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Random quote: "where are you going to fixate your attention? where are you going to obsess? are you going to obsess on an illusion with your brothers and sisters? are you going to make their opinion about you... God to you? or are you going to switch your fixation to God..... whose Voice is in you...... whose Voice IS you. are you going to begin to fixate on the Place of Excellence in you that is the Excellent You that you are...... and embody that..... and let the chips fall where they may." ~ Raj
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TODAY: Fourth Session: ACIM/Raj Material video conference study group
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William Daniels
Posted 2020-04-15 12:06 PM (#235715)
Subject: TODAY: Fourth Session: ACIM/Raj Material video conference study group

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Fourth Session: Wednesday April 15, 2020
7:00 P.M. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) USA

ACIM/Raj Material Study Group

Re. Logging in to Zoom: Because of enhanced security at Zoom, I plan to post instructions for signing in to the meeting 2 or 3 hours prior to the start.

Suggestions for topics for our meeting:

>>>>Items/issues that you feel are important.

>>>>Issues/obstacles that you have moved past.

>>>>Issues/obstacles that you have not moved past.


FROM: PamelaParnell.com
1987 Livingston N.J. RAJ

Heaven, the Ultimate is going on at this instant ………

RAJ: I want to elaborate on something that was begun yesterday. And it is the fact that at any given moment you are confronted by or confronted with Reality. Heaven, the Ultimate is going on at this instant and at every instant, and it is the only actuality that is occurring. And so, the natural question is: What keeps me from experiencing it? And the answer to that question is: The vantage point from which you are observing it.

Now, you only have two fundamental choices before you in terms of vantage points. One is the reactive level of your ego conditioning, and the

page 46

other is the level of your Being, which you are accessing when you dare to take the time to become still. There are, of course, various blendings of the two as you are willing to make the shift from your conditioned reactive level to the unconditional level of your Being. But fundamentally, your choices are as I have described them.

Now, when in your daily life you find yourself confronted by a situation in the office or the home or any circumstance where there is tension or a certain amount of craziness going on that is upsetting, you are inclined to say, “Wow, I’ve got to get out of here. This place is out of sync.”

And this is always the way the ego works. It always projects things outside of you. It projects cause outside of you, and it says that your environment or your circumstances can affect you; they can become cause to your experience, your frame of mind, your mental attitude, et cetera. This very process of projecting the cause of problems outside of you, if you are not alert, will cause you to try to deal outside of you to resolve the situation. And yet, I have told you that, right in the spot where the confusion seems to be going on, right where there is a great deal of tension or unpleasantness, all there is going on actually is the Kingdom of Heaven, Reality in its flawless perfection.

If you try to deal with the situation out there, in the world, you will have been distracted from making the choice between the two vantage points you have available to you, and that choice is always an inside job. You always have the choice available to you for your peace under any given circumstances. You do not have to join with everyone else in their distorted, distressed point of view. There is no requirement, even though your ego spontaneously reacts to it and says, “There, indeed, is something going on that justifies your being upset right along with everyone else.”

But, again, at any given moment, you always have the choice between the vantage point of your conditioned, reactive ego level thinking and your stable peaceful Being vantage point. And, if you are willing to withdraw from the reactive level right where you are without running from the circumstance, and you are willing to become centered, take a deep breath, exhale and let go of the tension within you right in the middle of the confusion and choose for, consciously choose for or lean into the peace that is always with you, you will then be in a position to respond appropriately to what is really going on; you will have the perspective to see the discrepancy, you might say, between what seems to be going on and the Kingdom of Heaven that is actually going on. And, since you can discern the discrepancy, you can deal with, shall I say, the fly in the ointment and become a dynamic part of the resolution of the chaos.

Now, this is very important to understand because it is you who holds the key to your own peace, to your ability to perceive divine Reality right where human chaos seems to be going on. Literally, each one of you holds the key to your experience of the Kingdom of Heaven, but it requires making a choice between what you have been conditioned to believe—which is all up in your head—and what you find you Know when you choose right then and there to go within yourself and find your peace and the perspective needed to be the transformational agent in the circumstance.

When you have a situation where the air and the energy is so thick that you can practically cut it, and it is an uncomfortable energy, be aware that it is not an energy actually existing in space or in the circumstance but in the vantage point from which you are observing it because under all circumstances the actuality that is going on in that spot is the perfect expression of God, which your ego sense is distorting your perception of. And, therefore, if you want to have a changed experience, you will move to the vantage point where the clarity is available to you rather than attempting to manipulate your world into your best sense of harmony. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of any circumstance as though the circumstance itself was the actual governing factor of your experience.

Now, this applies also in the realm of illness, it applies in any circumstance which seems to be beyond your control that evidences something other than the Kingdom of Heaven. You see, your resistance to being in an environment that is unpleasant constitutes the conditioning that I mentioned yesterday that needs to be released in order for unconditional love to be experienced. You walk into an environment or a situation, you recognize that there is something going on that is not principled, or not loving, or not pleasant, and you react. And the reaction is to back-off, which means to withhold your capacity to recognize Reality in that spot.

You feel as though, if you allowed yourself to relax and become defenseless, you would be overwhelmed by the evil or the negativity or the chaos that is confronting you. And yet, your actual safety from the effects of such an environment are truly only to be found in the gentle and clear perspective that becomes available to you when you dare to become still, when you dare to move out of the reactive defensive state of mind.

So, you must dare to be, from the ego standpoint, idiotic. And you must dare to be in that circumstance and bring to it the clarity, the clearer perception of Reality that is available to you if you will choose to set aside the reactive conditioned ego thinking that generally you use as your vantage point.

Again, the way you experience your world depends on where you are standing, in terms of your own ego reactions and conditionings, or your centered peaceful perspective. And the cause, the disturbance for you, is not existing in the environment because, again, the only environment there is, is the Kingdom of Heaven seen clearly or unclearly.

When you look at your world or circumstances and you designate it as bad and you withdraw your willingness to see what is divinely present, you are in a state of denying the Kingdom of Heaven, of denying Reality. And so, you stay asleep, you stay blinded. And you contribute to everyone else’s blindness. You are not able to, in any way, be the transformational presence of Love that exalts the situation or circumstance beyond what your ego said it was.

And so, if you truly desire to play a part in Awakening for all mankind, you, each individually, must learn to make the choice between your own ego reactions and conditionings and the perspective that you have from the level of your centered Being.

Do not be afraid of any circumstance, as I mentioned. Always recognize that the potential is present for discerning Reality in its divine perfection right in the spot where it seems not to be going on. And in this way, you will not off-handedly deny or push away from you your current opportunity to Wake up. And you will not keep parts of your world blocked from your perception of its divinity.

Again, if you are at work or in any circumstance that seems very unsettling, do not make the mistake of blaming the circumstance. Realize that the key to experiencing it in a new way lies within you as a matter of choice, your choice of being reactive or being centered. And that, if you want the distortions that seem to be going on to dissolve, you must be willing to move out of the reactive place that is causing you to not see the divinity that is going on there. And by virtue of seeing the divinity that is going on, being able to act in a way that uncovers it rather than keeping it covered up.

Defenselessness is the act of not defending yourself against perceiving the Kingdom of Heaven right where you are. You tend to think of defenselessness as allowing yourself to become vulnerable in an actually dangerous situation. And, if that idea is carried to the end, you can end up being a martyr. And being a martyr is not transformational; it’s just a continuing part of the dream. Being defenseless has nothing to do with the apparent danger and you becoming magnanimously ready to die or hang yourself on the cross for the benefit of all.

Defenselessness has to do with your willingness not to continue to define the circumstance as dangerous and then justify becoming reactive. Defenselessness means being willing to look beyond the appearance, beyond the way your ego is distorting the Kingdom of Heaven, so that you may have a glimpse of the Kingdom right in that spot and, as a result of your clearer view of Reality, being the transformational element that evidences itself as the resolving of the apparent differences or tensions or unpleasantnesses that are going on.

You see, if Love is the recognition of that which is Real in each and everything you see, then it is present as an active blessing if there is dreaming going on in that spot where you have been willing to see the divine Reality. Love is not just a passive, sweet ,enveloping pink cloud, cotton candy sort of presence. Love is not benign it is active. It is the living substance of everything and the active motivation or Light force of everything, of all substance.

You talk of God as Life and Love, but Life and Love cannot exist separate from each other; they are two aspects of the same thing. And so, when you are willing to become defenseless, meaning when you are willing to stop defending yourself against perceiving the Christ in your fellowman no matter how he is behaving, when you are willing to see the wholeness of an individual who seems to be injured or maimed or ill, when you are willing to see the truth where the error seems to be going on, you are being Love—not loving—you are being Love. You are not defending yourself against the Love that you are moving into expression in a place where it seems to the egos point of view an unreasonable place to give it. And the dynamic of Love comes into play and is transformational, healing.

Now, you may not stay in an unpleasant place indefinitely, but, if you find yourself in those circumstances, be aware that the negativity is not in the circumstance but in the vantage point from which you are looking at it. That does not mean that you actually went out and created it. But, if you are not seeing the Kingdom of Heaven in front of you, then you do have available to you the means of switching to the other vantage point you have within you so that you can perceive Reality there and, thereby, be the transformational presence of living Love, the transformational presence of the recognition of Reality right where the human conditioning says it isn’t going on.

Again, Love is the [snaps fingers] recognition, the conscious perception of Reality. Recognition is not an intellectual process; it is something that happens when ye think not,2 when you let go of the thinking and open up to, in a defenseless way, the influx of Reality at your conscious level of awareness.

I suggest that every single one of you today be as defenseless as possible. That doesn’t mean become as vulnerable as possible. It means be willing to be as open as possible to the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven that is going on at this instant, and which will be going on at every instant all day today, even if we all sat down on the floor and played tiddlywinks the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven would be present. And you could say that playing tiddlywinks was as divine an activity as what we are doing because what we are doing is not what is the divine activity. It is the fact that no matter how it appears, the Kingdom of Heaven is what is occurring.

And it is not what is being said here that is the divine activity, but it is the willingness on the part of each person to let the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven in. Okay, that’s the end of the comment.


The only meaningful step to take is to break the isolation and say: “Father, share with me Your Perspective, because I have been told that it is my perspective by Birthright, and I haven’t been experiencing it. And my not experiencing it, I am told, has caused me to see everything erroneously, and is responsible for the ever-present anxiety that I feel, the ever-present uneasiness that I feel, the ever-present vulnerability that I feel. And I don’t want to feel it anymore.

I’m willing to consider the possibility that this information that’s given to me is correct. And so I will do the thing I don’t understand. I will reach out into that which seems to be empty. I will reach out for You whom I’ve never had, as far as I know, a direct experience of. Or if I did, they were, as far as I’m concerned, flukes, rare events, rare favors, which I feel tremendously blessed by, but they’re nothing that I can feel confidently as an ever-present source ……but I’m going to reach out, as though it’s there. Please help!”

And then you shut up and you make room for the response.

01-30-2005, Tape 1, Side 2, 8:41 mins. ACIM Chapter 9, The Unhealed Healer. P. 210

I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its
perfect functioning, and I withdraw any prior conscious
or unconscious authorization to the contrary.


Father, Thy Will be done. Father, let me be filled with all that
You Are Being—right here where I see me. Father, I wish to yield
to the Reality of Me that has to be going on right here,
where I thought I have been alone, isolated and constantly in danger.

I will listen for Your Voice.
I will stop listening for my voice—meaning my thinking-- my best
practice of reason. I will shut up long enough to hear.
Fill me today with all Thou art.

From the Raj Material: https://nwffacim.wordpress.com/

Assembled by Pauline Edward

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