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My apolagies for breaking a thread
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Posted 2003-03-10 1:27 AM (#4579)
Subject: My apolagies for breaking a thread

Apologies Ammi, and others in the thread, I have been away for a few days, and haven't been able to answer and keep dialogue going, which to me is learning. I do consider all points and try to understand them. Thus I have decided to place my answers up here, in case people wanted to continue. Hope this is OK etiquette.

Ammi you said :-

It was not wrong for our military to enter Normandy. It was not wrong for our military to enter Bosnia. It was not wrong for our military to enter Granada. And it is not wrong for our military to enter Iraq.

I would suggest that it was wrong....but we knew no different.... nor was there the media available that might have forestalled the very uncivilised processes that ultimately lead too these actions..... we missed the boat then through no fault of our own. Today we have another chance to choose a different path, than that which continues the dream.

You do me an injustice when you decry my desire to see the Iraqi people freed from the rule of Sadaam...... How many times do I have to say it........ Sadaam MUST go....... it is the method I am addressing not the goal. Your assumption that because I refuse to accept the use of war, means I don't want his removal is a biased view towards your belief, which I wholly concur is yours to hold, and I acknowledge your commitment to it. I ask that you at least acknowledge my commitment to my view of another way, a way that you cannot see right now..and that is okay,... I can't see your way either.....we are both Gods children, and we know we don't see anything in this world correctly.......we see a a world which does not exist.

A long time ago I saw a (perhaps simplistic) vision or idea, of the immense difficulty in altering a mind, (my own) to accept what seems to be unacceptable. I will relate it solely to share my experience.

A baby boy is kidnapped from his home in middle America during the 40's and taken to Mother Russia, then the USSR, he is raised as a Russian, complete with a fully constructed background.... he is schooled in communism, he is taken into the military and immersed in the propaganda of hate for the capitalist Americans, He graduates as a soldier and is in time, given rank. There comes a time, when communism collapses, and during the collapse information comes to light that he is in fact an American....... How difficult would it be to change his mind about his beliefs? Next to impossible unless perhaps a greater being could show him a different way of looking at his beliefs of separation, nationalistic pride, rightness of his political and life experiences, and so on. AND that he was willing to look with the innocent eyes of the baby.

This is where I see us all, we hold our issues so close to our hearts and go to the line for them, we stand firm in our integrity, and we form the beliefs that become wars. Yes I don't say that I have the solution to the Sadaam issue that I see from a different view to your own.... but I am acknowledging that all my thoughts are not thoughts of a different way, of a new idea, of being ness with that more knowledgeable power, and in that I am saying "I don't know......... show me another way" The NO I hold is to continuation of old ways. The NO I hold is that my brother Sadaam is acting in a way that is loving to my brothers and sisters in Iraq, My YES is accepting that I, of myself, am not equipped to "Know" the method best suited in lovingness to solve the issue. MY No is to war, the killing of another innocent individual, no matter the perceived goodness of the ends..... My NO is to any back stepping that would allow Sadaam to stay. My YES is to the continued use of all peaceful means not embodying the means of the gun, in its use, to continue the gains to date.

We argue about peace and the way to get to it, we argue about the merits of death, we argue about the justifications and the rightness, and we adopt positions of intransigence..... I am meaning not just you and I, Ammi and Doug, I am talking of the world community, of the citizenry, of the Sonship........ we know nothing.

I guess what I am trying to say..... is when will we (the sonship) give up the need to be autonomous, and surrender our wills to the will of the Father? One by one we will do this, in direct proportion to our willingness. So yes Ammi you are right in that I will not accept the old ways of thinking, of the millennia of conflict that started when I believed I could be harmed by another, and in that became a victim.

I hope a way will be shown to us, that we can accept together in love and rejoicing and not in further division.

In Peace

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