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Random quote: " ... nothing is accomplished through death, ... " ACIM Sparkly Book
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My apolagies for breaking a thread
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Posted 2003-03-10 5:03 PM (#4671 - in reply to #4656)
Subject: can you look with me Ammi?

I am beginning to see a clearer picture here Ammi, you seem to be firmly rooted in the past and the present in terms of the reality of what you think you see. You can never solve a problem from the same consciousness that it was produced within.... you know that, I am sure.

To use the past as a means of making decisions relating to the present is an error, as enunciated by the course, and yourself even. I refer to your posts of lets bring it back to mind.

We can all invent seemingly logical and water tight hypothetical scenarios like yours of the Israeli bus, in order to try to get an answer we want to hear. I am not against using analogies, they can be useful, but what is more useful, is to accept the words of Jesus, and to stop looking at this whole issue, from the basis of the past.

Yes I say Bosnia and Normandy etc was wrong, but only in the sense that it didn't solve anyhting.which is why we have Sadaam, another lesson for us. You see peace in the fact that bombs are not being thrown at each other from country to country. I see war, as being in my front room, on this board, in every interaction of difference between individuals that provides the very foundation of war between countries.

The cause of this current conflict is not GW or Sadaam or Hitler, or Stalin or Douglas or Ammi...... it is the entire belief that we can be attacked, and therefore need defense. Its not a lot of good, to say Oh yes there is a better way, I am sure...but I think I will just stay here a bit longer, cos I can understand this, and I don't understand that.

Ammi says :- Say you are in Israel riding a crowded bus.  A Palestinian gets on with a bomb strapped to his belly.  The guy in the seat beside you has a gun and is willing to shoot the bomber before he can ignite the bomb.  Would you stop him from shooting because it is violent?  In doing so you are assisting in a greater violence.

In this scenario, you assume only one of two outcomes, the death of the bomber, or the death of myself and others...... what is the third option? can you look at it Ammi, do you dare to be different, do you dare to come from love? I would deny my current ego hold on me, if I was to say that I would not be scared, and I am not that arrogant...... but yes, I would do nothing of a violent nature or encourage the violence. I would go within and ask for help from the only power that is capable and to show me if there is another way, that does not perpetuate the dream.

Now I will give you a factual account of where I come from. about ten years ago, I was called to a siege situation involving an estranged man, his ex wife, and their two kids..... as usual we, (the ambos) were first on scene, I broke all rules by offering myself in place of the kids, and went in to the house unarmed, defenseless, and damn scared. I took an open trauma kit with me. Inside I found two frightened kids and an unconscious badly slashed woman, before I could do anything, I was punched in the stomach, and knocked to the ground...the man was screaming obscenities at me, it was bedlam.

I rose to my knees, and asked quietly if I could check out his wife....... he looked oddly at me, and suddenly stepped back, and motioned me forward. I was able to dress the many deep lacerations and noted three life threatening stab wounds...... her vitals were low, and I knew she had to get out of there or die. Armed police had arrived after us, and had surrounded the house. Two police marksmen were on scene as well as probably 20 pistol toting gung ho coppers. I asked if I could speak to my colleague outside and tell him what the situation was in regard to the woman's injuries only. He nodded......strangely there was a sudden feeling of calm.. I did this and my colleague told me there was a doctor en route, with blood and surgical equipment. I asked that the police be withdrawn for all of our sakes.

The superintendent was furious, but complied. The police drew back. I turned to the man, introduced myself and asked if I could have a look at the kids, he began to argue, then stopped and muttered. "get em out of here"... I told the kids to walk slowly out of the front door, and quickly made a radio call they were coming out.

I then sat down next to the woman, and said "Fuck of a situation this, mate..... what do you reckon we do about it?".......... he said "you think I am a bad person, that bitch has done this to me" .......... "Ummm, well whatever, the real question is, do you want to die?.......cos those coppers out there will take us all out in the eagerness to shoot someone?" ..... he looked at me, then gazed out of the window, sort of into the distance...I sat and waited....... the fear in me had gone. totally. A few minutes went by, then he sighed and started crying. I stood up slowly, went to him took no notice of the knife, didn't even try to take it from him...... at that point Ammi, I offered what I could.....myself..... and no judgment.

As I stood in front of him, I raised my arms, and put them around him.... he dropped the knife and wept like a baby..... and that was it. He was arrested, the woman lived, the kids returned to hug their father and I saw love. At his court appearance I testified to his voluntarily dropping the knife, and to his deep remorse. I have no idea what he does now, but I know it is not terrorizing others. somehow I know this.

You may scoff, you may believe I make this up .....I don't..... it is the truth. At the end of it, I went home, and had a meal....... My wife never knew until the news came on, then she said nothing.....she couldn't understand either.

Many of my colleagues told me I was a fool..... something I have heard a few times, I was officially reprimanded by my superintendent..... the police were mad at me..... Only one other person was with me....a lesbian ambo friend who came and hugged me, she knew Ammi, she knew.

I ask you Ammi.....do you?........ do you know? When you go to bed at night, what are the dreams...do they perpetuate the dream or do they embody a different way...perhaps in the eyes of the world a foolish way, a stupid way, a risky way?

I am not asking you to answer those last questions Ammi, they are for your private thoughts only.

You would allow the people of Iraq to suffer for 10 or 20 more years...... while you try to develop your magic, and cling to your "relative peace."

It is not my way Ammi, it is not magic I dream of, it is the way of Jesus, as he tells me.......I hear a different message to the one you hear, and that is the way of it. My prayers are more powerful than a million nuclear bombs, and my destiny is of eternity........In the eyes of the world that looks at the world and sees death and finite life....yes I cling to my relative peace...... in the eyes of Jesus, I am Love and peace.

In Peace

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