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Random quote: Give no reality to guilt, and see NO reason for it ... That is the ANSWER! ~ Raj - 18/11/07 ( submitted by DoG)

Raj excerpt 11/10/2007 - "..abandon the thing that has created the inner experience of discomfort.."
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Posted 2020-03-22 1:36 PM (#235311)
Subject: Raj excerpt 11/10/2007 - "..abandon the thing that has created the inner experience of discomfort.."


Raj excerpt - Nov 10, 2007

Once you begin to see that guilt is a thought or an idea which you are employing and not an actual thing, it will become clear to you that it isn’t anything you can actually suffer from and it isn’t anything that you need to take seriously.   That in fact, it’s something you can simply set aside.  It is something that you no longer have to practice on yourself and it’s something that you no longer have to practice on anyone else.

The only thing is, there’s a little bit of a hooker.  And that is, that in order for you to set it aside, you have to abandon the thing that has created the inner experience of discomfort that you are identifying as guilt.  And that something that you have to abandon, is a strong commitment that you have that you are self-created; that you’ve just been born of a sperm and an egg and that you’re a physical embodiment of an organism of life, and that you’re on your own—you’re all by yourself; that you make up the rules; that you make your life what you want to make it and it’s all up to you.

This attitude overlooks something.  And that is, that, that which creates something knows how that something came to be.  And you don’t have the foggiest notion of how you came to be.  Here you are!  You can’t explain it.  I mean, you really can’t explain how it is that a microscopic sperm and a microscopic egg joining together could make this incredible being that you are; with a capacity to think, with a capacity to be conscious, let’s put it that way, and experience infinity.  No one can account for the being that each one of you is, by virtue of the penetration of an egg by a sperm and conceptualization happening.

So obviously, if you’re going to be honest about it, you didn’t create yourself.  And it’s not all up to you.  And there is something else that is responsible for your existing.

The reason you feel uncomfortable and you call the discomfort guilt, you also call it fear, is because you are assuming a responsibility for your existence that cannot rest on your own shoulders.  And when you try to take that on your own shoulders, you feel the fact that something is wrong here.  You can feel the fact that what you are trying to do isn’t natural.  

But the thing is, that this little independent mind that you think you are, sees that and takes it on as a challenge and says, “I can overcome this!  And I am going to overcome it, come hell or high water!”  And sheer willfulness and determination comes into play, is brought into play by each one of you in an attempt to overcome this uncomfortable undercurrent of energy that you call either fear or guilt.

Now, as we’ve been discussing for a number of weeks now, the only way to dissolve and get rid of that undercurrent is not by thinking better; is not by being better, but rather by abandoning the attempt to be something all by yourself, on your own, independent from everything else and saying, “If I didn’t create myself but I’m here, something must be responsible for my being here.  If that’s the case, that means that right now and forever, I have been in a relationship of some sort with That which is being me, since I am not being myself.”  

This Something that you’re in partnership with or that you are inseparable from, has been called many things but the one that all of you are familiar with is the word, God.

Now, if you want to get out of the arena or the level of experience in which guilt is felt and fear is felt, you simply have to abandon the idea or thought that you and you alone are responsible for your well-being and what your life will be, and for your very existence.  And abandon the responsibility that comes along with that thought.  And say to whatever this Something is that you are in partnership with, “I yield to You, I yield to being in a partnership.  I abandon my insistence upon autonomous independence and autonomous or independent capacity to be creative all by myself.

The moment that you, in effect say, “Father,” or “God,” or “That which Is and always has been All There Is,” the moment you say words like that, you’re abandoning your independence—you are letting in Something else.  And when that invitation to active or conscious partnership instead of unconscious partnership; that invitation to conscious partnership moves you out of the arena in which fear and guilt can be felt, whether what you were feeling guilty about has changed or not, whether you have started thinking better thoughts or not, the simple fact is, that you have all thought and reasoned poorly because you thought that the discomfort or dissonance that you were experiencing was real and was a statement of guilt that was truly yours, that called down upon you necessarily, punishment of some sort that was really going to hurt.  And was going to hurt so much that you were willing to bring all of your energy to bear upon the situation to avoid it without doing the one essential thing, which was or which is abandoning the attitude of independence and consciously embracing this partnership which has eternally been the fact about you.

Now you all know or most of you know that if you meditate, it doesn’t matter what state of mind you’ve been in before you sat down to meditate.  If you were in a state of fear; if you were in a state of anger; if you were in a fit of jealousy—all of which were fully justifiable to you—if you sit down and meditate all of them will vanish, for all of their justifiability they are gone and you are experiencing peace.  And you have the interesting experience of discovering, and you don’t know how it is you know it, but you discover and know that this peace you are experiencing is real; is something more actual about your being than the fear and the jealousy and the anger that you were experiencing before you sat down and meditated.  You know that you have moved into, for lack of better words, a different space in which fear and anger and jealousy and on and on and on, are absent.

What seems to escape your attention is, that if you were to stay in that space and return to your activities—whatever they might be—whether it’s going to school or going to a job or cleaning a house and being a housewife and a mother or whatever, if you were to stay in that space of peace, you would be able to be fully functional without ever experiencing fear or jealousy or anger or guilt.  

And in the absence of all of those negatives, you would find yourself fully able to be responsive in the most incredible and apparently creative ways relative to the housework or the schoolwork or the parenting or whatever.  

It’s not your Birthright to be experiencing existence that is constantly colored by fear, guilt, anxiety, jealousy, anger and so on.

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