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I am posting this message for all from Raj...please read
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Posted 2020-11-20 5:09 PM (#241331)
Subject: I am posting this message for all from Raj...please read


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I have typed this over the phone with Susan this afternoon from her handwritten communication with Raj: 



Dear friends, 

I am presently reaching out to all those who have found the Raj materials meaningful and relevant in their life experience.  

In the beginning of Paul’s encounter with me, I told him that he and Susan joined with me were a team.  This has now become an important and relative fact as I am currently guiding Susan to give my message to you today.  At this moment, Paul is receiving care at a nearby hospital for reasons that are not Covid related.  

Paul has had his personal learning experiences many times during our time together:  his learning that full commitment to his experience of his identity as Mind - “The One that constitutes the many” instead of “one among many”.  

Since last Friday, he has been with excellent care, but he will require further support in his recovery.  As I told Susan, he is staying with me and he has not been immersed in a body perspective.  In human terms, he has been improving rapidly.  

I have given Susan a place in the Course called “Dreams and the Body”, a section from the chapter 18 “The Dream and the Reality” for her to read, ponder and embrace.  I wish to share a portion of this section beginning with the third paragraph:


“You can stretch out your hand and reach to Heaven.  You whose hands are joined have begun to reach beyond the body, but NOT outside yourselves, to reach your shared identity, together.  Could this be OUTSIDE you?  Where God is NOT?  Is He a body, and did He create you as He is not, and where He cannot be? You are surrounded only by HIM.  What limit can there be on you whom He encompasses?  Everyone has experienced what he would call a sense of being transported beyond himself.  This feeling of liberation far exceeds the dream of freedom sometimes experienced in special relationships. It is a sense of actual ESCAPE from limitations. 

If you will consider what this “transportation” really entails, you will realize that it is a sudden unawareness of the body, and a joining of yourself and something else in which your mind enlarges to encompass it. It becomes part of you, as you unite with it.  And both become whole, as neither is perceived as separate.  What really happens is that you have given up the illusion of a limited awareness, and lost your fear of union.  The love that instantly replaces it EXTENDS to what has freed you, and unites with it.  And while this lasts, you are not uncertain of your identity, and would not limit it.  You have escaped from fear to peace, asking no questions of reality, but merely accepting it.  You have accepted this INSTEAD of the body, and have let yourself be one with something beyond it, simply by not letting your mind be LIMITED by it.  

This can occur regardless of the physical distance which seems to be between you and what you join; of your respective positions in space; and of your differences in size and seeming quality.  Time is not relevant; it can occur with something past, present or anticipated.  The “something” can be anything and anywhere; a sound, a sight, a thought, a memory, and even a general idea without a specific reference.  Yet in every case, you joined it without reservation because you love it, and would be with it.  And so you rush to meet it, letting your limits melt away, suspending all the “laws” your body obeys, and gently setting them aside.  

There is no violence at all in this escape.  The body is not attacked, but simply properly PERCEIVED.  It does not limit you, merely because you would not have it so.  You are not really “lifted out” of it; it cannot CONTAIN you.  You go where you would be, gaining, not losing, a sense of self.  In these instants of release from physical restrictions, you experience much of what happens in the holy instant; the lifting of the barriers of time and space, the sudden experience of peace and joy, and, above all, the lack of awareness of the body, and of the questioning whether or not all this is possible.  

It is possible because you WANT it.  The sudden expansion of the self which takes place with your desire for it is the irresistible appeal the holy instant holds.  It calls to you to be yourself, within its safe embrace.  There are the laws of limit lifted FOR you, to welcome you to openness of mind and freedom.  Come to this place of refuge, where you can be yourself in peace.  Not through destruction, not through a “breaking out”, but merely a quiet “melting in”.  For peace will join you there simply because you have been willing to let go the limits you have placed on love, and joined it where it is and where it led you, in answer to it’s gentle call to BE at peace.” 

After her reading this part of the section, I told Susan that Paul was joining with me and was elevated to this place where no lasting effect of suffering can remain.  This has translated into hastened recovery.  In fact, Paul has related to Susan in the recent days, that he is very comfortable and is remaining in his peace.  

Just as I have joined with Paul and Susan I have joined with you as you are reading this communication.  I have told Susan:  “A miracle is a conversation”, a conversation within the Mind of God, absent of the participation in the mutual agreement.  

We are all at this Divine junction; the holy instant where transformation, regeneration, restoration and redemption can occur; thus the remembering of the place of our RIght Mind and the realization that “There is nothing to fear”, as I have said many times to Paul and Susan.  

Let us all participate, therefore, in the practice of faith, not the engagement of our own confidence that “we think we know”.  Our prayers joined together in support of Paul’s full recovery transcends this moment to embrace the whole world with the experience of wholeness now.  

Susan wishes to thank everyone for the constant love being extended by all of you over many years of dedication to the awakening process.  Amazing Grace!  Her gratitude is never forgotten.

And now we must address the very practical and mundane side of my communication with you today through Susan.  For those who wish to make a contribution:

  1.  Most of the bills for this month have yet to be paid, and many of them have been offset to December.  

  2. Contributions at this time can only be made by Zelle and by mail.  You are welcome to call Susan at (360) 638-0530.

November 20, 2020

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