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Raj excerpt- Orlando 1986 “No egos past this point.”
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Posted 2020-03-23 12:24 PM (#235330)
Subject: Raj excerpt- Orlando 1986 “No egos past this point.”


Excerpt from:  Raj at Orlando, FL 1986


RAJ:  Good morning. 

QUESTION:  Good morning, good morning.  I’m very happy to be here this morning and to be the first one to ask a question.  I’m thrilled.  

Now I want to know . . . some thoughts have been going into my mind about Truth being so simple, and if this is a fact, I am anxious—I guess I shouldn’t use that word, but I am—to know all of the truth cause I feel that this is a way of my removing all of the stumbling blocks now that I’m on that road and to get to the other end of the road, which seems to be a very short road at this point. 

So I think it’s important for me to know about the Prime Mover and if there is such . . . or is there not? 

RAJ:  First of all, truth is always utter simplicity.  Truth is nothing more than the perception of Reality—Reality which is going on at all times because there is nothing else.  

Do you want to know the truth about this table?  Allow yourself to become still and sense into it.  Allow yourself from within yourself to feel it.  It is some part of the infinitude of your Being; therefore, its meaning is part of your meaning.  In allowing yourself to experience its meaning, you open yourself to the opportunity to discern it and feel it as a body of Light in this particular configuration and the reason for it being in this particular configuration.  It is important to know that it is the ego sense—the partial finite sense—that makes everything more complex than it is, and that allowing yourself into the perception of Reality is a matter of being open to the simple perception of the Reality of any given thing. 

Truth is not a concept to know in your mind to make something happen.  Truth is the direct perception of what really Is.  

The statement is, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”7 

The statement is not, “Ye shall think the truth, and as a result of your thinking, you shall be set free.”  How do you know the truth? . . by stopping all of the thinking and allowing yourself to be in the presence of Reality with no barriers, no resistances, so that you can let in the communication of Reality that every single form constitutes or Is.  Truth is not a concept.  Truth is not an idea.  Truth is Reality experienced.  

What is the truth about God as Prime Mover?  Let me ask you this:  Did you create yourself?  Of course, you didn’t, but you exist.  You are the Expression of something.  That Something is—for lack of better words—the Life Principle, or God, or the Father, the Source.  But God is not a source like a river emerging from a rock and then traveling thousands of miles.  The Source and its Self-Expression are identical.  God has Expressed Himself.  So what has been Expressed?  What is the Expression?  It is the fullness of what God is minus the Prime spark, you might say, the primitive original Movement that constituted the Self-Expression. 

Now I am limited by words here because in the English language you do not have a way of expressing:  The Movement of Creation and The Creation that results as a single action that never becomes divided.  The Expression of God is God Expressed.  The Expression of God is not something different in any way from God.  God cannot stand back from His Creation, like a potter from his pot, and observe it as though it is something different from the potter. 

God experiences Himself or Itself as You being conscious.  You are the Presence of God.  And as I indicated yesterday, God’s Self-Expression withholds nothing of what God is. 

Now this is difficult for the ego to grasp because the ego is a doer, an accomplisher, an overcomer.  And one cannot do anything with what I have just described.  One can only allow himself to be what he divinely Is, which is the Movement of the Father.  This is what is meant by “Having no other will than the Father’s Will.”6   And of course, this flies right in the face of the ego, which is nothing more than an assumptive illusion of will trying to act independently. 

Now, as I said yesterday, it is important to be very clear when you say, “I am God,” because the word “I” does, through habit, refer to the limited ego sense.  And if you wish to get beyond that limited ego sense, the “I” needs to become more closely identified with the true meaning of God and, therefore, it is important to acknowledge that all that God is constitutes the Totality of my Being.  And once the full meaning of that statement becomes clear, you will be able to appropriately say, “I am God”. . . except, at that point, it will be a redundant statement; there will be no need to make it.  It will be obvious to you and everyone else.  It’s only the ego which feels a need to proclaim its identity, and prove it, and demonstrate it

And so, as one is emerging from a limited three-dimensional frame of reference, there is an inevitable need to yield to something greater than what you are presently experiencing yourself as.  This also is very difficult for the ego because it does not want to yield to anything because the only thing it can yield up is its exercise of control.  It is scary to lose control.  And yet, the ego has never had the responsibility in its hands in any way, shape, or form to make anything happen because your Being all along has been effortlessly and flawlessly fulfilling itself, because it is the act of Creation, period

Now the fact is that women—the female of the species—we’ll say, is better able to Wake up because they are used to yielding.  Men are not used to yielding.  Women yield to men.  Women yield to the process of birth.  By the time they’ve had their third child they know not to fight it, and they know that if they do not fight it the birth will be much easier.  They experientially grasp the meaning of yielding and experiencing the increased harmony from having done so. 

When you attempt to get in touch with your inner Guidance you have to be allowing, you have to yield, you have to become vulnerable, at least from the ego stand point.   You have to let your Guide in

All of you are—almost all of you in this room are—aware that during the act of intercourse, if the woman is tense and unyielding, the sexual act becomes uncomfortable.  She must let her partner in.  You must let your Wholeness in to your tiny finite sense of yourself.  You must let the Father’s Will fill you so that you have no other active will because the only other active will would be the imposter, called the ego sense, which is a false sense of self.  

And so, as you are emerging from the third-dimensional frame of reference into the fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being, you must yield to something greater than your present sense of yourself.  And this is best expressed as having no other will but the Father’s Will.  We could say having no other will than that which your Being has eternally been Expressing.  But you cannot take your puny little sense of willfulness into the Total experience of your Being. 

PAUL:  Okay, this is me:  I’m going to have to have this drawn . . . but he provided a cartoon picture.  And it’s like an overhead view looking down at the Kingdom of Heaven or at the edge of the Kingdom of Heaven, and there’s a path coming up, and there are signs like all around the border of the Kingdom of Heaven that says, “No egos past this point.” [some giggles] 

RAJ:  So, be very cautious about any acknowledgement that you are God because if you prematurely make that statement, there will not be the recognition of any need to yield to anything, and there will be the feeling that it will be appropriate for you to express your Godness even more clearly than you have been, and this will simply mean that you will become a more forceful ego and correspondingly, give yourself a hell of a time. 

You did not create yourself because God did not Create Himself.  God is Self existent.  But it is an essential part of Awakening to move into the full conscious experience of what God IS, else you will have nothing to replace this tiny ego sense from which every single one of you in this room are coming to one degree or another.  Okay, that’s the end of the answer.

6 Bible:  John 5:30, 6:38, 6:40

7 Bible:  John 8:32

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