.

I have never denied my participation in the copyright fracas...... i am even pleased to talk about it whenever anyone is interested..... sometimes even when no one is interested.  I never tried to hide my identity, i have been open and candid about my actions since day one.  You are severely misinformed as what occurred and what my involvement was.  However.... you are not interested in the facts..... because the facts are easily available...... and you have not availed yourself to the facts.  Facts would nullify the lies which preserve your precious grievance.

First of all...... i told it all to the judge.  My paperwork generated in the proceeding is a stack 17" tall.  It's been told to the judge in every way and with every nuance. The judge had many nice things to say to me and about me.  He also had a few very sharp things. But mostly he was very friendly and understanding.

My impression was that he agreed with me..... even though the law did not.  I don't expect that assertion to hold much weight with you...... but i bet you never even read my arguements..... you aren't interested in a fair hearing...... i'm glad you weren't the judge.

Second..... i paid no fine..... and no fine was assessed. This is a fact. There was absolutely no punitive action taken. What happened is.... i was found liable for copyright infringement..... and i was ordered not to infringe copyright again.

Because of my liability, the copyright holder was awarded judgements of compensatory damages. These are the judgments against me:

$5000 for copyright infringement.  That figure was based upon $10 for each of the 500 copies of ACIM that were downloaded from my website.

$5000 for the contempt of court finding that resulted in damages.  That figure was based upon "whatever the 30 urtexts i emailed into $5000 works out to." 

$182,000 in attorney fee's.

Now...... i have never paid a dime of this $192,000 judgment...... and i intend to never pay a cent. The judge did not order me to pay this judgment...... and he even suggested that i could get it removed through bankruptcy. I have not proceeded with bankruptcy, neither do i intend to. The interest on this judgment is over $800 per month...... so add another $25,000 to make the total current.

Now maedell..... these are the facts in regard to your above statement.  There was no fine, and no judge has ordered me to pay anything. Please refrain from saying that a judge ordered me to pay a fine.  Now that you have been informed of the facts, to continue saying that a judge ordered me to pay a fine, would be to lie.  If you do so again, it will only mean that lies are more important to you than truth.

Let's move on.

Because you do NOT comprehend the thought system of the Course in Miracles you felt you were allowed to attack Kenneth, steal the manuscript (Urtext, HLC, JCIM, whatever. . .according to ***your*** early posts here on TGP. . .) and then justify it.

Oh my....... there is so much here.  First of all..... i have justified nothing.  I DENY everything you say above.

I stole no manuscript.  I was not involved in stealing any manuscript.  I don't know anything about any manuscript stealing.  What manuscript was stolen, and by whom? Unless you can answer this, kindly refrain from calling me a thief.  Dr. wapnick called me some terribly nasty things..... but never a thief. Why do you choose to hold this lie as the truth? I'll tell you why..... because the truth does not support your grievance........ your brother never did what you think he did.  Don't even talk about forgiveness until you understand this.

I have not attacked ken wapnick...... and i tell anyone who does, that they should bless him and be grateful in the role he played at bringing us the JCIM and the Urtext.  These became public directly through the lawsuits.  Without the lawsuits, nobody would have looked so hard to find them....... and they would have been forgotten.  I truly do tell people to bless him and be grateful..... ask trish..... i think she has been present for this several times. Kindly do not talk about me attacking ken unless you are prepared to offer evidence.  Ken would not agree with you that i have attacked him........ but then...... i know him a bit better than you do.  I've done my homework...... you think your assumptions are enough.

You do the opposite of what the Course teaches. Plain and simple, you don't get it. That is the ONLY reason you could talk to me the way you do.

Oh bite me, maedell.  Are you completely oblivious to the way YOU talk to me? Take off your false face of innocense and try a little self-honesty.  Jesus said, "Become haters of hypocrisy."

Now..... as to the opposite of what the Course teaches.  That would be..... holding onto grievances...... preferring lies to truth...... believing your brother did what he did not do...... THESE..... are the opposite of what the Course teaches.

I think refusing an opportunity for healing...... is also opposite of what the Course teaches. You see...... by saying that i do not comprehend the thought system of the Course, you are implying that YOU do........ else how could you possibly know whether i did or not.  I don't think you comprehend shit..... and it is demonstrated in the areas that i am blatantly pointing out to you.  You value grievances over truth. 

the you, which you protect and defend, is actually not real. That is the message of the Course in Miracles.

I do not protect and defend....... so the "you" that you refer to as not real..... is the one that YOU made up, and hold in my place.  THAT is the message of the Course in Miracles.

 I will NOT be swayed by your ego to an emotional reaction. 


I realize that you are far too proud to apologize....... i know it would kill you to suddenly discover that i am honest and honorable and forthright and kind........ such is waking up.  It's not for wimps..... quite unpleasant at times...... dislodging those precious grievances.

I am right maedell...... and that is still the worst possible outcome that you can imagine.

Such a precious grievance.

Peace forever,

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