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Random quote: Curiosity is an aliveness to the unexpected. (Raj)
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Posted 2003-03-10 8:51 AM (#4623 - in reply to #4602)
Subject: MaeDell, here is one


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From “A Weekend with Raj” Winnipeg, Manitoba, Oct’1988 fficeffice" />>>

Loneliness, humanly speaking, is a form of attack upon your fellow man. It is your withdrawal. You’re putting yourself in isolation from your fellow man in order to get even for whatever. You withdraw to cause discomfort, and I am not speaking to you only here, you withdraw for revenge to get even—to make someone else feel uncomfortable. To make them feel guilty for the way they are treating you. >>

That is the crux of loneliness. That is the kernel that gets the ball rolling. It is manipulative. The man who withholds sex from his wife or the woman who withholds sex from her husband does it to get even for something. The result is, that whoever has withdrawn becomes lonely and then says, “See the misery you are putting me thru?” >>

“I feel fully justified in finding someone who will love me” and all that means is I will find somebody that I will not withdraw from until I need to be manipulative again. >>

You get the picture? >>

But you see, the primary withdrawal has been the withdrawal from God and what you could call “God Consciousness”—that consciousness of things which it is your primitive and ultimate right to be consciously experiencing eternally. And that constituted a denial of the Father, but what you did not realize was that the Father is what constitutes your identity and in that denial, you lost your conscious experience of who you are. And it didn’t hurt the Father at all and ultimately it didn’t hurt you at all because when you wake up, it will be clear to you that the illusion was illusion and never happened. And, you will all become fully aware of what was divinely happening as you and your self-expression during the whole dream. That which you were not accessing because you were resisting it will become fully available to you and you will remember what you were really doing. And as it has been said before, the material record will be expunged. When your right mind is restored to you the experiences of that right mind which have been occurring all along while you have been dreaming your dream will be returned to you as well. >>

QUESTION: It seems to me that loneliness very often seems at our present conscious level to stem from the fear of being unloved or without love. My understanding is that God is Love and if we have a feeling for that, then that allays the fear of being alone. Is that on track? >>

ANSWER: If there is enough willingness to be open to the fact that God is Love, then indeed that does lead to the allaying of the fear. You see, when one is feeling guilty, which is the natural state of the ego, one feels undeserving of love and therefore it is unreasonable to think that even God could love one. And that is one of the reasons I have made it so clear in my answer that there is only one thing God perceives, and that is His Beloved Expression in which He is well pleased because there is nothing there but the totality of the Father is in Expression. It is that self-recognition of the Father that constitutes the Love because the Father is embracing what He is fully without reservation. And so God is Love and what awaits each one of you as you acknowledge that indeed your attempts to be independent constitute a denial of the Father will help you move through the ego’s suggestion that such an abominable thing requires punishment. And that therefore, you cannot expect to wake up scott-free. >>

You must understand that there is no penalty for delusion aside from the limit experienced while the delusion is indulged in. And that is not a punishment from God, it is just an inherent condition of believing that a partial view is the total view of Reality. Of course you must understand that God is Love and that indeed, as I said, “Love is the Substance of every single thing that exists” and that you are embraced, surrounded by and imbued with the Love that God is and there is no justification for not letting it in, no matter what the ego says, there is no justification for not letting it in. The ego very clearly says that if you open up to the Father and let in His Love, you will get a smack on the hands. The ego says the Father is a stern Father strict, unyielding. >>

The ego has extracted the uttermost farthing of your good from you. The Father will not extract the uttermost farthing of payment for your fault—for your sin. It’s the ego that costs. Your divinity is free. It’s inseparable from God’s Self-Expression, which is what you are. >>

What you long for, what you yearn for is the simple experience of your integrity—your cohesiveness, your inseparability, your indivisibility. And so what you call a longing, is really the penetration into your dream of your divine sanity. >>

It is inevitable as long as you are thinking that you are an ego that you will fear that you will not be loved. But because the ego has a very tenuous “existence” because it is an assumption to presence—nothing claiming to be something—and it knows that it will be found out. It knows that its nothingness will become clearly apparent and what is going to uncover its nothingness? The capital “S” Somethingness of Reality—of your true identity asserting itself in the face of nothing by being the only movement there is, the movement of the Father. >>

So how do you get rid of your loneliness? By not denying your divinity. By not energizing the false identification of yourself which the ego suggests to you is your identity which I have referred to as personality and asking, as I said, “What is truth here?” And then letting it in. That is, as I said, the act of love that replaces the hate that caused the separation and opens your eyes to the truth of you and me and everything. >>

It is one thing to say, “God is Love”. It is another thing to become undefended against It and let It in. Because when you let It in It will move you and change you. To say, “God is Love” will not necessarily inspire you to let that love in. You have to come to a point where you will lower that defense that keeps the experience out. >>

There are women and there are men who say “I want to get married” “I am ready to be married” but they don’t give permission for the dynamic of a relationship which will cause change to happen. So the desire has to be there and permission must be given. The acknowledgement of God as Love must be there AND permission for It to fill you must be given. >>

You can look at a leaf and acknowledge that this must be a divine manifestation but until you give permission to let it in, until you are not so busy with other ego stuff, and give yourself the time for the truth of it to register with you, it will just be words—right words—better words than it is a material world and that it is a form of matter that has nothing to do with God, but until you become RECEPTIVE enough, YIELDING enough to let it in, the EXPERIENCE of it’s divinity will allude you further. >>

You see, you not only must say, “May I have an apple?” You must extend your hand so the apple can be put in it. You must extend yourself in the sense of lowering the defense that makes it impossible for you to receive the true experience of life—the true experience of the unity of all that makes the concept of loneliness absurd. >>

The great problem with loneliness is that it does not take all the facts into consideration. It is defined by means of what is happening after the initial act of withdrawal to get even.
It ignores that, covers it up and says, “I want so much to be loved—but nobody loves me!” having covered up the fact that an aggressive act of hate and separation has occurred which keeps people away, it makes it seem totally reasonable that this pitiful lonely one should feel rightfully hurt and worthy of special attention. It appears that here is one who wants to love and wants to be loved but that one has covered up a decision to hate and get even. And until that is uncovered and looked at, and released, that one will not find the world flooding in with all the warmth and all the meaningfulness that is there to be experienced. >>

This is a hard lesson—one not easy to look at but one which needs to be looked at and as I said before, the apparently justifiable penalty for such an awful thing must be seen as part and parcel of the ego’s illusion and not actual divinely speaking because I will tell you that the Father rejoices at your clarity and your increasing experience of your integrity and you are supported in your increasing clarity the moment the willingness is there to experience it. >>

End of answer.

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