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Random quote: Perception is a mirror, not a fact. And what I look on is my state of mind, reflected outward. ~~ Wkb
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Thank you all for sharing the good news below. I found Raj addressing signs of aging
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Posted 2020-03-14 6:55 PM (#235185 - in reply to #235179)
Subject: Re: Thank you all for sharing the good news below. I found Raj addressing signs of aging


Thank you, Sandy.  Thanks for your acknowledgement. I was feeling lonely again....it seems to happen often for me these days even though i’m About as busy as I can be with family, loving where and how needed.  I know I feel deeply about the things Raj offers/talks about here and for the most part I feel sad that I know so little and feel to have a lot of evidence of need in this area, and maybe I feel without the answers and evidence that would be comforting.  this desire is so strong in me. I’ve wondered if it is not just my desire but also Father’s call I am feeling.  Oh, that feels ‘on’.  Gosh, I’m grateful for seeing you here and, connecting with you inspired me to share a little more...it doesn't feel quite so lonely now.   I am so grateful  and.... I really want for all of the loneliness to go away and I would like never feel it again and always be available and willing to be the answer and hear the answer to whatever call for Love there may be.  

Thanks again for being the place that encourages with Truth and welcomes genuineness.

 I found that I didn’t post all of that Raj talk about ‘Signs of aging’ so I’m adding the rest here.


RAJ: And then, I invite all of you to do this for your brothers and sisters as well. When you look at them, don’t say, "Oh, well, she really doesn’t look good today. She really ought to be at home in bed." "Oh boy, something must have happened at home last night. Look at the way he or she is acting today." You see? Care enough about those in your experience not to jump to limited conclusions about them, but rather to say, "Wait a minute. What’s sitting right there? That one driving the car next to me on the freeway, that body, is the glory of God."

Let every encounter with your brother and sister be a reminder that it’s your function to be seeing the glory of God there. And if you’re not, it’s not because they’re not presenting It, but because you’re not choosing to see It. You would rather have your opinion and your definition. And you are the one who suffers, because your definition keeps you from remembering to see God there.

Yes, it’s going to keep you busy.

QUESTION: I know. Thank you.

RAJ: But you know what? You’re already busy repeating and repeating and repeating other habits of attitude. 

What if you can’t experience Love until you extend it to your brother? What if you can’t experience the divine Reality of yourself until you’re willing to extend the acknowledgment of the divine Reality of someone else? What if you can’t really feel the love of God until you are willing to love the old so-and-so who just cut you off? Or to love your fellow worker who claims to be ill. Who sees herself as ill and puts that in the air. Who has forgotten to be curious about the glory of God right where she is which is beyond her current perception of what’s right there?

What if your feeling well can’t be wholly available to you until you are willing to desire for your brother and sister that they feel wholly well because you know that is their Birthright? There’s not really any "what if" about it. It’s why the Course refers to your brother as your savior.

Your brother or sister is your savior. Why? Because your brother and sister keep you from being able to believe that you can be successfully who and what You are by yourself. All of the illusory sense of existence arises out of a fundamental premise that all of you have adopted, which is that you are separate from everything else—fundamentally separate from God, being little gods, yourselves, being able to be authorities on your own. Well, the only way to get out of the mesmeric frame of mind that involves your seeing yourself as alone is to have a brother or a sister who gives you the opportunity to be Love.

I’ve said it before: You can’t love by yourself. You have to have an object of your affection. Without an object of your love, there can’t be a thing called Love. And so your brother and your sister are your means of coming out from under the results of the mad idea that you exist independently from everything, including God. Your means of coming back into your Sanity is your brother or sister, who provides you with the opportunity to be the presence of Love, and by being the presence of Love, fulfilling your purpose for Being, because that’s what God established in you. And as a result of fulfilling your purpose for Being, something happens to you. You wake up!

You are inspired with God’s Love, because in order to love someone else, and extend it, you have to stand in receipt of it, and the receipt of it is a receipt from the Father. Do you see what I’m saying?

Do you understand what the statement in the Course means that says, "To have, give all to all"?

QUESTION: I think so.

RAJ: God is the Movement of Being, the conscious Movement of Being. And the Movement of Being is extension—a Gift. Therefore, the experience of fulfillment of Being for every single one of you involves making the Gift of Love.

You cannot be the Source of Love, so how can you give the Gift of Love? Well, you might say it’s magic, because when you begin to care—when you really become less closed off and you really begin to care for another—you make a Gift. And when you make that Gift, you become infilled with the Love it takes to give.

I’ve used the illustration before of a garden hose with a sprayer nozzle on it. When you have an object of your affection, it is like pulling the trigger on the nozzle. When you have an object of your affection, there is someplace for the stream of water to go. You pull the trigger, and what happens? The nozzle gets filled up with the water and the water gets extended.

When you care about someone, it’s like pulling the trigger, and the Love that God is moves through you. What happens then? Well, your brother is blessed. But something else has happened. The thing that’s happened is that you have had the inspiring, uplifting transformational and regenerative experience of being the place where the presence of God is moving into expression.

I will put it another way. When you dare to love your fellow man, the only thing you can love your fellow man with is God’s Love. In your caring, you open the door for God’s Love, and not only does your brother get loved, you do, too! That’s why your brother is your salvation.

That’s why I said, "When you look at a co-worker or someone at the grocery store and you say, ‘God, I haven’t seen them for a while. They’re really beginning to look old,’" well, is that the gift you want to make? Is that what you want to extend? Where’d you get that hose from?

"Gee, she should take better care of herself." Judgment. You could say, "Wow, that isn’t the truth about her. Wow, the truth about her is that she’s the direct expression of God. The truth is that her body is the glory of God, and I’m going to let my responses, my reactions, arise out of that awareness of what the truth of her is, rather than how she looks at the moment." So what’s happened? Your apparently aging associate has given you the opportunity to choose for the truth in your awareness, and in choosing that, you prime yourself—like pulling the trigger—for the further influx of the Father’s point of view, which constitutes the Love that heals not only your sister or your brother, but you! You see? 

I’ve gone on at some length, but I hope it’s becoming clear to you that the way to overcome age, the way to deal with age, is to take every opportunity you have to look in the mirror and do something different from what you have been doing by acknowledging the truth about yourself—being curious about the truth about yourself, being curious about God’s truth about you, as well as doing the same thing with your brothers and sisters, your fellow man. ‘Cause I’ll tell ‘ya, you can’t just look in the mirror and become absolutely clear about yourself and still go around saying, "God, she looks awful, doesn’t she? I’m so glad I don’t have to look that way any more." You gotta bring your brother and sister along with you. This is an important point. 

And you have something to contemplate now.

QUESTION: I certainly do. Thank you so much.

RAJ: You are welcome. I understand you had some reservations about asking the question you asked.

QUESTION: I don’t know, I just—I guess I always want to appear like I already know things. And the truth is I don’t know and I need help understanding. And I knew you could help me have a better way of looking at it.

RAJ: So you had a need, and you didn’t want to look needy.


RAJ: Yes. Oh, self-sufficiency. And, of course, that’s right at the top of the list of what you get when you start moving along your spiritual path. And so, if you have a need, don’t let anyone know that you’re "way back there" on the path.

QUESTION: That’s right.

RAJ: But, if you don’t express your need, how can you give someone else the opportunity to love you?

Now, I’m not talking about manufacturing needs to get attention. I’m talking about a real need—let’s say an absence of an answer that you want. That’s a need. Of course, that means you’ve got to dare to be real, and honest—honest in the sense of not expressing manufactured needs as a means of manipulating others. You understand?


RAJ: What I want to convey to everyone is that there is great value in genuinely expressing real needs that you have. Do you know what the first thing that happens is, when you do that? It makes it easier for other people to be genuine and honest about their needs, too. It allows other people to dare to be open, because you’re not going to uncover how far back they are. You see?

There were times when Paul decided to only talk to me when he didn’t have problems, so as not to impose upon me. Not much growth or learning happened during those periods because when he didn’t have a problem, he didn’t talk to me.

Now, there’s something else I want to share. When the fall or the separation from God seemed to occur, and each one practiced a false sense of authority—of an ability to author things—it seemed as though each one who did it was able to see himself or herself as self-contained, self-complete, even though it was a miserable experience.

As each one became accustomed to that experience, he or she lost the experience of his or her universality, and indeed a sense of self associated with the body, and only with the body, became that one’s identity. That one could say, "I can think for myself. I can decide what this means. I am a decider. I am a giver of definitions. I am this, I am that, I am the other thing." And the experience felt as though all of these conscious experiences were originating from the one identified now as this body and this mind that wasn’t universal. 

But I pointed out to most all of you over the last two years that no one ever succeeded in becoming autonomous, independent, and that what has happened is that one is "giving voice" to, giving expression to one of two voices—and that voice is never the identity that you see yourself as, or that Paul sees himself as, as a separated individuality.

One never loses his divine presence. And so, each one is the Christ. Each one, in spite of how you see yourselves, still is the Son or Daughter of God, still is the Christ. And this divine one that You are is either giving expression to the Voice for Truth, which is the Father’s Voice, or the voice for fear, which I have referred to as the ego—which is just a rehashing of all of the old tapes, all of the mindsets of this sense of identity that each one has created and acquired and built. 

So, no one has succeeded in standing in a place where he or she is only expressing himself or herself. You, as "a separated, aging lady," do not have the capacity to originate anything—to be the source of a single thought or a single act. You are either clearly giving expression to the Christ that you are, or you are clearly giving expression to confused perceptions. You see what I’m saying?

Now, I said that the need was to love your fellow man because loving your fellow man is what will save you! And your fellow man, being the object of your affection, will be your savior. So who’s going to love this fellow man? The "aging lady" sitting there? There ain’t no such critter as an "aging lady" sitting there. There’s only the Christ, being clear or being confused. Let’s put it that way.

So what’s happening when you dare to care about your fellow man? Well, if you, as a separated entity have no capacity to love—because this separated entity doesn’t exist, except in an imaginary way—then if love is going to occur, how is it going to occur? It’s simple. Because there’s only one thing sitting there with a quizzical look on her face, and that is the presence of God, the Christ.

When you, as a human find yourself caring, it’s not because you as a separated human entity have a capacity to care, but because the Christ that you are is emerging, because the Christ that you are is the only thing that has the capacity to care. But, does the Christ that you are have a separate place from which to express love, or is the Christ that you are the unobstructed presence of God, Himself/Herself? 

You see, what I want to point out here is—which is the cap on this whole answer—that when you, in your sense of being a separated human, physical organism that is born, grows, ages and dies, experiences caring, it’s really the Christ of you remembering her function to a limited degree!

Now, if you don’t have a personal capacity to love, then if love is going to appear where you are, it is going to be because you have begun to care, which has been a prayer to God—which God answers. And it comes through you. And you must have a brother, a sister, an object of your affection, in order to call into play the Christ of you. That’s why your brother, your sister, is your savior.

But, remember that the capacity to love isn’t something that originates with the separated human entity that you think you are! That’s why, when caring finally becomes an active part of your experience of being, even in your separated sense of yourself, it constitutes a prayer, and not a personal gift of your own—a prayer which allows God to answer, and fills you up with the experience of the fulfillment of your purpose for Being while blessing the one you dared to care about.

Can all of you see that the privacy you seek is the way you deny your brother of the blessing of your prayer? "Well, I can’t get involved with everyone." Well, then, keep on dying! Stay separate! You see? Stay separate. Stay private. Don’t care, because caring is involvement. Keep blocking your function, and keep dying! Do you see what I’m saying? 

But that’s not my point. My point is for you to realize what’s happening when you care, what’s happening when you love—that prayer isn’t just a string of words you say.

Prayer is caring. Caring is prayer. It’s involving. It involves you in your heart, you might say. You become involved. And when you become involved because you really care, a blessing occurs—the prayer is answered! And, you are the answer. And when you’re the answer, and you experience the involving aspect of that as well, you won’t ask, "Do I have to do this with everyone?" And you won’t think that it’s too much to do it with everyone. The joy of it will be so significant that you will wonder what you were thinking of when you had justification for withholding it.

"Gee, I thought Jesus was my savior. I thought the Christ was my savior. And the slob over there sure doesn’t look like the Christ to me, doesn’t act like the Christ." And what does that mean? What that means is, the Christ in you isn’t alive at the moment, registering in your awareness, because caring hasn’t occurred yet. That’s what it means. And yet that one is the Christ, suffering from his ignorance of his Christ-hood. And because the suffering is illegitimate for him, he invites, by his misery, by his unwithheld expression of his need, your compassion! You see? It invites the response of caring rather than judgment. And so, this miserable one is your salvation, because it’s an opportunity for you to care—to feel love, compassion, caring for him. In your caring, you come back into your Function, your fulfillment of Purpose for Being, and that constitutes a prayer which God answers, and you feel, as it’s extended.

I’ve said before that all of the Awakened Brotherhood experience a lack, because while all of you are "enjoying" the game of independence, the fantasy of independence, you are not available to us, and we’re not available to you. And so the Brotherhood doesn’t, as a Whole, experience its Wholeness consciously.

Is the answer, as far as we’re concerned, to sit around and grouse about all of you—how inconsiderate you are? No! It’s an opportunity for us to Love. It’s an opportunity for us to care. And, it feels good, because we’re on the beam.

I don’t mean, "Give us a gold star because we’re on the beam." When you’re on the beam, you feel good. When you’re on the beam, you’re experiencing harmony. When you’re on the beam, there’s never an interruption of the flow of the Father’s Love, because you’re not taking your finger off the trigger on the nozzle on the hose! And so the flow is never intermittent. It’s never interrupted. But it’s sort of like dominos.

I love you. I love you all. I love everyone. But it’s not enough for me to love you. You’ve got to pass it on! Because until you are loving your brother, you won’t wake up. You won’t come into the fullness of the experience of what you divinely Are. 

This all ties together, because if you want to see your body visibly identifying the glory of God, rather than age, then love your brother, because that constitutes a joining, a union which undoes the effects of being separate, independent, autonomous—which is what aging and death are the result of! As well as birth! The way you get out of that cycle is by fulfilling your Function, which is to be the place where Love flows into expression, because that’s what God is.

Mirrors are used a lot in New Age thinking. And so you go to work, and someone’s grumpy and you say, "Oh, they must be mirroring me back to me. I didn’t think I was grumpy, but I must be. Somewhere in me, I must be grumpy." Well, you know what? The one who’s being grumpy and is not covering up his need is being the Christ to the best of his ability, which is giving you the opportunity to be the Christ to the best of your ability. And so what is it that’s being reflected back to you? The Christ.

You see, if you’re going to be confused in your metaphysical or New Age thinking, you will take yourself as the human entity that you think you are, and you will take the human entity that you think everyone else is, and these will be what will be mirrored back and forth—and you end with the same ignorance that you began with. But your brother, there, who’s suffering, or your sister who’s suffering, is the Christ, reflecting back to you your Christ-hood. It’s a call for Love! And the Love can only come from the Christ that you are. And so, the Christ that you are has to be let out of the box.

It’s time to come out of the closet, and let yourself feel the Love, feel the caring, feel the compassion. Not for the poor human entity, but for the Christ who has the right to experience his divinity. And then, without thinking that you’re being the source of the Love, recognize that the caring, the Love that you are feeling, is a prayer. And let God answer it in an involving way in your heart. Let it flow! Then you will begin to undo birth, growth, aging and death. It’s high time to be through with it!

What if you can’t pray for yourself? What if you cannot be the authorizer, the author of a prayer for yourself? What if the only one who can "author" a prayer for you is your brother? You can’t be your own savior. You see? Do you see how much you need each other?

If you cannot succeed at being an independent entity, then it means that your involvement with the whole Brotherhood—with every aspect of the infinite expression of God—is the only choice for "an experience of Being" that you have available to you, and that privacy is therefore nonsense! It means that the answer to the problem of existence lies in the withdrawal of defenses and the employment of Love, so that the unity of the infinite expression of God can be experienced in Its exquisite harmony. It’s called Heaven. But as I said before, it’s got to start here. It’s got to start with the apparently separated human entity that you think you are, actually being the place where the experience of caring is felt. And it’s got to be with each other. You have nothing better to do, all day long!

Do you see that what I’m saying doesn’t mean that you, personally, have to have, or come up with, the answer for your brother’s need? What you have to do is care enough to let the Love flow. The Father will answer the prayer!

Just watch the lines [the signs of aging] disappear. Susan says that whenever there is a Gathering and Paul is not claiming a separate mind of his own, the lines leave his face. And then afterward, he turns back into a pumpkin. That will tell you that the consistent experience of Peace and Joy that comes from constant prayer—which is what Paul is engaged in this afternoon—is fulfillment itself. And the ongoing experience of this, if Paul would indeed acquiesce to my suggestion that he do this constantly, would result in the lines disappearing, and staying gone, and for color to come back to his hair, and hair to come back to his head, and a flat stomach, which he would dearly love. But he still enjoys a little time to think for himself.

Now you and he are not confused about what the answer is. And I’m going to say, all of you are a little younger than when you arrived this afternoon, because the Truth of what I’ve said and the Love with which I’ve said it has touched the Christ in each of you, and It’s a little more conscious. But, tomorrow, or on the way home in your car when you look at yourself in the rear view mirror, begin to use a little self-discipline. And when you see your fellow man, remember that here is your opportunity to stop getting older, as well as waking up.

QUESTION: Thank you.



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