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Hello hello? Anybody out there?
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Posted 2004-02-24 2:01 PM (#29624 - in reply to #3506)
Subject: The Meaning of GIFT - part of Raj's answer

Location: Cheshire, UK
You see, God creates by extension. In other words, Love expressed is Love extended, given. It is a gift without strings. The Movement of Creation is a Gift without strings. God does not create in order to get leverage. The Movement of Creation is the Movement of Love with no strings.

Each one of you have that as your Birthright. Do you know what that means? That means that it is the Substance and Movement and Being of all that you are.

And that means that Love expressed with no strings is your nature and your function. It means that leveraging, giving to get, “I’ll stroke your back if you’ll stroke my back,” has nothing to do with who you are and what you’re about. And this is true of everyone.

And it’s like when you have a candle, and you light a candle and hand it to someone else, you have extended the light and not impoverished yourself.

Tape 2, Side 2

But some entrepreneur can up and say, “Do you realize that if you asked for a penny for every little bit of light that you got, no only would you not be impoverished, but you would make a million. But that’s not what the Extension of Love … that’s not what the Embodiment of Light that extends to everyone else is about. It’s not about business, and it’s not about all of the side elements that enter into the picture when transactional behavior becomes the modus operandi, the way of being together.

There is an awful lot bound up in the practice of business and paying for what you get than you can imagine. Many element of control: “Well! I paid for it; I expect to get it!”

Paul is not in communion with me -- and no-one will ever be in communion with the Father or their Guide or the Holy Spirit to meet someone else’s need.

I’ve said it before: one gets in touch with Guidance because he arrives at a place where his or her own lack of understanding is no longer [tolerable] and there is an insufficient amount of faith in one’s personal capacity to know what needs to be known. And he finally, or she finally, says, “Help.” And the request for help extends beyond what’s in the memory banks. It goes outside of it. it invites God. It invites … mmmm … well let’s call the memory banks in the computer the insane asylum. It reaches beyond the elements of the insanity into one’s sanity, and lets it penetrate. Lets it register as Love that starts out meeting the human need, but slowly … transforms one’s sense of who he or she is so that human need is no longer the focus or reason for communion.

And the union and the experience of Who one divinely is, and the experience of fulfillment become the justification for it. And the fact that human needs are met, or no longer occur, is almost irrelevant because the experience of one’s birthright, the experience of one’s identity, the experience of one’s sanity, is the only reason one uses for not engaging the ego’s vantage point any longer.

So, … the newsletter, everything that Paul and Susan and Judy are engaged in, relative to the Foundation are an extension of Love. I mean by that that they are movements or activities that occur without strings, and they occur in the flow of the Movement of Creation, if I may put it that way.

Someone says, “Well, if it costs you $20 a year to publish 12 issues of the Newsletter of a certain number of pages, then charge $30 so that you cover your expenses and have a little to grow on. Then everyone will know where they stand. They will be able to feel that when they pay the $30 that the transaction is complete.

Well, that certainly sounds reasonable. But then, you see, … if the Newsletter, which is a result of the Movement of Love and occurs in the timing of Creation, doesn’t come out every month, someone says, “I paid $30 to get 12 issues a year. I want my issues, or I want my money back. You are being fraudulent. How do I know I’m ever going to get all 12 issues when you’ve only put 2 issues out each year for the last 2 years. But you’re living off my money.”

And it becomes further complicated with attempts to control. That is what is so wonderful about transactional dealing. They provide leverage -- and it has nothing to do with Love.

If one values something, one shares it. “Did you hear this? Did you hear about that? Have you read the latest Newsletter?” et cetera. One extends it. And one is not impoverished in the extending. And another does not feel controlled in the extending. And receipt has occurred.

Now, just because everyone is used to transactional dealings, even when it comes to what we might call self-help tapes and self-help newsletters, whether of a spiritual nature or a financial nature -- just because that is what everyone is used to, doesn’t mean everyone has the right to say, “Paul and Raj: because what you are doing looks like what everyone else is doing, you ought to deal with it as a transactional … mode of operating, and it would make us all feel very comfortable because we wouldn’t wonder where we stand. “Have I gotten too much and given too little?” et cetera.

Well, I will not allow the extension of Love to be trivialized by being transactionalized because everyone will then have the opportunity to misunderstand what this is all about. And I will not allow for that misunderstanding to come into play. I’m very glad you asked this question.

You know, in many ways business practices and business techniques, manufacturing techniques, et cetera, have made everyone’s life easier.

But one thing that has happened is that it has trivialized, it has rendered relatively meaningless the individual engaged in his activity. A woodworker who would receive an expression of appreciation coming forth as a desire for him to make a cabinet or a piece of furniture, who would start by being the one who selected the wood. Who then would proceed to make the furniture, and stain it, and deliver it. That one who participated in every aspect of the coming forth of that piece of furniture, who could feel the completion and the involvement of that expression of Love -- that individual has, for the most part, disappeared from the scene. And now, a buyer buys the wood. A planer planes the wood. He has no idea what that piece of wood … what piece of furniture that piece of wood is going into, or what it will look like, or the color of the stain. And then someone else glues it together and someone else routs it, and on and on. And each person just planes; one person just planes, day in and day out. And one person routs, one day in and one day out. And one glues, day in and day out.

And the experience of Gift and the experience of the Extension from his heart into the piece of furniture is absent. And with that comes a loss of the experience of the depth of his worth -- the value of his Gift. Ah, but you can manufacture and make available so many more pieces of furniture for so much less, that it benefits everyone. Well, I’m sorry, but when one loses the opportunity to let the Extension of Love be embodied in a completeness of his work, one has lost a lot, and it would be better to have 10,000 woodworkers making 3 pieces of furniture a year at a higher price than to have 10 machines make 10,000 pieces of furniture where no man, no woman, is able to feel the completeness of an idea being expressed an extended through them.

“Ah”, you say, “everybody would have to earn a lot more money in order to be able to afford handmade furniture.” Well then let’s address that issue rather than dehumanizing individuals.

Anyway, my point is this: God moving is Love moving into expression, extending Itself without strings. That is all that Being is about, no matter how many forms of expression there are to give it identity. The extension of Love is what must find embodiment at every point through the many forms of expression. And if I allow what we’re doing to be conceived by everyone as a business -- a transactional business -- not only will people not understand what is really happening here with Paul and Susan and Me and Judy and the Foundation, but they will also misunderstand Who they are in this.

Why yes, it would be much easier to charge a fixed amount so everyone knew where they stood. You know what that really means? It means that once one has paid for it, they are complete in the transaction -- and they never have to bring Love into the picture at all. They’re saved from having to be consciously aware of appreciation, you see. Not that I need to be appreciated, or Paul needs to be appreciated, but individuals who forget to practice appreciation, who forget to practice gratitude, end up shy of the benefits of gratitude.

Gratitude -- what is it? it’s an expression of Love for that which is meaningful to that one. And there is a poem that I have shared before:

A grateful heart a garden is
Where there is always room
For every lovely God-like grace
To come to perfect bloom.

When one negates the need for gratitude because a transaction has completed and brought balance into the picture, one denies himself the opportunity “for every lovely God-like grace to come to perfect bloom” in him, or her.

So, people could say I’m being very hard-nosed, Williard. Firm, unyielding on this point. And it would be so much easier not to have to break the habit of the lack of gratitude and replace it with actually paying attention to the fact that there is gratitude present which they haven’t been feeling.

So, I am not trying to manipulate people to support the Foundation through a process of donations. No. But you know what I am doing? I’m saying, “What is coming your way is a Gift. A Gift that has arisen out of valuing and gratitude on Paul’s part and my part, and the expression of Love of the Father, and it needs to be understood for what it is. And the one receiving it needs to pass it on to keep the movement of Love alive by not copping out through a transaction, but paying attention to whatever gratitude is there and extending it on as it has come. Because the attitude of Heaven must be established because it’s coming. Do you see?

You aren’t all going to establish the attitude of Heaven. Heaven is already here, and everyone’s missing it. and the attitude of Heaven is already here, and everyone is missing it. But I am illuminating it and saying it is here when no-one thought it was. And I am saying the attitude of Heaven is in you, and I will not allow you to avoid it by engaging in transactional Love because there is no such thing. And Love is what this is. And Love is what all of you are and need to be actively extending by virtue of feeling gratitude within yourself. Not just for what we are doing, but gratitude for the good you are experiencing. Gratitude for the partner you are with. Gratitude for the blessings that come with you. And extend it.

And, as I've pointed out, the tapes, the newsletters, are freely available to copy and share -- in great volumes if you wish. No copyright needs to be honored where you have to answer to the Source of the material. You can copy it freely. You simply cannot copy and *sell* it freely. You see?

So, that is a way it can be extended. And another way it can be extended is through contributions so that there is a flow there of money to buy the material necessary to give them away to others.

So, there are two things going on here. One has to do with Paul, individually. And one has to do with everyone else who finds the work that is being done -- and work is a terrible word -- finds the Love that is being expressed in this form valuable. It has to do with their part in it, because of what the activity/work really is -- Love, rather than business.

Now, don’t feel too sorry for Paul and Susan because for 14 years now they have lived without exercising control over their abundance or the meeting of their needs. And so, although they sometimes sit on the edge of their seat, it is not with the great deal of fear that others might feel, such as when they lose their job and are unemployed and have no control. They do not feel that kind of fear, but -- if I may put it this way, it’s time for things to get better and Paul is going to get the idea, and will take the step that will prove to him that this is not an identity crisis, but only a crisis of perception -- or shall I say a crisis of misperception.

But that is the way it is. And that is the meaning of what I have been establishing, if I may put it that way, over the last 2 ½ years. I have been establishing that this is not a business. that love is not transactional, and I will not, for the convenience of everyone's mindsets, relieve them of discovering a new way of looking at this.

Well, I’ve talked your ear off.

AUDIENCE. We’ve enjoyed it.

RAJ. And it is time to call it a day. I thank you.

AUDIENCE. Thank you.

RAJ. You are welcome.

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