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"You have heard of the last days ...'
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Posted 2020-08-18 7:48 AM (#237837)
Subject: "You have heard of the last days ...'


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... noticing an awareness of what feels like a new measure of peace in and around me this morning ... like something i didn't know was holding on to ... has been let go.
contemplating that with Spirit ... the feeling-idea was to open it up and embrace friends at TGP in it's Meaning  ... as an offering ... and no, thank heavens, i'm not asked to come up with words to say it ... as following the nudge to look up what Raj has said about "the gnashing of teeth" ... see he has already given expression to what feels like the same 'place of truth' this new awareness of peace is grounded in ... 

...as always, such a blessing to have you here to share in this moment of Our awakening ... O 


Raj excerpt – Melbourne, Aus 1993, tape 6  

If there is one message that I could give you this weekend, it would be give up—abandon the attempts to be a good personality, in control of your life, developing a marvelous identity.  Abandon it so that when it is gone, you can discover that right in its place is a Real You, the divine You.  Why can I say give up and have it be a constructive thing that will not result in chaos?  I can tell it to you because you are not a fugitive from justice, you are already innocent.  And you don’t have to keep up the struggle.  You don’t have to repeat this process over and over.  You don’t even have to choose parents again, because you are innocent; because you never ever were something different from God expressed. 

So what is it you give up?  You give up trying to be responsible for yourself.  You give up the idea that thinking is the solution to everything.  You give up thinking itself, which you will ultimately find was a defense against the stillness in which the discovery of who you Really Are could occur.  Thinking is the insulation I was speaking about yesterday, which gives you dis­tance between yourself as the fugitive and the justice, which is trying to catch up with you.  

It’s interesting that justice is always on your tail.  Why?  Not because it wants to prove you are guilty, but because it is inevitable that your innocence will be uncovered to you.  Its pursuit of you is a pursuit of love, which your ego perceives as threat.  And indeed, it is a threat to your ego, but not to You, because You are not your ego.  

If you are having a dream and a monster is chasing you, and you are running for your life, the dream will go on for awhile.  But if you had the capacity to stop in your tracks and the monster would catch up with you and get you, you would wake up.  I agree you would wake up as a result of great fear.  But never­theless, the illusion of a seeming reality of a monster that would get you would be stopped, and you would find yourself on your bed in your room, where none of it had been actually happen­ing. 

Let justice catch up with you.  Give your divine Self (that is Present as an actual experience to you right here today) let it have the opportunity to register with you, by beginning to value silence, and by not letting your thinking run away with you, and by not letting your emotions steamroller you.  

I will tell you something:  If you are not thinking, you cannot experience emotions.  You all scare yourself by virtue of your thoughts.  And by virtue of your thoughts you create physical sensations in the pit of your stomach, and elsewhere, that you then say are a valid proof of the need for defense.  Without thinking you would not experience emotions.  Without thinking you do experience your feelings:  peace, joy, love, compassion.  Without thinking you do not become dysfunctional; you become so unfettered, so free of reactive states, that you are able to be more present and be appropriate with clarity and obvious intelli­gence.  

It’s time to get off the wheel of history.  And here is some encouraging news:  If you don’t get off of it, you will fall off of it, because it’s time.  More are Awake than those who are asleep.  And as a result, there are fewer today joined in dreams and mutual agreement as to what constitutes reality within the dream.  And as a result, it is becoming harder and harder for those still dreaming to continue, because there is not the rein­forcement of the joining of others in dreams. Those of you who want to hold onto the dream a little longer will likely find yourself frustrated, because this wonderful thing called becoming disillusioned is happening.  

You know what?  You have heard of the last days and you have heard of the gnashing of teeth and so-on.  You want to know something?  The gnashing of teeth will not be because something terrible is happening, but something more wonderful than what you want is happening.  That says it in a nut-shell. 

Innocence, permission and curiosity are the three simple elements with which you can easily get off this wheel of history without engaging all of the complicated, psychological aspects of the ego that it has developed to ensnare you.  And although I have said some things this weekend that could be considered deep and difficult to grasp, the simplicity of there meaning will become obvious to you if you are willing to engage in becoming still, and becoming familiar with what that stillness feels like, so that you can then begin to enlarge the circle and embrace more of your world from that peace.  

You will not understand your way into the Kingdom of Heaven, you will feel your way into the Kingdom of Heaven.  And I don’t mean groping, I mean with the most wonderful, grounded, peaceful motivation to move forward and embrace it.  

Edited by orinda 2020-08-18 9:46 AM
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