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Random quote: You are only ever addicted to that which takes you away from your peace.~~Raj
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did you miss my question Robbie?
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Posted 2003-02-23 6:07 PM (#3221)
Subject: did you miss my question Robbie?

in case you did, I will reprint what I replied to your post, and perhaps if you feel so inclined you may answer my questions?

In Love

Hi Robbie

Odd how you saw my post to Ammi, as my hatred of Bush! doesn't even mention Bush, doesn't even ask or put an opinion about anything......its a plain simple few questions..... odd.

to answer something that you put though

Your hatred of Bush is blinding. You cannot see past your prejudice to have a clue whether or not he is acting with integrity. This is the damndest place, everything is backward here

Rejoice Robbie, yes the world is indeed upside down..... and upside down thinking is what we engage in when we bring individuals and governments in, as the big issue......pick not the spot on the nose, but look instead at the sepsis in the whole body.

Never once in any thread have I stated a hatred of Bush, or of Saddam, never once have I stated a love of Bush or Saddam, nor have I ignored the actions of either.

never once have I stated that the Iraqi people are not real, or that there suffering that has been going on for so long is not worthy of consideration and of DOING something that needs doing.. what I have stated and will continue to state is that, standing on either side of the fence composed of two sides only, that of war, or that of doing nothing is dreamland,,,,,,,illusion and entirely missing the point of all that Raj has said and will say, from time immemorial until "hell" freezes over....and that is simply that to find the answer you must get rid of your predefinitions, your mutually agreed upon definitions, and go within and face the alter. and ask the question of the father.........only then when you can come empty handed into that place of peace, and ask, only then will you be in unity with your creator....... only then Robbie will you see the truth, and in your seeing you will heal as you act. This is not something that can be argued with, this is truth, It is incumbent upon all of us to do this, and one by one the Sonship will awaken and then the brotherhood will be healed in its entirety. until we are once again what we were (and are) before ........One with the creator of all life.

So have I said I will do nothing ...no..indeed Robbie I have gone on public record on this board stating quite clearly what I AM DOING...... what are you DOING Robbie.....to heal the dream??

You talk about integrity......I ask you to read my posts "is this your white knight Ammi" and "Specifics" perhaps you may redefine your meaning of integrity once you have read them.

Robbie I have no truck with you...... I have no hatred for you....... I have no hatred for anyone...... I love you, for you are part of me.... I love George Bush and Saddam Hussein and Yassar Arafat, and Moshe whatever his name is (always was bad at remembering names) ..... but you know who I love and listen to..... God. and in trying to get quiet and listening, I am learning a lot.

You know in my Job, I have personal control of 15 dangerous drugs, including such things as Morphine and Adrenalin, both highly dangerous drugs, I have charge of a machine capable of frying your heart at the push of a button.......I can hold the power of "life and death" over any patient to which I attach my monitor, I can have people arrested, break into buildings, stop international ships, gain legal entry into any physical object in the state of Queensland.. I can usurp defence law, the powers that I work with are that powerful...... but you know before I gained any of them, I had to be deemed competent and responsible.... Waking up to reality..Gods reality is analogous, in that it is dangerous to believe we know all the answers, and can take informed decisions and act upon those decisions, until we have checked our answers with the examiner....... God. It is his truth that is above all others Robbie, and it is his truth to which I turn.

My only prayer is that all of us, will turn to God, with empty hands and minds, and facing the alter in our innocence, ask the questions.... "what would you have me do, where would you have me go, to whom would you have me speak, and what would you have me say" and I personally ask every day...."Father help me to see more clearly today, that I may see my brother and in seeing him, can recognise myself in him. Help me to give my brother my unconditional love and support."

In you Robbie I see myself, you are part of me....... join me in waking up.

In Love

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