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TODAY: Time; Phone &Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 46th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting
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William Daniels
Posted 2021-02-03 3:12 PM (#243980)
Subject: TODAY: Time; Phone &Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 46th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting

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PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!


46th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting







We are following Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together.


YOU are invited!!!


We sure would Love to have your participation!


I Love you,






Tonight: 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) USA



Go online to: Zoom.us ........super easy to get started.


Or: Participate by phone (no video), call: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-9128.


Then: Join the meeting:


     Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948


     PASSWORD: 334068



I propose that we study and act on this ACIM Study Group with Raj

....... as per Selene’s suggestion:

Reviewing portions of the May 17,2015 ACIM Study Group with Raj: "The attraction of death."    (Thanks to Pamela Parnell  @ pamelaparnell.com)





May 17th 2015




…..Continuing from last week:






So, you’re put in this experience of a bind where you are confident there will be death and you are afraid of it at the same time.  You are attracted to death because you are attracted to being in a way that is pure illusion.  You are attracted to function as an independent physical entity which you are not.  But as long as you are unwilling to look any further than that, you will be bound to the experience of death.


Guilt, too, is feared and fearful. Yet it could have no hold at all except on those who are attracted to it and seek it out.


Well see, I know!  Nobody seeks it out.  Nobody thinks they do.  But the fact is that the moment you, as I’ve said before, got a divorce from your Father, two things immediately came into play that you weren’t expecting: fear and guilt.  And so, as long as you are seeking to be independent, you are attracted to and seek the experience of fear and guilt. 


You don’t think of it that way because you’re thinking about the fun and the exhilaration and the hit you will get from being independently intelligent, creative, and making someone out of yourself.  That’s what you’re thinking about—something that makes utterly no sense at all to a holy Son or Daughter of God who hasn’t said, “Father, I’d rather do it my way.  I’d rather see things my way.”  You see?


And so it is with death. Made by the ego, its dark shadow falls across all living things, because the ego is the "enemy" of life.


God is Life.  Life is what God is.  Life is an Absolute.  Life is unlimited because there is nothing present to be unlike it.  But when someone says, “I’d rather make up the rules,”  “I’d rather define what everything is,” “I’d rather make up the definition,” then you are separating yourself from Life. You are choosing to be different from your Source.  And different means, un-like.   The only way to be un-like Life is to be that which posits and demonstrates and manifests death.  That’s the bottom line. 


It doesn’t matter that it’s an illusion.  As long as one is engaged in an illusory sense of self, the illusion is going to seem quite real, and it is an unworthy experience for a holy Son or Daughter of God.  It is not the Birthright of a holy Son or Daughter of God—You.  Therefore, correction is called for:  the need to see death as an obstacle to peace, your peace—the place in you in which miracles occur, in which Awakening occurs.  


The act of independence, the cherishing of independence and the commitment to it is a commitment against All that Truly Is.


The thinking—the mindsets engaged in that—are what the word “ego” means.  You are not an ego, but you can imaginatively think that you are independent and that you can make up the meanings of everything.  And what happens is, you become a disciple of a “way” of thinking—of a perspective.  You see?  Not an actuality.  So correction is called for.  The obstacle is to be undone


Identifying with that which is the enemy of Life is the inevitable next step. 




Made by the ego, its dark shadow falls across all living things, . .


. . . at least as far as you can see, looking through the lens of independence that you’re looking through, . .


. . . because the ego is the "enemy" of life.


And yet a shadow cannot kill.


In other words, that which has no substance, but just an appearance cannot kill.  It cannot do anything.


What is a shadow to the living?


What is a misperception to a holy Son or Daughter of God?


They but walk past and it is gone. But what of those whose dedication it is NOT to live; . .


I know!  Nobody has a dedication not to live.  But now you know that if you’re operating independently, you are in the realm of what is not real, where death is inevitable because the state of mind is devoted to the opposite of what is Real.  It’s devoted to the opposite of Life, Truth and Love, therefore it’s opposing Life.  It’s affirming and constantly confirming death.


But what of those whose dedication it is NOT to live; the black-draped "sinners," the ego's mournful chorus, plodding so heavily away from life, dragging their chains and marching in the slow procession which honors their grim master, lord of death?


Well, gee whiz, who in the hell are these individuals that this is talking about?  My goodness!  Could it be you?  Could it be the one who isn’t expecting miracles?  Could it be the one who doesn’t think death can be avoided, or that death isn’t even real and therefore nothing associated with it is real either?


You all have mutual agreements and you stand together solidly.  That’s the “mournful chorus.”  “Oh, Joe has this terminal illness.  He only has six months to live.  Well, we can pray for him to have maximum comfort between now and then.  We can ask the Holy Spirit to help him.” 


[Chuckling]  But I’m not hearing anybody say, “Hey, let’s raise the dead,” or “let’s undo the death process, and let’s expect to see it here and now!” 


Now that’s the correction of the attraction to death and that’s the correction of death.  And here and now is when to be engaging in that correction . . . by what? . . abandoning your best judgments and everyone else’s best judgments and shutting up and saying, “Father,” or “Holy Spirit, what is the living truth here?  What is the truth that eradicates the obstacle?”


Touch any one of them . . .


. . . anyone with a “mournful chorus” . . .


 . . . with the gentle hands of forgiveness, and watch the chains fall away, along with yours.


That’s always the way it works:  “what you give, you get to keep,” what you extend, you end up embodying.  The question is:  where is the gift coming from?  What’s the source of the gift you’re giving . . . the ego or the Holy Spirit—your deranged mind that you seem to have imaginatively created, or that which is nothing but your right Mind, the Holy Spirit?


. . . watch the chains fall away, along with yours.




See him throw aside the black robe he was wearing to his funeral, and hear him laugh at death.


You see?  This is what the destruction of this obstacle to peace is going to look like here and now.


The sentence sin would lay upon him he can escape through your forgiveness.


(Whew!)  Why, because you’re special?  No.  But because your forgiveness is you being willing to abandon the mutual agreement about death and seeking for an answer beyond your best judgment and your best education with what seems to you to be perfectly obvious.  And then extending the insight, the inspiration, the experience of truth about him or her that infills you . . . you see?  The undoing of the obstacle here and now.


This is no arrogance. It is the Will of God. What is impossible to you who chose His Will as yours? What is death to you?


You see?  Realization:  the transformation of your conscious awareness of life and of the infinite manifestation of God transforms the material world.  The Bible speaks of this as the scales falling from your eyes.3   The scales falling from your eyes cause you to seem to see a world that was transformed, but what it has always divinely been has simply registered with you in your defenselessness, in the absence of your willfulness.


YOUR dedication . . .


. . . if you’ve accepted the will of God.


YOUR dedication is not to death, nor to its master. When you accepted the Holy Spirit's purpose in place of the ego's, you renounced death, . .


. . . I’m going to bring that into the present tense:


When you [accept] the Holy Spirit's purpose in place of the ego's, you [renounce] death.


It couldn’t be any clearer than that.  It also couldn’t be any more radical than that.  But the Course is about “radical.”  The Course is about undoing the obstacles to peace and therefore undoing those things that stand in the way of your Awakening.


When you accepted the Holy Spirit's purpose in place of the ego's, you renounced death, exchanging it for life. We know that an idea leaves not its source. And death is the result of the thought we call the ego, as surely as life is the result of the Thought of God.




A sub-heading entitled:




Strange words if one thinks that the Course is teaching that the body is an illusion: 






From the ego came sin and guilt and death, in opposition to life and innocence, and to the Will of God Himself.


You see?  That’s why it’s a dedication to death.  Again, nobody thinks of it quite that way because there is such pleasure taken and such an ethic of being able to take credit for being independently creative.  But all the time one is engaged in independence, one is denying who he is and what his function is.


Where can such opposition lie but in the sick minds of the insane, dedicated to madness and set against the peace of Heaven.


Again, rather strong language, because that’s the last thing you would describe yourself as.  You wouldn’t use those words relative to you.  But if you don’t realize that you have adopted a way of interpreting Creation and Life that is inconsistent with what It truly divinely is, then you are indulging in a mind that is sick, insane, dedicated to madness and set against the Peace of Heaven. 


Don’t shy away from that, because the clarity of it makes it possible for you to, with absolute clarity, choose differently, knowing why you are choosing differently.


One thing is sure; God, Who created neither sin nor death, wills not that you be bound by them. He knows of neither sin nor its results.


[Chuckling] Those have all been manufactured by a creative, disturbed, disconnected mind.


The shrouded figures in the funeral procession march not in honor of their Creator, . .


. . . meaning God . . .


. . . Whose Will it is they live. They are not following It; they are OPPOSING It.


And what is the black-draped body they would bury? A body which THEY dedicated to death, a symbol of corruption, a sacrifice to sin, offered to sin to feed upon and keep itself alive; a thing condemned, damned by its maker, and lamented by every mourner who looks upon it as himself.


[Sighs]  You know what?  It’s simple.  If you are choosing not to look at everything through the Father’s eyes, by letting that Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus4—which was the Father’s Mind—then there is nothing positive that can be said about it.  And these words which I just read:


. . . a thing condemned, damned by its maker, . .


. . . blah, blah, blah . . . 


. . . those are not too strong, and that’s not the entire list.  But understand that there is no way for there to be any positive adjective applied—not until you are willing to engage in the two-step, the holy instant, and abandon your confidence in your best private thinking and rejoin with your Source.


You know, you can listen to this and you can dare to say, “Wow, I must be all screwed up!  But, I do see that if I exist at all, I have to be the manifestation of a Source—an infinite Source, one that is not flawed.  And I’m willing to abandon my confidence in all of what must be my screwed up thinking.  I’m willing to abandon it and reach beyond it because, as a matter of fact, I do agree that everyone is going to die and that means me too.  And if for some strange reason, death is an obstacle to peace that is to be undone, then I’m going to not get excited and upset and depressed because I’m so confused.  And I am going to more consistently engage in the holy instant.  I am going to engage in That which, I am told, undoes the obstacles to peace.”




[Raj did not read these next two sentences:  You who believe you have condemned the Son of God to this ARE arrogant. But you who would release him are but honoring the Will of his Creator. ]


The arrogance of sin, the pride of guilt, the sepulchre of separation, all are part of your unrecognized dedication to death. The glitter of guilt you laid upon the body would kill it. For what the ego . . .


. . . listen to this:


For what the ego loves it kills for its obedience.


You see, the threat of death is what keeps you cemented to the confused outlook defined by the word “ego.”


For what the ego loves it kills for its obedience.


But listen to this:


But what obeys it not it CANNOT kill.


Well, how do you not obey the ego?  You abandon it!  As I’ve said many times before:  the only thing the ego cannot defend itself against, is disregard.  How do you disregard it?  Yep, the two-step, the practice of the holy instant.


You have another dedication . . .


[Chuckling] . . . one besides the dedication to the ego and death.


You have another dedication which would keep the body incorruptible and perfect as long as it is useful for your holy purpose.


Wow!  Is that the way you would describe an illusion?  Is that the way you would describe something that is going to disappear?


You have another dedication which would keep the body incorruptible and perfect as long as it is useful for your holy purpose.


That simply means forever, unless you choose to abandon your holy purpose and attempt once again to be an arrogant ego.


[Raj reads these two sentences a little farther down:  The body no more dies than it can feel. It does NOTHING. ]


Of itself, . .


. . . those are the key words.


Of itself, . .


. . . referring to the body . . .


. . . it is neither corruptible nor incorruptible.


That’s because it doesn’t exist of itself.


Of itself, it is neither corruptible nor incorruptible.  It IS nothing. It is the result of a tiny, mad idea of corruption which can be CORRECTED.


But now, I’m going to get real picky here.  I’m going to change the wording, because this expresses the real meaning here:


The body no more dies than it can feel. It does NOTHING.  Of itself, it is neither corruptible nor incorruptible.  [Of itself,] it IS nothing. [Of itself,] it is the result of a tiny, mad idea of corruption which can be CORRECTED.


The words “of itself,” need to begin all three of those sentences.  So you can see, it is not saying that the body is nothing.


Of itself, it is neither corruptible nor incorruptible.  [Of itself,] it IS nothing.


Of course, “of itself.”


 [Of itself,] it is the result of a tiny, mad idea of corruption which . . .


. . . what?


. . . can be CORRECTED.


Not gotten rid of!  The body is not there to be gotten rid of, but the misperception is to be corrected.  That’s what all of this is about:  The undoing of the obstacle to peace, called the Attraction of Death.


For God has answered this insane idea with His Own, an answer which left Him not, and therefore brings the Creator to the awareness of every mind which heard His answer and ACCEPTED it.


Now we’ve paid attention in a sober way to the idea of the attraction of death.  And I have elaborated on it to provide more meaning.  Listen to this. 


Continuing . . .


You who are dedicated to the incorruptible have been given, through your acceptance, the power to RELEASE from corruption.


You see?  The undoing of the obstacle.


What better way to teach the first and fundamental principle in a course on miracles than by showing you the one which seems to be the hardest can be accomplished first? The body can but serve your purpose.  As you look upon it, so will it seem to be.


Doesn’t say, “so will it seem to appear and disappear.”


As you look upon it, so will it seem to be.


And the question is:  With what are you going to look upon it?  That’s all.  One secures the seeming interminable on-goingness of birth and death and the other undoes it, giving rise to or revealing eternal Life now . . . now . . . now.


I love you very much.  And I look forward to being with you next time.






A Course In Miracles (reference pages)


Chapter 19 – Section:  THE ATTRACTION OF DEATH

1Sparkly Book – p. 468   /   JCIM – p.196   /   CIMS – p. 394

First Edition  –  p. 388   /   Second Edition – p. 416

2John 11:25

3Acts 9:18

4Phillipians 2:5



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A Course in Miracles Study Group with Raj, May 17th 2015

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