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A Conversation with Raj ~~ NEW ~~ re-posted from the blog
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William Daniels
Posted 2021-03-06 8:01 AM (#244481)
Subject: A Conversation with Raj ~~ NEW ~~ re-posted from the blog

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  re-posted from the blog:     https://nwffacim.wpcomstaging.com/


A Conversation with Raj

Welcome to the fourth day of a new month, which will either be the threshold of, “Behold, I make all things new,” or the threshold of “Behold, I make all things new.” And the only difference between the two will exhibit what you are willing to embrace . . . or not!

How can it be otherwise if God is All, and “you are not God but God is all there is to you.” What exists that has the capacity to introduce an alternative?

No . . . not even a Son or Daughter of God!

We were created and have our existence because of the Movement of God—the Mind of God—for the Purpose of bearing witness to Him . . . to His ideas.

“In the beginning was the word.
And the word was with God.
And the word was God,”
Not you or me!

We are “the acknowledgment of Him,” not the declarations of ourselves. But—and this is the difficult thing to see—without free will, there is no such thing as “attention.”

The Course says that “your (our) attention is God’s treasure,” which means that God is not just infinite Mind being conscious of what It is conscious of! Being is not infinite, eternal narcissism. It is an infinite, eternal relationship between God and His Creation(s).

This, however, seems to suggest that Creation has the ability to reflect something other than That which is expressing It—a manifestation of dis-integration—which is, of course, impossible.

So, what does this mean? It means that when we arrive at the “first of the month” . . . or any “moment” . . . or any “holy instant” . . . it is our Function to recognize it as what it is by choice. It means that each moment is the wake-up call to that which is new. It means that opting for ten more minutes of “this moment,” will amount to ten minutes of increasing tension as That which is “all things new” continues—moment by moment—to be new!

However, even though one refuses to embrace and identify the “moment,” the “instant,” for What It is . . . even though he refuses to fulfill his Function . . . the refusal does not create anything at all, but simply distresses (distorts) the experience of What is Really going on . . . Creation!

The fact that it doesn’t create anything is the reason “Prayer is saying yes to God.” It is also the reason there seems to be good and bad, love and hate, sickness and health—all of the dichotomies of the “human condition”—when there is not And it is also the reason that there are instantaneous “healings.”

I put quotes around the word “healings” because the “replacement of a misperception” is the revealing, the uncovering of What is Really going on, and not the removal of something which is not.

The revealing always happens when there is a lapse of will, a momentary humility which is often experienced as “humiliation”—the giving up of arrogance—and it is never the result of an improved, more Christian, or more spiritual authority, but of someone “saying”—by means of the absence of any private, personal excellence—“yes to God.”

The experience of need is a perfect example of the distressed experience of Fulfillment—which is what the “making of all things new” is!

“Need,” is a mistaken interpretation, a misunderstanding, rather than something external to be dealt with. When one thinks that being a student of Truth provides him with better defense against the onslaught of “the human condition,” one’s misunderstanding misleads him, causing him to attempt to use Truth to free himself from what he sees instead of freeing himself from what he’s seeing with!

We never get beyond needs even though we “think” we can, because we cannot get beyond Fulfillment—the making of all things new—whether it is “seen clearly or through a glass darkly. If we believe we can, we are deluded, and this belief is the application of the stress of standing at odds with Creation instead of saying yes to It.

The grand learning is that it is not Creation which is released from the power of fear when you arrive at the point of humiliation or humility and say “yes.” It is you who is released from what caused you to see what is not and never was there—together with the dissonance (fear) which your misperception generated.

So, here we are at the 4th of the month, and what do we have? Needs that we haven’t risen above or forever Fulfillment which Wills to be recognized, acknowledged and embraced with joy and gratitude—the absence of an opinion which stands at odds with what is Really happening and “introduces”an absolutely absurd misperception of the Kingdom of Heaven as “the human condition to be overcome.”

It is ridiculous! And seeing its ridiculousness is what releases one from the bondage of such self-imposed illusion and ignorance.

Need is Fulfillment looked at through the wrong end of a telescope, causing what is meant to be seen “up close” as though it were further away than without a telescope at all!

And so, again, here we are at the 4th of the month with fulfillment, Wholeness . . . not refreshing Itself, but insisting upon being recognized. Well, not exactly “insisting upon being recognized,” but being the only thing there is to recognize!

The Gift of Brotherhood which arises out of saying yes to God, the experience of Love which one finds himself experiencing when he does not engage in the self-satisfying practice of private evaluation or judgment of a Brother or Sister, causes the joy of giving to wipe away all tears, establish Brotherhood instead of fear, and gratitude for the ceaseless disturbance of the status quo instead of the arrival at an imagined destination, an imagined conclusion to learning, where finally one isn’t having to say yes to God over and over and over again.

Thank God for the disturbance of Life—of never arriving at what you thought peace was . . . because what you thought it was is the rigor mortis of death.

Don’t require Reality to prove to you by being ceaseless Life—which your resistance cannot succeed at prevailing against—that the Will God placed in you to witness for Him instead of yourself is absolute and that It will prevail . . . illuminating the truth of the statement, “as in heaven, so on earth, God is omnipotent, supreme.”

Don’t require its eternal and therefore “unrelenting omnipotence” to mercilessly disclose the absolute impotence of your claim to independence, forcing you to re-member, re-join the Brotherhood, and unify as an experience what has always been one.

Wholeness needs not only to be embraced as possible, but actual, and it must be appropriately demanded by the unequivocal expectation of experiencing It instead of wallowing in self pity or becoming lethargic and passive. This is not the assertion of control, but the absence of a “control which holds in place the false impression that Reality is a human condition” which there is no alternative to.

Today there is significant need, practical need, need which will not be met by sacrifice, but by its opposite. And as is always the case at the first of the month, Paul, together with everyone on the Foundation’s mailing list has the opportunity to persist in not settling for justifications of lack or the imposition of further sacrifice . . . whether health-wise, or financially, or in any way.

I am refusing to speak in terms of dollars and cents because, although the needs are significant, the issue to be felt and learned about revolves around a shift of focus—from fear to love, from what one sees to what one is looking with, from earning one’s good to receiving it through grace, and to having because giving became one’s obvious Function and Brotherhood’s substance!

I love you, and I invite you to join me in giving because it is our Function—not just in this instance, but all the time with everyone.

Kingston, Washington
March 4th, 2021

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