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Random quote: "study study study will constantly distance you from the fact that you are already at your destination." ~ Raj
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The Altar and the Sacred Heart
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Posted 2003-01-21 9:15 AM (#164)
Subject: The Altar and the Sacred Heart

Location: The Kingdom of Heaven
When Raj speaks of "facing the Altar" it reminded me of what he said to Glenda Green about the "Sacred Heart" and I thought I'd post the excerpt (by her permission) from her book "Love Without End--Jesus Speaks"


The sacred heart is the unified center of your whole person.

Jesus said, “except for the heart, you have no power. Except for the heart, you have no passion. Except you enter the heart, you will not know your purpose in life.” For it is where your covenant with your Father, your Creator is held in sanctity. And only by entering this heart and knowing it as the center of your soul will you recover, and realign yourself with your purpose in life.”

Passion is one of the mighty powers of the heart and its no accident that those who knew Jesus’ teachings well when he walked upon the earth refer to his last week upon the earth as the “passion week” for that was the week of the sacred heart. That was the week when the sacred heart in all of its power changed the earth forever. And forever since it has been called the week of the Passion.

And so I asked him, “What else is the heart—you say it is the passion—it is the purpose. He said, “I’ve already told you that it’s the magnetic vortex thru which the blessings of the One Spirit are received.” He said, “Remember I gave you the meditation of the One and the All and ask that you contemplate this as often as you can. Also the heart is clarity, its resolution, its steadfastness, its intent, its stillness, its respect, justice, kindness and perceptions of greatness.”

I thought “that doesn’t sound like the heart of sentimental reflection to me.

A healthy and fully alive heart is your sacred center. And when its healthy and fully alive, so will your life be. Jesus said it is the still and quiet center deep within – what you enter like a special chamber and the very presence of being there is the essence of prayer. Now he said you must go alone. You cannot be guided by someone else’s prayers or meditation for this is your sacred place. He said when he told his disciples to go into a closet and be still and pray. He was talking about this reality on two levels. First of all, He was telling them to secure themselves away from other people to be alone—to be with themselves in quietness. But he was also was reminding them that heart itself is a special chamber that you enter into in peace in quiet and in solitude.

The main thing is to select a place that is appropriate externally to the sacred chamber that you will be entering. And so again I asked him, “Jesus can you help me find it – where is it? He indicated for me, he must have just seen it glowing, he obviously saw something—because he said, “Locate your physical heart – put your hand—he had me locate my physical heart and then for me he said now “move behind it and about ½ inch above. And I just slipped into it like a glove because he knew where it was. But now for you it might be just a little bit below, but you might try by putting your hand upon your heart just to locate the physical heart and blessing the center of your being – bless it! For your physical heart on the physical plane is doing the work of the sacred heart. Your physical heart is the maid-servant to your sacred heart and they both reside in the same vicinity. Then he said, “Now there are basically two ways you can enter – 1 is to simply surrender all of your brain functions – let your mind go at peace and like a pebble falling into a lake or a feather touching upon the earth, allow your attention just to fall until it reaches the point of silence. You don’t just hear silence but you feel silence. It’s more than an audio sense. It’s a feeling sense. It’s a depth within your soul that can only be described as peace. This is the way of quiet contemplation.

Glenda . . Before I tell you the other way of entering, I want to tell you this is the only way I had been able to enter the heart until about a year ago. So I was doing what the Master said for almost 4 years – yes, more than four years. I would enter in quiet contemplation in the surrender of my mind and I would simply be there. I never expected the power of the event when all of a sudden the gates of my heart just opened and I fell in like Alice in Wonderland. This was the event that triggered my willingness to speak – to be here giving this message – that was event of april 26th of last year that I told you before on another tape. So I won’t take up time on this one.

But apparently, there can be a very phenomenal affect that occurs when we enter the heart from the “outside in”. Not just by relinquishing our attention but it is as if the whole soul enters and is one with the heart again. For me it was like a one-woman home-coming party and I am sure it will be no less for you although the drama that surrounds it will be different for each of you and unique for every person. So when he described the other way of entering the heart this is what he said:

He said “now the other is a bit more difficult but even by attempting or contemplating it, you will behold the heart’s majesty and start it to unfolding. This involves locating the doorway thru which the heart communes with infinity. Remember your heart is one with God and with infinity. The One Spirit and the Father always. Now the heart is yours and its always open to you. But since it is your sacred center there are some defenses and some booby traps and filters there. You might say guardian angels there to prevent anything impure from entering. For you may not take anything impure into your sacred heart. It simply will not contain it. If you think the body has impressive immunities, against invading bacteria or viruses, then just magnify that by many times to consider the defenses your heart has against your bringing anything impure to it. Because your sacred heart is one with your immortal Self. Your sacred heart is One with the Father Who resides only in innocence. There is part of you that is One with the Father even though your Father resides in purity and innocence.

Glenda: See this is why I was a bit cautious with a great deal of sacred respect. This is why we’ve come to be detached. Jesus said, “we don’t feel worthy. We’ve come to hold that opinion about ourself. But he said the difficulty of entering the heart has nothing to do with the fact that it’s not yours or that your not welcome—you are always welcome there. The difficulty in entering lies in the idea that you’ve come to think you’re unworthy. And that you try to bring into it all of your baggage that’s not you.

You know some of these big corporations that have the fancy security systems where you have to go in with a thumb print and a photo I.D. and a voice I.D. Well apparently the best I could gather from what Jesus said, your sacred heart has some kind of very powerful identification system where it knows you by your love and not by one tiny little bit of a false identity. In other words, you can’t take the false identities in. You have to leave them at the doorway. You have to take your shoes off in front of the sacred burning bush. This is sacred ground. You take off everything that is false and you enter only with the purity of the love that you are. So can you see how in forgetting who you are you would forget the pass-code for entering the sacred heart? This is a very very important thing to get across to you because Jesus spoke to me with a soft and loving voice but with burning eyes. He was very intense that I knew this—that I let go of my idea of being unworthy but also I stop trying to bring in all of the baggage. And so he said now, “if you would enter, extend your awareness to the larger circle of energy and spirit which surrounds your body. Now place your perceptual viewpoint at a point outside your body on the backside and with your spiritual eye scan the extent of your spine as if you were looking to the door of a cave. And looking for the doorway to the heart. You may at first find the opening very small but as you enter it will dilate and you may see infinity laid out before you. For some people he said, it may be sealed so tightly that the door will only be sensed and a large stone will have to be rolled away before it can be opened. But he said the opening is there. You will find it if you look. And it will open if you knock. But don’t be shocked about your first perceptions of it. To some he said it may feel like cold dark air of the cosmos. To some, the stillness and the quietness may be overwhelming. Some people see a burning bush at the entrance. Some people see an angel with a sword. Others see a door encircled with flames. For me it was a doorway that openend into a corridor that led to another door that opened into into a corridor and it was doorway after doorway after doorway that opened until finally the doorway to the cosmos was there and infinity was in front of me. You see it may be different for everybody. We all have our own symbolic patterns of recognition in the Presence of the Holy. And you have to respect your unique relationship to God. For the symbols that surround your unique relationship will be there, believe me, at the opening of the heart. But don’t deny it or run away. Just be still and enjoy it and for a moment be Alice in Wonderland. For you’ve come home--this is your home. And it may feel a little alien at first but this is where you most want to be after a few moments pass by. By entering the portals of the heart in this way, you will inherit the perceptions of your relationship to God and the greater concsciousness of the power and the sacred wonder of the heart. And it will begin to revive many aspects of your intelligence that are now dormant.

You see, the heart is always working for you, even if you don’t go there. Even if you don’t say “thankyou.” Even if you don’t know it exists. It’s always working for you because it’s where your life links up with your Father—your Creator. And your Father is always touching your life thru your heart even though you don’t know it but every visit to the inner sanctuary strengthens your relationship. And Jesus said that just being there is prayer. You don’t have to say a word. Because in being there, your Creator reads your soul and knows every need and every desire of your life. The covenant you have with your Creator—your Father is strengthened and empowered honored and activated. Its a bond that words cannot describe.

And he said “he was always reluctant to give his disciples words to pray and he would try to move them aside and say, “well just go to the sacred chamber!” but finally he decided what he would do is he would give them words to speak which would take them to the sacred chamber. And this is the prayer he gave his disciples which we know as the Lord’s Prayer. He said every word in that prayer was designed to take you to the sacred chamber. Was to take you into the heart and he recommended that we say that prayer as an opening to prayer, not as an ending to prayer. Because it is designed in every way to get you there—to get you into the center of sacredness. And he said it will do this for everyone even if they don’t know its power. But once you are there be silent there with your Father in One.

I asked him about is the translation then accurate so that every word we speak will work correctly for us? He said more or less. Now he said in some translations the word, “debt” has been substituted for “sin”. He said, “that is not correct.” Debt is the correct word, not sin. He said, “first of all as I’ve told you, you do not take even the concept of sin to the Father. He said your Father has never resided in anything but innocence and holiness. And your Father has never seen you as anything but perfect.

He said what you need to do before you enter the heart is relinquish your debts. Because in holding onto debts, or feeling that you are indebted, then you are incomplete. You are out of balance. If you feel that others are in debt to you, or you are in debt to others, If you have a sense of unbalance, you will not be able to enter the heart. For the heart is where you are whole and complete. And at One with the Father in your Wholeness and your completeness. So take no debts into the heart. He said, “You see, every word I gave you was designed to take you into the heart. The phrase “Thy Will be Done” on earth as it is in Heaven, is to show there is no separation from Heaven and earth. But again, no part of you is separate. He said, you think about this prayer in terms of everything I’ve taught you and you will see. This prayer is about restoring your completeness, your innocence, your worthiness and your rightness to be with the Father so that you can be there in the sacred heart. And he said when you are in the sacred heart you are One with the Father. And this is what I meant when I said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”. And then he said, ‘Now concerning the subject of sin, he said, if you have offenses against your brother, he said, first go to your brother, or your sister or your friend and ask their forgiveness. He said, it is from each other you need to be asking forgiveness. I said to go and ask forgiveness of your brothers and your sisters that you may returned and restored to your wholeness. For the Father has never seen you as anything but innocent. You see the difference – it’s a very big difference. He looked at me that way a Father would look at a six-year old child that needed a lesson. And he said, “It’s so much easier to ask forgiveness from God isn’t it! And I said, “You made your point”

But he said, your Father has already forgiven you to the degree He’s never seen you to have a flaw. But if you would enter the heart in the wholeness and the purity of your true Self and the Love that you Are, then you should go out there and ask forgiveness from everyone who has a grudge against you and expect others to do that of you. Make peace in the world that you may be seen as a Son of God. This is a very important thing in the Beatitudes.

her website is http://www.Lovewithoutend.com

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