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Transcript 20 feb
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Posted 2003-02-26 9:19 PM (#3508 - in reply to #3505)
Subject: RE: Transcript 20 feb part 1

Try this again, the first one disappeared cos the page times out. May have to put it in as a file.. but here goes. I have proofed it and am 99.9% certain that every single word, is accurate, amphasied correctly and presents a true record of the words and the intent, if read with an empty mind, of course. (no definitions) Apolagies if I got the speakers names wrong...it would be great if you could identify yourselves prior to asking a Q, then the transcript would be better. I will try to this weeks one, on the weekend if people feel its okay. Please feedback to me if you find it intrusive or good.



To peace through the Father


Raj:- You are reading the first sentence only.


Speaker:- It has already been said that you believe you cannot control fear because you yourself made it, and your belief in it seems to render it out of your control.


Raj:- Okay, I am going to suggest that when you are reading the course, you not treat these words as though they are … umm.. a topic of consideration. So when we are talking about fear were not talking about a generic fear, were talking about an inner dynamic, that every single one of you experiences. If you keep this in mind, it will make the words you are reading more relevant. Were not just talking about fear generally speaking .fficeffice" />>>

Now, at the bottom line, fear as I have said before is the uneasiness that you inevitably and unavoidably feel when you have decided to determine what everything means for yourself…….. by yourself. Which means that you have, in effect, separated yourself from the Father, you have separated yourself from the ground of your being, and the effect is ungroundedness. Instead of recognising that the uneasiness that you are feeling is the result of , an attempt to look at everything by yourself and knowing immediately that the answer to the uneasiness is to abandon the … declaration of independence.. that you have asserted. ……….. You make the assumption that the uneasiness you have felt is caused by everything that you are seeing by your environment by your circumstances, by.. those in your experience, and it seems then, that your task is to make peace with all of these objects and things that are foreign to you.. Now, the mistake you make is, in assuming that peace will be the result of…agreements, that peace will be the result of mutually agreed upon definitions, that peace will be the result of……. Cooperation between separate and different parts.>>

And in the process of forming definitions which….. will be mutually agreed upon and thereby seem to provide….. the appearance of peace and the apparent lack of need for fear, you all end up feeling each other out, in order to find the place, where there is the least amount of resistance the least amount of dissonance. And so your mutually agreed upon definition ends up not reflecting the integrity, the innate integrity of each member of the group, but rather the laziest least strenuous…………ummm…….just a moment, …………. Elements…………….that are characteristic of the group as a whole. In other words it’s the way the group, arrives at consensus, while no member of the group, declares himself or herself, and every member of the group, stay in the same, the safe zone… without any need for commitment to anything definite. Mutually agreed upon definitions, are by definition, indefinite. Again….. Mutually agreed upon definitions are indefinite BY definition. They represent the lowest common denominator of the group. Because that is what you get when you don’t step on each others ego’s. Now I will tell you something, wars are the result of the attempt of the group to squelch anyone who begins to be definite and introduces a  call for definateness. So, now anyone who might have .ahhh….. an insight or a recognition of the value, of not being uncommitted of not being indefinite , who speaks up, and makes waves disturbs the status quo, that one is attacked, that one is immediately met with all forms of arguments, that have as their goal, to cause that one to settle down. And abandon any call for definatness, and to come back into, what I have called a false sense of peace.. and so everyone in the group watches this and realises that there is something to fear is being the oddball, the something to fear is standing out in the group. Does that make sense to everyone….. Ok, now what I want you to realise is any original or focused idea,……. I am sorry…..just a moment…… what I want you to see most clearly is……. That as everyone observes this happen , and learns to keep still….they..are…operating ……under a system of terrorism. You are hearing a lot about terrorism, you you are hearing a lot about terrorism, and are still hearing it as a generic term…. Something to think about, and you need to feel inside yourself, what terrorism means, well, many of you would say, you have never been in a circumstance where you have been terrorised, but, but I want you to consider what we have talked about in the last two or three weeks, and what you have felt, when I have talked about..casting your vote.....not being uninvolved,….. not being uncommitted. I have been calling you out of the  stupid safe zone, that you all thought you had available to you, I have asked you to..go within….. turn towards the altar ……. Ask……to know the truth…… to let yourself be filled with it, so that you might experience knowing what the truth is, at an experiential level, so that you might be able to cast your vote, and act…act  not think but act …….on what you know. To embody it in the world, in other words to ….make… it visible. Any of you that have given any thought, any consideration to what I have said , have found yourself feeling more vulnerable, by virtue of casting a vote and for your vote not to be some secret you are holding in …. In a holy atmosphere…… H O L Y, a holy atmosphere in your mind. If your going to act, if you are going to embody in the world, the truth that you know, it is going to visible it is going to be noticeable, your vote will have been cast, and it will be PUBLIC. And when you get down to the point of realising that this is what atonement is about, I know that every single one of you have experienced some fear around doing that, because you will do what….stick out like a sore thumb. ………the tendency is to think that when I ask you to cast your vote, the tendency is to think I am asking you to be ….for….or against..something. To be for or against something, you have got to have your back to the altar…. And your for or against definitions have to relate to everything you see….without the Fathers perspective available to you. There is a third alternative…… you can either be for or against something….or you can with God. With the Father… now we are not talking about.....for or against…. And when you are standing with the father everything you be, will never be able to successfully be defined as attack … even those though with their back to the altar, will see your definateness as a judgement upon them. Awakening is fulfilling and satisfying but its not fun. The reason its not fun, is because you are approaching being sane from an insane perspective, and you are therefore unable to truly judge, the divine dynamics, of your sanity..truly. You are not able to judge them truly, … and so you automatically think that you are being asked to be for or against something, when its all about being with God in unity. In the realm of mutually agreed upon definitions, the majority rules…but ONE with God is a majority, and that majority, makes….and this is not a play on words…… makes all the difference in the world……and your world will change, because you have come into a place of  alignment  within yourself, relative to God, and this experience does not include within itself, fear….. or vulnerability. The reason I said this is not fun, is because it requires you to make commitment to…….. something other than the lowest common denominator of the group. And the group has been your God, and your not used to being in a way other than honouring the god,  called Group consensus. You have to arrive at a point of being willing to make commitment to truth, commitment to love, a truth and a love, that at the moment you don’t comprehend the real meaning of…… and so you have to lean into, what is for you the unknown, you have to lean into what for you, is the void…..and become defenceless, so that you might be filled with insight …….and revelation……. So that you  actually  change, and stop operating on the old basis of mutually agreed upon definitions, meaning the Group consensus. Your afraid to cast your vote, because you think that casting you vote, means being for or against something. And what I want to register with you tonight is that being willing to cast your vote as I am speaking of it, means being willing to stand with the Father…..in whom …all… creation… exists. It has already been said, that you believe you cannot control fear,why? because you yourself made it, and your belief in it, seems to render it out of your control, see, your  belief in it, the attributes, the definitions, the meanings, you have given it, cause it to seem to be out of your control.>>

Continue…not yet.>>


Speaker:- yet any attempt to resolve the error, by attempting the mastery of fear, is useless. In fact it asserts the power of fear, by the very assumption, that it needed be mastered. The true resolution rests entirely on mastery through love, in the interim, however the sense of conflict is inevitable.>>


Raj:- do you see, its not going to be easy, its not going to be fun. Continue>>


Speaker:- since you have placed yourself in a position where you believe in the power of what does not exist.>>


Raj:- exactly>>

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