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Raj - the non materiality of mater; Conversations with Raj Aug / Sept 97, Vol 9 No 3
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Posted 2020-03-22 7:28 PM (#235316)
Subject: Raj - the non materiality of mater; Conversations with Raj Aug / Sept 97, Vol 9 No 3

You see, it is not that you are being confronted by negative energy. It is not that you are in an environment of negative energy which these sensations are evidence of. You are in the infinite presence of the only energy there is, which is the energy of Spirit, which is the Movement of God, and It’s not polarized. But when any of you use your body as a defense, as a place of self-protection, and you create a resistance, a density, then the movement of Spirit, the energy of Spirit, is experienced as though there is polarity—good energy/bad energy. And, of course, that seems to justify being even more defended, which will increase the experience of polarity or impact when what is called for is the willingness to let down, to relax, in effect to open the slats on the louvers on the blinds so that the air can move through without jangling the blinds. You see? Does that illuminate it for you?

QUESTION: Thank you, yes it does.

RAJ: You are welcome. I just want to share that all of you have the most powerful presence, the most significant presence, the most substantial presence, when you aren’t trying to be a presence.

There is a saying: "Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity." When your sense of yourself becomes minimal, your Self becomes maximal. And your Self is not "a" self you’re responsible for. It’s the presence of God, which God is responsible for. And so, it’s when you as an ego or you as a self-made presence are the least expressed that the presence of God, Which is What is where you are, shows forth. It is when you are, like I’ve said before, a failure as an ego that the Christ that you Are is automatically what is present. When you’re putting forth the least effort to be something in the world, you become something significant in the world. It’s that simple.

When we were in England I used the illustration of a square sheet of vinyl that was put in a wooden frame. You can take your fist and push it into the sheet of vinyl, and the vinyl will change shape to conform to the amount of pressure you are applying, and you can see the fingers and the knuckles through the vinyl. I explained that healing is like your removing your hand from the piece of vinyl. The piece of vinyl moves back into its original flat state—not because you healed it from its contorted shape, but because you neglected to any longer distort it, yourself. You see?

When you are trying to be someone, you are being the fist forcing its way through "the energy field"—like the piece of glass—causing it to have a shape that it is not its nature to be in. And when you let go of attempting to be someone, you stop distorting the energy field, and you say, "Oh, I’m having a healing. Now what did I do to make that happen?" Well, what you did was less than you had been doing before. You see? What you did was that you stopped doing what distorted your experience of the presence of God, Which is what constitutes your presence.

It’s important to know that just as the sheet of latex has the intent to be flat and absent of tension, your body has the intent to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly. And so, when you stop using your body as a defense, or as a shield to protect yourself, or as a shape having enough weight to it to be a formidable presence in the world to help provide you with safety—when you stop using the body in these ways, it is like removing your fist from the latex, and you find your body beginning to perform its function perfectly, which is to identify you perfectly, which means to express nothing other than the Idea in the Mind of God that constitutes you.

When you have been taught that control is the almighty important thing in life, this idea that I am expressing seems totally insane. You have been taught that without the exercise of control, chaos will be the result. I am telling you that chaos is the result of being in control, and letting go of control will allow the fundamental nature of God to once again appear in the world. It’s not risky, because just as the latex is intent upon being flat—[being perfectly what it is]—if no power is being exerted over it, so does your body and so does your world!

[New questioner]

RAJ: I will just mention, since you were the one who was sitting with her hand on the glass-topped table, if the glass is a field of energy, and if your arm or hand is a field of energy, then they can pass through each other. So you might have fun with that, too. That is how you walk through walls. Go ahead.

QUESTION: I’m doing my best at trying to live an undefended life. And yet, as you were speaking, you were talking about a person’s body size as being a defense against the world, and so, I hadn’t realized that. But since the whole issue of my weight is my worst failure . . .

RAJ: Hm-m-m.

QUESTION: . . . how is it . . .

RAJ: Oh-h-h. Well, there is an example of suffering from nothing—nothing except a few words you put together in a self-incriminating way. It isn’t your failure or your success—your body size.

QUESTION: But you said it was . . .

RAJ: What I said was that there are individuals who use their body as a presence in order to be formidable in their world. But banty roosters do that, and they’re little. And dachshunds do it, and they’re little. I wasn’t referring to body size, but the way in which a body is handled to imply "presence." Many of you who are not physically large "densify" your body. You try to feel as though your body is a presence of some significance, and you use your body in this way to give yourselves courage to act forcefully in a way that will intimidate others. It has nothing to do with size.

Now, I just want to point out that this concept that you expressed, of your body size being your greatest failure . . . that is a string of words which express nothing. They express nonsense. It isn’t your biggest failure or your greatest success. But, the idea that you expressed is one that you have believed for quite a while. What I want to point out is, that in embracing that idea, it caused you not to clearly hear what I was saying, because I wasn’t speaking of body size at all. There are little people with "big presences," you might say.

Now, do you know what I care about more than your size . . . about you?


RAJ: The beautiful presence of Love that you are—your nature. Not your mental habits, but just you. I don’t care how big or little you are. And when your bigness or littleness matters less to you, and this exquisite presence that You really are is valued more, you will find a balance beginning to occur, where there is what you would call more lovely symmetry.

It is like what Paul is doing this afternoon. He’s not being a "presence" at all. You see? When his ego sense of self steps aside and he’s being nothing from an ego standpoint, the Somethingness of Being happens. If he were willing to stay with me all the time—if he were willing to abandon his right to view things from the ego standpoint—he not only would experience the wholeness he’s experiencing right now all the time, but he would find that his physique would begin to change, and there would be greater and greater symmetry to it. Although he’s not displeased with the way he looks, he would be more pleased with the way he looks.

The beauty and the symmetry of you or Paul or anyone else will come naturally and spontaneously and effortlessly when he and you have yourselves less on your mind as a failure or a success in this area or that area, and you value letting the essential presence of You be what’s important, and share It. And that’s what I love about you, is your essential presence.

So, I give you permission to not beat yourself up any more on this issue of size.


RAJ: It’s a total waste of time, it accomplishes nothing—except that it does keep you distracted from being the presence of joy and love that everyone else wants to experience from you. It’s just another example of suffering from nothing.

I know, your ego says, "This is far from nothing! This is a lot!" Well, your size isn’t you, small or big, beautiful or homely. Love is you. Your nature is you. And there isn’t much that covers that up except when you’re distracted by things like your size.

I want you to be willing to make the gift of You that has nothing to do with your size. And I want you to love that in You which is able to love everyone else. And when you are willing to let that find expression in your thoughts and words and deeds, more than giving expression to this "failure" that you say you are and all that failing means, you will have your attention placed right, and balance will begin to manifest. Not because it’s important—not because it will say something good about you—but just because that’s the way God made you. Perfect, beautiful in form, outline, color, as well as your nature. Your body is intent upon identifying the presence of your Individuality perfectly, and perfectly means lovely. There is no such thing as a perfect wart. The perfection of God is always expressed in loveliness of every kind.

The less Paul has himself on his mind and how well he’s doing, the more meaningful his presence is. It’s the same for you. And how well you’re doing at looking like a Daughter of God is one of those things that you need to let go of, so that "how you’re doing" and "who you are" is less on your mind than letting love come through you, big or small.

If I’m loving you, you can love yourself. If God is loving you—which He is—then for you to do anything less is a waste of time.

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