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Random quote: "Say no to the inclination to react and say yes to what needs to be done." ~ Raj
- (Added by: amena)

Today: Saturday morning; PHONE & Zoom info; Brief session ACIM/Raj/Awaken/Together video meeting
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William Daniels
Posted 2021-05-22 7:19 AM (#245705)
Subject: Today: Saturday morning; PHONE & Zoom info; Brief session ACIM/Raj/Awaken/Together video meeting

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  Today: Saturday morning: 8:30 AM     PT (Pacific Time) USA

PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!

FYI: I email a copy of this to whoever requests it, whether participating in the meeting or not. Reply to this message. We will find a way to put you on the email list.

We are following Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together.

YOU are invited!!!

We sure would Love to have your participation!

I Love you,


Go online to: Zoom.us ........super easy to get started.

Or: Join the meeting by PHONE (no video), call: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-9128.

Then, join the meeting:

Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948

PASSWORD: 334068


We will discover the format and agenda together.




I propose that we study and act on these messages from Raj:






Posted on May 1, 2021 by Raj

PAUL: Good morning, Raj

RAJ: Good morning, Paul. Yes, it’s a new month with lots on the table. Thresholds of Good. Truly. Dare to be open to them . . . NOW! And remember, there is no “month” ahead of you. It’s like “today is the first day of the rest of your life,” when the fact is that “today is the ONLY day of your life,” and “NOW” is the only experience there is of what you call life, which you wouldn’t call anything if you didn’t think there was something called “death” to contrast it with.

The future is an assumption based upon a past which is a memory of  “now’s that were really only ever NOW, and it is only as “memory” becomes a “forgettery” that now is released from illusion, from all that distracts you from What It IS—Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven! 

That is when you learn that “As in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme,” because they are one and the same. Earth is simply the befuddled perception of Heaven caused by perceiving It as “that” which came after “that” which came, but before “that” which is yet to come—an in-between “place,” a “moment,” a “snapshot,” a “concept” of a sequence leading to Wholeness—instead of Wholeness, Itself . . . “coming from” and “going” nowhere, but being forever new, forever NOW.

It may sound like I am playing with words, but I am not. I am undoing the playing with your mind which you have been engaging in along with everyone else’s mutual agreement—or visa versa. All of this is just another way of saying, “You are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it. You are at that point, and must understand yourself therefrom.” The future provides no promise and the past provides no penalty.

You must understand that “the human mind”—that which “conceives” the meanings of everything by the artificial means of memory and imagination is incapable of experiencing miracles—sudden shifts of perception . . . or “conception unconfined.” Centuries of travel by horse and buggy gave way to “the horseless buggy.” That’s all the more original or new it was. And, indeed, that’s exactly what it looked like—a buggy without a horse! It was not a sleek Tesla car, a Bullet Train, a space ship, nor was it walking on water or teleporting out of a crowd.

Being trapped in a sequence is not a “Big Bang,” but . . .

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was GOD!”
That was the “Big Bang” called Creation . . .

In the beginning was the Presence,
and it was the Presence of Mind,
and the Presence of Mind
was aware of Itself!


And that which recognized God
was called Man!


Wholeness now looks like an email from the Foundation’s Benefactor’s attorney saying:

April 30, 2021

Dear Mr. Tuttle,

[Benefactor’s name] will agree to extend the current terms for another month, until 5-31-21, upon you confirming in writing that if the loan is not re-paid by 5-31-21, the property will be listed for sale, at a reasonable price, by 5-31-21, and a sale will be diligently pursued.

If you agree to this, please send a letter signed by you which you can send as a scan and email to me and then send the original to me in the mail by May 3, 2021. Please advise whether you agree at your earliest opportunity.

This is an absolutely legitimate calling forth of the evidence of Heaven on earth, but expressed in “earthly” terms—as though it must be accomplished by means of the force of law because this isn’t Heaven. As such it can be felt or misinterpreted as threat of impending penalty, meaning foreclosure and legal fees and finding a new home—a disadvantageous position to be in.

“Time”—the end of a “coming month”—can distract from the reality of the fact that memory and imagination, which are responsible for conceiving of it, are unnecessary to having the same experience of Wholeness which is legitimate without them.

And if fear and defense do come into play, Heaven on earth won’t!

The recent post entitled, “From the Git-Go” drew the following response:

“Have you asked Raj why he says, ‘I need Paul and Susan, Chris and Judy where they are’ rather than selling this expensive property and moving to a location with a lower overhead? And if not, why not? This is not a question of faith as you seem to be making it, but rather a question of practical spirituality and faith that if you ask, you will be answered.”

Thank you for this question! Indeed, you are correct. I am making it a question of faith, because trust in one’s practice of “practical spirituality” is the exercise of control—the opposite of “thy will be done.” Do you see? There is no such thing as. “practical spirituality.” By whose definition? Practical spirituality is the “horseless carriage” example of spiritual growth—a carryover of the past. An “as on earth, so in heaven,” instead of the reverse. It is the practice of being a spiritualized form of “human being” instead of yielding to being the holy Son of God acknowledging God and fulfilling his role as co-creator with the Father. You see?

To say, “Thy will be done,” takes one out of the bounds of (bonds of) “my will be done,” “my beliefs be done,” “my best understanding of things be done.” And it’s hard not to bring the practice of control along with oneself in the process. It is true, logically speaking, that to be a more spiritual being is better than before, and impractical materialism is not, but it is not being made new! It’s not shifting from a horse and buggy to a Tesla . . . and Awakening is. Atonement is! And it is “accomplished” by trading the word “my” for the word “thy,” whether it is your Brother or God you are centering your attention on and caring more about. Doing so changes the reasons one does things, and the outcomes as well, and they “violate” one’s personal preferences and “pet theories” in the process—as humiliating as that often is, but as fulfilling as it ends up being.

There is nothing indulgent, sinful or unjustifiable about “having.”

I’m going to let that sentence stand on its own. Awakening is actually about no longer missing the experience of it being “the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” It is not appropriate for you to shame yourself or your Brother for saying to the Father, “Thy will be done,” and then having the evidence of Wholeness which it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you as well!

Having is not the result of getting. “Love one another!” Give! Care! Share! Have! We’re talking about humility, here. Not arrogance. Unselfishness, not selfishness. And we’re talking about doing it NOW, not in the future, not in some other way than faith.

Faith is not the practice of self-confidence. Trust is, even if you say you’re trusting God. If you are not standing at the edge of the Unknown, absent any confidence in what you think you know, you are holding self-trust secretly behind your back, fooling yourself, and missing the point! Missing the blessing! And feeling good about your righteousness . . . because it’s an “improvement.” It IS what you might call a “natural evolution,” like the movement from horse and carriage to horseless carriage, but that’s not your destination, and now we’re talking about NOT missing the point! 

JOIN ME IN THIS, instead of using your old Christian interpretations against the living Christ and your release from sin, sickness and death. And do it NOW, in the holy instant, the only instant you’re in. “Now is the accepted time.”

Watch what happens to you as a result of what I’m saying. Watch the arguments, the logic, the “common sense” which inserts itself spontaneously, out of habit, because that’s what “thinkers” do. These are exactly the thresholds of Wholeness which each moment of your existence brings to you, and has always brought to you, causing each moment to hold the blessing of saying “yes, but, Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Raj, what is the Truth here?” And then stick with the inquiry, remain attentive outside your best theories and judgments. Perceptions can’t shift when you drift in thought. You may think you will have new thoughts, but thoughts are always about something. Knowing is not. Let’s put it this way for clarity: You can think about an idea, but you can’t idea about a thought. The image of a light-bulb going on over one’s head is always about experiencing an idea, not a thought. You can’t “think up” an idea!

It is always radical idealism which gets translated into practical realism—“as in heaven, so on earth”—and that’s very different from “the spiritually practical.” Be ready, be prepared to move beyond your best, so that His best becomes yours and yours becomes ours. This is what it’s all about!

Another saying is, “Put your money where your mouth is.” There is a deeper meaning here than crass commercialism. What it means is, if you value something, voice it! Express your valuing of it! Act it out! Be the presence of it “in the world!” I didn’t say, “Listen to the Voice for Truth” in A Course in Miracles. I said, “give voice to the Voice for Truth.” 

We are always teaching something! 

Today is the 1st of . . . whoops! It’s not the 1st of anything. It’s now. And now is Whole. And now is the accepted time for the Foundation’s Benefactor to experience Wholeness. Let’s insist on making him Whole NOW!

Does this sound like a pep talk? Revving you up to be a do-gooder? It’s not. It is a grounded encouragement to stop justifying “doing with less,” “putting off until tomorrow what can be done today,” “limiting the boundaries of what’s possible by means of ingrained doubt, pessimism, righteousness, etc., and as the sayings goes, expecting a miracle—a sudden shift away from what we can imagine.

You can dare to let yourselves be surprised at the degree to which you can be involved in Brotherhood, both in terms that you can understand as well as those you never dreamed of . . . and I mean NOW. It’s called revelation, and it’s real. And it’s utterly natural to the holy Sons and Daughters of God—YOU . . . US . . . NOW!

I love you.

Kingston, Washington
May 1st, 2021



For those who wish to make a contribution, you can do so via:

Paypal (or PayPal.me 

Zelle App (iOSAndroid)

Or donate via our website

You can also mail your contribution to:

P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346







Unselfishness meets need, while selfishness creates . . .

Posted on May 6, 2021 by Raj

Dear friends,

We stand at the threshold of fulfillment, together with you, making a Gift to all of us in a conscious act of caring, instead of a loveless act of obligation, and this is important! It is important that everything we are receiving, we are giving to each other, confirming Brotherhood instead of business.

Unselfishness meets need, while selfishness creates the poverty which love must meet. Learning to remember this and stay in touch with what humanity is for, keeps relationships humane and heals all forms of sin, of sickness, and of death.

It truly does! 

It is the new realism, no longer to be seen as idealistic, but to be lived out into daily life, restoring Brotherhood. It is the reason I continually invite you, along with everyone else, to contribute to this Voice being heard wherever there is a listening ear—the presence of attention—and no one has to qualify to hear it. It sets the new tone and begets it even more. And that’s the way it works. And that’s the only way it works.

Today there is a need for an outpouring of love for all mankind from everyone, not as much in the form of contributions as in the form of  a greater intent to extend itno matter how it is expressed!

After paying four month’s of house insurance, three month’s of car insurance, two month’s of phone bills which restored canceled service, three month’s of electricity and two out of three paychecks which were unpaid, there is a balance of $293 in the Foundation’s bank account, and there is still approximately $5,000 needed to cover past-due payments and Paul’s medical expenses since last November.

In the new perspective, the one which leaves transactional relationships behind, the greater intent to express love must be the thing embodied in order for the money to appear for the right reason—the unselfish rather than the selfish one. This is not to be applied to those who do things of excellence, but to those who are unemployed or homeless or disadvantaged as well! No matter what category of welfare one might fit in, the increasing intent to express love must be what we—every one of us—engage in, blessing both ourselves and our Brothers.

Now, this $5,000 is not justifiable or unjustifiable, although one might think that’s what it’s there for. But it is there for us to use to catch ourselves and recognize when we have slipped back into transactional thinking, which is what we’re learning not to do!

Form will not follow function if we start with it—if we put it first. And healing will not follow Love if illness is what preoccupies our mind. It’s a simple principle.

Creation is “the need to Be” . . . fulfilled by “That Which Is.” Out of the Unknown comes the Known, because That which Knows must have something to Know in order to recognize Itself Knowing It, and thereby Exist.

The need is immediate, serious, and there is no cushion. Everyone is invited to contribute whatever they are able, repetitively if necessary, to keep the intent alive,increasing your “cash flow” as well.

One last point: Paying off the $527,000 lien still needs to be done by May 31st, in addition to everything else which has been shared. I invite someone to consider carrying a lien on the house in that amount. Please call Paul at 360-860-0279 to discuss it further.

Thank you, with love,

Kingston, Washington
May 6th, 2021


For those who wish to make a contribution, you can do so via:

Paypal (or PayPal.me 

Zelle App (iOSAndroid)

Or donate via our website

You can also mail your contribution to:

P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346





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