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It has come to my attention that we are all Whole now
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Posted 2020-11-22 2:15 PM (#241399 - in reply to #241393)
Subject: RE: It has come to my attention that we are all Whole now


Recognizing YourSelf

  "How many of you are, this evening, experiencing some distress because you’re not pleased with yourself? And how many of you are experiencing some distress because other people are not pleased with you? Or to be more focused, how many of you are feeling some distress because you are displeased with yourself or other people are displeased with you?

The really simple answer and resolution to the displeasure is, lies in the words, “It’s because you don’t know Who You Are.” If you knew Who You Were, you wouldn’t indulge the feeling of not being pleased with yourself, because Who You Are is too wonderful to be displeased with.

I’ve said before that in the whole time I was growing up, my mother never let me forget Who I Was. Unfortunately, you did not have mothers or fathers who could constantly remind you of Who You Are. My mother constantly reminded me of the Ultimacy of my Being, that God was my Father and I was Divine, that I had a Heritage that was Immaculate. Yes, I sometimes heard that as a level of responsibility that I therefore had, that no one else had. And sometimes I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. But the fact is that because I was never allowed to forget Who I Was and that my Source was Divine, not human, I never was able to fully succumb to the mutually-agreed-upon definitions that all my buddies wanted me to join in, or even any of the adults around me.

I am, every time we get together, reminding you of Who You Really Are. You experience distress with yourself because you believe you are who you think you are, who you have been educated to think you are. You are like a child of royalty who was stolen away from his royal parents, you might say, and were brought up with common man and had no sense of your birthright or your heritage. And then one day you’re found by the royal family, and you’re brought back home, and you’re told that you’re not the common one, that you are royalty. But you have grown up and acquired all of your concepts about yourself from those with whom you were living. And it’s not possible for you to just suddenly feel royal. But if you’re constantly reminded of it, if you’re constantly reminded of your Real Heritage, it becomes easier and easier for you to abandon, or invalidate and abandon, the definitions you’ve made-up and made commitment to.

I know that I’m being very repetitious, but the repetition needs to be made. The sentence is so simple and it needs to be remembered. You are neither behind the Point of Perfection, nor advancing toward it; you are at that Point and must understand yourself therefrom.

You are Divine. You are the Son, the Daughter, the Offspring, the Child of God—God’s Self-Expression. And you are employing Ultimate Capacities all the time because they’re the only Capacities you have available to you. You are using Ultimate Capacities every day, every moment, even though you’re using them to create a sense of limitation, activities of limitation, activities of overcoming limitation. But the Ultimate One That You Are, the Ultimate One that you are attempting to access, to become like, You Are right now.

Please, as you go through the next week, bring this thought to the foreground of your mind frequently. Even if everything that’s going on seems to argue against it and prove to you that it can’t be true, be “the mother you don’t have” reminding yourself of Who You Are, or “the father you don’t have” to remind you Who You Are. You be it. Remind yourself of it.

The more you remind yourself of it, the more curiosity you are going to have to explore and employ these Ultimate Capacities more fully. You’ve got to remind yourself that you have Capacities that you’re not using fully so that you might dare to experiment, for lack of better words, play with looking at everything with a willingness to see the more that’s there, the more that I’m telling you is there, than what you’re seeing. Let there be moments of willingness to be more intimate with a salt shaker that’s on the table in the restaurant you’re having lunch in, or the chair you’re sitting in—anything. Let there be moments where you abandon your routine to just be present with something with an openness and a curiosity to see what you may never have seen before. And then go on about your business, but get into the habit of, even momentarily, having the curiosity and the willingness to be present with something, to experience the more that’s there. This is the way you will break the habit, the persistence of misperception rather than the persistence of Vision, the persistence of the misperception of Who and What You Are that you’re so willing to believe and then berate yourself for.

If you knew you were royalty, you would say, “I don’t have to put up with this shit!” You see? But you just think you’re the common man. You just think you’re a mortal working his way through this lifetime. Well, you’re not. And you need to be a little bit more active and vehement in your denial of the idea that that is all you are. Be a little bit more aggressive. Be a little bit more self-disciplined to the point where you at least remind yourself frequently during the day. “Well, they think I’m awful, but . . . and they’re distressed with me, but . . . my Father is God, and my Inheritance is the Fullness of His Being. And my Capacities are what He has laid down in me. I am more than they think I am. And I don’t have to respond like some inconsequential turd.” You see? “I may be unhappy with myself, but I don’t have to be.” If you have to pawn it off on me, fine. Say, “Raj says I don’t have to be.” But at least remind yourself that you have an option. There is another way to look at this.

If you remind yourself of it, you will remember to try. And trying to be in a new way, bringing the curiosity necessary to having a new experience, is what lays the groundwork for what? A sudden shift of perception. But it’s going to take practice. And let the practice be fun. Let it be lighthearted.

Paul said—not Paul Tuttle—“Paul the disciple” said, “Now are we the Sons of God. And it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when he,” meaning Jesus, “when he shall appear, we shall be like him.” Why? “Because we shall see him as he is.” Interesting, isn’t it? It doesn’t say, “We will recognize him because of who he is, and he will impress us with who he is, and thereby we will know who he is.” It says, “And we will then find ourselves to be like him.” It says, “We will be like him because we will see him as he is.” We will see him As He Is in Reality.

Well, in a way, it’s sort of like which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are you going to be like me because you see me? Or are you going to see me as like you because you see yourself correctly? It’s a moot point. But the key is that now are you my Brothers. Now are you the Sons and Daughters of God, the Offspring, the Expression of God. And it’s time for you to recognize yourself.

And in order to recognize yourself, you’re going to have to abandon your confidence that you know that you are simply a mortal, a flesh-and-blood body that has a temporary lifespan, and afterwards, the Ultimate may be your experience. No. Now the Ultimate is going on. So you’ve got to start today letting that fact abide in you like a glowing Light that gets your attention. And now is the world the Kingdom of Heaven. And you’ve got to let that idea pulsate and glow in your mind, and get your attention so that you will dare to look at it all with innocent eyes, fresh eyes, not preoccupied with past definitions.

Let’s go to the book."


May 1, 2005

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