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Random quote: "the perfectly safe are wholly benign...... because they are sending out messengers of love. they bless because they know they are blessed...... because they project beneficence................ they are beneficent." ~ Raj
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Robbiehs question
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Posted 2003-02-27 1:01 AM (#3539)
Subject: Robbiehs question

I moved up here, cos the tread was dropping so low, maybe its nearly done anyway. I asked robbie what her question was to me, she answered

"What would you do about saddam"

First thing Robbie, is to know once and for all, that I have no truck with Saddams behaviour, his 'actions' that have brought suffering and death to thousands.

Second thing...Sadaam is my brother....... that is a fact, we are one.

Third thing.... His actions must stop. and he must be prevented from ever being able to do any of these things again

Fourth thing... The Iraqi people must have self determination to decide upon their own destiny, even if that means a regime, government or system that is not in accord with the Western world. There are many many countries where this is the case, and we must learn to live with each of our neighbours.

Fifth thing....At the present time, Sadaam is caged, he is unable to do more than go to the toilet without the western (US) electronic and spy observers being aware of it.....in fact I bet they even know when he craps and how much! therefore as of this moment Sadaam poses no threat to his own people or to the world at large.

Sixth Thing... the western world must maintain its stand within the international law..... or change that law by dialouge and mandate. Any country who acts on their own or in concert with only a few allies, is not acting in the best interests of its neighbours. If the laws do not fit, we dont just break em.

Seventh thing... the people of the world (us) have to actively seek information from other than political media sources, to correlate and consider as best we can...... with an empty mind, that means without nationalistic veiws, pride, or might. It means we look at the players... ALL of them.........we look at the history ALL of it, it means that we take off the rose coloured glasses, and the cloak of fear.

Eight thing....The people of the world, must make their voice heard..... I don't think anyone here, and by extrapolation, I feel fairly safe in saying that very few of the worlds population, says that Sadaam can stay. ...... so that issue is set. He must go.

Ninth thing...... and this is where their will be argument...... There must be no death or as little death as possible caused to or by anyone. And especially there should be no invasion of a country that has done no harm or threatened any other country at this stage, but whose head is a monster. The action to cut out a cancer is surgical, not with a bulldozer.

Tenth thing...... The western world with the backing of the UN, can control this monster. Contrary to what we hear, there is zero evidence to say that there is any urgency in regard to Sadaam and any possible terrorist or otherwise threat to the world around him. This is the rhetoric of the current administration. In the UN they can produce all sorts of stuff, that says quiet clearly, that he is in breach of agreements etc........ they have yet to produce anything that shows Sadaam is an active 'threat" that lives will be lost if we take the path of a new direction.

Eleventh thing...... we have to stop looking at the effect and ignoring the cause.... ie...... 9/11 did not happen out of the blue..... it was as a result of centuries of abuse by wealthy or warlike empires upon other countries....it was a defining legacy of our very fabric of life.... the 10% that holds 90% of the worlds wealth and 95% of the worlds power. and 99.9% of the worlds weapons of mass destruction.

This moment in our experience robbieh is the greatest opportunity to turn a corner, it requires great courage to look upon your own body and to see it as corrupt and wicked, but that is what the affluent countries are...... and it is about time that we opened our systems, wealth, and opportunities to lift our brothers out of the mud, instead of hanging them on wracks and bleeding them.

The whole essence of Raj's talk last week, was on NEW ideas...... not old ones retried....... NEW ideas require new vision..... and that vision can and will only be got through going within and asking the Father.

Oh and by the way......if the US coalition were serious about helping the Iraqi people they could drop food by the millions of tonnes, medical care, and money of so desired........ the sheer amount of electronic gear out there is so huge, that the US  could overfly Iraq in impunity. Please dont be fooled by the rhetoric. There is also sea landings of assistance and land based areas....... what about food dumps of immense size, with clean water, with bedding etc on the border with Kuwait... and Turkey..... peace not war.... how many people would avail themselves of it? and would Sadaam, dare to slaughter his civilians right at this time? I think not. Maybe thats simplistic, but I am not a planner. One thing that is blatantly obvious though, is that throughout history, a peoples strength has always been shown to be greater than any rulers.

The final way I guess we could act is instead of giving money to the foundation, we could purchase tickets to  neighboring countries and join the many people who are there already..... the human shield.

Whatever it is Robbieh...... read the transcript, read and re read it, until you see where Raj says........ the only idea that will tranform is a new idea. (thats not a quote its the thrust) I am too tired from work last night and little sleep, to do it right now, but if you want I will find and post what I see. It would be better for you to see it for yourself.

Blessings Robbieh.... In peace.
Through the Father to peace.

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