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Random quote: "Say no to the inclination to react and say yes to what needs to be done." ~ Raj
- (Added by: amena)

TODAY:Time; Phone & Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 6-30-21/66th ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting
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William Daniels
Posted 2021-06-30 5:39 PM (#246876)
Subject: TODAY:Time; Phone & Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 6-30-21/66th ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting

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What is the point of this meeting?

We are following ACIM and Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together      

     ......MEANING: The END of sin, sickness and death, for you and I and everyone.

     .......the biggest, most outrageous, most worthwhile desire/goal I've ever come across.

 Or: is it impossible .....and we shouldn't even bother?



YOU are invited!!!



PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!


6 / 30 / 2021      66th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting







We sure would Love to have your participation!!!


I Love you,






Tonight: 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) USA


Go online to: Zoom.us ........super easy to get started.


Or: Participate by phone (no video), call: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-9128.


Then: Join the meeting:


     Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948


     PASSWORD: 334068





I propose that we study and act on these messages from Raj:








~~A Conversation with Raj~~


PAUL: Good evening, Raj.


RAJ: Yes, Paul. Good evening.


PAUL: You know how I'm feeling, and you know the situation. I am asking you to share with me the steps necessary to resolve the problem. When one cannot charge for what he does, and is given no means of generating income, what does one do? Needs occur. Needs exist. Needs need to be met. Isn't the intention to make whole and keep whole sufficient? Certainly one cannot bear the burden of insufficiency when everything being done is on the basis of Gift.


RAJ: Indeed, Paul. That is correct.


PAUL: So, what does one do?


RAJ: One teaches.


PAUL: By what means?


RAJ: By means of explanation.


PAUL: Is now the time?


RAJ: It is, yes, Paul.


PAUL: Are you ready?


RAJ: Yes, I am. Paul


[Nothing heard]


PAUL: I am at a loss! Please help.


RAJ: All right.


PAUL: What are we going to explain? What is the explanation? How will it not seem like manipulation or coercion — control?


RAJ: Let's begin.


Dear friends,


A few days before February 7, 1982, Paul sat down without any knowledge of the "holy instant" or of what I will call "active spiritual guidance" available "on demand," or better stated, "on request," and said, "If there are such things as guides, and if I have one, will you please speak up?" And then he became silent and listened. He did this more than once before February 7th when he was finally able to hear me respond. And this is shared in the book, You Are the Answer.


From that day forward, his life changed. We have companioned ever since—literally, almost every day. After six months we opened the door to others who had questions of me, after he learned that the name "Raj" is really his name when he is joined with me and that I am the author of A Course in Miracles—the one known as Jesus. This is the way he learned of who I really am, because, as I told him, we would never have had a second conversation if I had told him during our first.


Without going into a history of our relationship, which is covered in both, You Are the Answer, and Graduation: The End of Illusions, our activities increased and began to include workshops in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as well as newsletters and the sharing of the materials on the Internet. This was made possible because his son, Chris, while he was still in high school, began using his electronics and computer skills to turn the materials into the format necessary to extend them in this new technological form of sharing, and has continued ever since, even while working as a computer programmer at Microsoft.


When he got married, his wife became the newest member of the team, and other than for a brief period, it is the four of them who have given voice to the Voice for Truth, and although there have been significant others who have transcribed, proofread, corrected, mailed and attended to the many details which are a part of these activities, without these four, there would have been no materials to transcribe, proofread, correct, or have available at any hour of the day or night at the click of a button.


During these 39 years all of these activities have occurred without charge, and everyone has been free to copy and share them, even including all of the materials on their own websites in order to make them more widely available . . . still at no charge. This has been a lifetime of living on the basis of Gift—a radical lifestyle—and I need them, as does everyone who values these materials.


I am taking the time to illuminate these facts because there is an unmet need which is interfering with the continuity, peace and forward movement of this work. A need which cannot be met by means of control—the practice of transaction. Oh, it can, but that is not the modus operandi of this work. A contractual agreement is not Love!


One might ask, what difference does it make as long as the need is met? The difference is that it is not Love!


Awakening, Atonement is a shift of perception from the practice of etiquette to the expression of caring, and everyone is as essential as Paul, Susan, Chris and Judy when it comes to this work. It isn't just the four of them for 39 years who have been giving voice to the Voice for Truth. It has been the four of them and every single expression of Love from all of you in the form of conscious Giving for 39 years! Like a leak in the dike, “a new reality” has been leaking into and slowly transforming the "human condition" . . . shifting perception . . . and it needs to continue, and increase in all areas of Brotherhood!


As everyone is aware from my recent posts, I have guided Paul and Susan to sell the Foundation's home in order to keep a donor Whole by paying back a loan amounting to $527,000. I have done this in spite of earlier saying there was one thing that I was not allowing for, and that was to sell it. This change of direction was given because, in spite of the Foundation's home being worth significantly more than the amount of the loan (which therefore stands as a secure guarantee) and the home is otherwise paid in full with no mortgage, there has been no support forthcoming with which to do so.


Realtors will begin showing it within the next week and a half. If they don't, foreclosure has been promised, and that is not an acceptable scenario. As a result, Chris and Judy are required to move and a search for a new location for them has begun—a location which will also provide meeting space for Gatherings and room for the Foundation’s other activities as soon as social distancing is no longer necessary. And . . . this is having to be done in a depressed housing market with inflated prices, where there are only a handful of properties for sale, and none of them meet the Foundation’s needs.


I must stand on behalf of stability and peace for all four of these individuals . . . and you . . . for whom a major disturbance serves no purpose, whatsoever. There is no risk to anyone who participates with financial aid, and so I am renewing the invitation of support to fulfill this obligation to our donor and enable the resumption of the Foundation’s more normal activities.


It is not my job to be the presence of Love for anyone but to uncover everyone's capacity to love, and inspire everyone to embody It, opening the dike a little bit more, and actualizing the statement, "as in heaven, so on earth."


Thank you for listening.



Kingston, Washington
June 23, 2021









~~A Conversation with Raj~~



PAUL: Good morning, Raj.


RAJ: Yes, Paul. Good morning.


PAUL: I need you to talk to me about my letting you respond to everything; about giving voice to the Voice for Truth, and never again for me — or a "self" I think I have or am. I don't know if I will allow myself to hear it, but may we try.


RAJ: Let's do it!


PAUL: Okay.


RAJ: First of all, just try to remember that it is the needed response.

Like the game "Mother May I?" you have to remember not to slip, and speak without asking . . . except in this case you are asking “what to say.” The purpose of doing so is not to discount you, but to remind you that there is another way to look at everything . . . different from the way you have been conditioned to look at it.


It is unnecessary to interpret this shift of emphasis as a judgment on you, because what you are shifting it from is just a negative bias applied to something entirely neutral. It is as ridiculous as saying, "Only a fool, idiot, or ignoramus would still be using an iPhone 11!" You see?

On the contrary, you watch for every leak, every newly uncovered detail you can find regarding an upcoming upgrade!  And you do it with great anticipation. Now, you tell me! Do you do it because you don't want to be a fool, or because you want to be on the leading edge of fantastic?


So . . . without the bias, another way of looking at it would be, "Give voice only to the Voice for Truth because you want to stand constantly on the leading edge of the miraculous . . . of "behold, I make all things new!"


Now, this does not mean that you will suddenly give voice to the Voice for Truth fluently in all settings on all subjects—and this means those you don’t consider to be spiritual—any more than you spoke fluidly while giving voice to my words in the very beginning on things which were spiritual.

The point, however, is for you to be aware of 1) my presence with you, and 2) your attention with me . . . whether you are awkward or not. As in all things, practice begets trust, together with diminishing self-consciousness (self-doubt). 


The miracle lies in this: It is the conscious joining, the conscious partnership—even if it is in silence—which constitutes the fullness of the holy instant, and therefore the experience of Wholeness in form. It is the "partnership" which is the avenue of manifestation for "behold, I make all things new," and not “what” is known as a result.


I did not not say, "Ye shall know the truth, and what you know shall make you free." No. I said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the Truth shall make you free." When you know the TRUTH, it is because Truth has been revealed, and it has been revealed because you’ve set your will aside and brought your attention to me, or the Holy Spirit.

It is in the presence of revealed Truth that sudden shifts of perception occur because in the holy instant nothing stands in Its way. But when YOU know the Truth, you are not in the holy instant and you are in the way. This is very important because it makes it very clear where your attention needs to be given.


Now you know that it is your Function to experience Revelation.

Now you know that Revelation is not for the special few.

Now you know that being co-creator with God is what "being conscious" means.

Now, instead of finding a better and more powerful truth to exercise against error, or greater skill at using the truth you already know—like a cross being held up in the face of a vampire to save your puny little vulnerable "self"—you know that your salvation lies in not slipping and forgetting to ask, Brother, May I . . . know what the Truth is here . . . with you?"

Now you know that your salvation lies in Brotherhood, in union, in a complete absence of independent authorship. It involves joining with the Holy Spirit, which is nothing more than your right mind.


I am going to end by reasserting that it doesn't matter whether you succeed in every moment of the day at hearing my response to everything. What matters is that while you're learning to hear me respond to what you would call secular things, you experience the awareness of being with me and of my being with you--because at the bottom line problems are the manifestation of looking at everything by yourself and coping with everything by yourself--and then, do it with me because you want to be on the leading edge of "fantastic"!



Kingston, Washington

June 28th, 2021




All of the activities of the Northwest Foundation for “A Course In Miracles” are provided without charge or obligation. This is possible because of thoughtfulness, love extended without conditions. Such is the nature of Gift. As a result these materials are available to you, because someone like you has already gifted you with them. And, at Raj’s instruction, these materials will never be sold.

If you would like to add your thoughtfulness and love, to gift others with the availability of these materials, you’re invited to make a tax-deductible contribution at our website, or send it to our address, both of which are shown below.

© by: The Northwest Foundation for “A Course in Miracles” a non-profit corporation.   All rights reserved.

PO Box 1490 / Kingston, WA 98346-1490 / USA                Phone: 360-638-0530

Website: http://www.nwffacim.org            E-Mail: paul@nwffacim.org

You are welcome to copy and share these materials with friends.




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