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Anybody have the origin of this Raj statement?
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Posted 2019-11-09 2:30 PM (#232716 - in reply to #232715)
Subject: RE: Here is one reference from Princeville 1991


Raj Excerpt from Princeville HI 1991

QUESTION:  You have said that relationships are the crucible to Awakening.  My question or curiosity is about our relationship to our bodies, and understanding them more as light, the light that they are, rather than what we’ve always known up to now as density.  And then, furthermore, how that figures in to or touches upon human sexuality.

RAJ:  First of all you cannot have a relationship with that which is inseparable from you.  Therefore, you cannot have  a relationship with your body.  The reason the concept of a relationship with one’s body occurs is because it appears when someone passes on that the essence of them leaves the body and so it appears that they are two separate things.

Now, when you look at the sun or a bright light and then you take your eyes away, the image remains in your range of vision until it fades.  Literally, when someone passes on, what you end up disposing of is the afterimage left in your eyes, because no one has every left that which identifies them.  No one has ever left the visibility and tangibility of their Individuality behind or anywhere.  Not anyone who has passed on has experienced a loss of body.  

And just as the afterimage of the sun fades because the sun is no longer there to support the image, the body that you bury fades—you say it decomposes.  But it fades because there is no longer present in your range of vision that which supports the image.  The reason being, that that one has simply moved beyond the limit that you are conditioned to allow yourself to experience.  It is that simple.

I will tell you something:  This room is not just filled with those of you whom you can see.  It is a glorious assemblage, if I may put it that way, of all of you and your guides and those who stand in support of your Awakening with your guides, and the illumination of them, and truly the illumination of you at this instant.  Because even though you are experiencing yourself in a limited fashion, you are present in your full glory.  The illumination of us all is magnificent.  

And all are present for you to see if, as I have been saying, you simply stop squinting your eyes.  And as I said, the means of doing that is becoming simply curious—delightfully curious—as a child is curious.  Don’t work at it.  Let there be a willingness to experience it if it happens.  That’s a good start.  

Your body is the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality.  Your Individuality is the direct expression of the Father/Mother/God.  It is the intent of your body to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly.  

Now I have said this before, but it bears repeating:  There is no such thing as unexpressed God; therefore, there cannot be invisible God.  Therefore, there cannot be invisible you.  Your body is the visibility of you.  And because you are the Individuality that is the direct expression of God, from whom God has withheld nothing of what He/She Is, your body’s intent to identify you perfectly is the intent to identify God perfectly.  

Therefore, you cannot have a relationship with your body, because you are not something separate from it.  You did not come into it at the moment of conception, you brought it with you through a doorway, you might say, called conception.  As you begin to understand that your body is You identified—and I am saying You, with a capital “Y”—the divine You that I have been describing—you will realize that your body is incapable of acting at odds with you.  

That which is single, that which is indivisible, cannot be polarized.  That which is divisible is polarized, and that which is divisible can only exist in relationship.  If your body is incapable of acting at odds with you, because it is You, with a capital “Y”, then that realization eradicates the fear you have that your body can act at odds with you.  And in the absence of that fear, you no longer feel called upon to protect yourself against your body.  

Do you see how inconsistent it is to distrust, be angry with, or protect yourself against something that is you?  Can you see how unintelligent that is?  How incongruent that is?  And it sets up a state of mind that is in conflict, but it is an insane, unreasonable belief.  In the absence of the conflict of a defended stance, you experience peace.  And in that peace you find your body embodying You, with a capital “Y”—the presence of God that You/It is.  And you say you have experienced a healing.

Beware if you think that the healing was the result of your thought, or your metaphysical work, or your clear correct thinking.  It is the result of the fact that it never was divided and that it always has been incapable of acting at odds with you.  And when the dissonance of your fear and self-protection were set aside, you were then able to experience it as it is.

Now, I am not going to speak at any length about human sexuality.  I would rather direct your attention to what I will hesitantly refer to as divine sexuality:  The experience you have when you are not seeing yourself as a mind inhabiting a body that is different from it, being an ego on the face of your planet in relationship with other egos on the face of your planet.  Rather I’m going to speak in terms of the capital “Y” You that you are, the body that is the visibility of the You with a capital “Y” that you are, and the undistorted, unconflicted experience of communion, rather than communication or relationship.  

Being—existing—is going to be always an experience, which means it is always going to feel like something.  It is never going to occur and not be noticed by you.  

Human sexuality is an attempt to experience union.  It is an attempt, through space, to break down the sense of separation that is inherent in the ego’s frame of reference—what I have referred to as the three-dimensional frame of reference.  As you allow human sexuality to be exalted in the awareness that you are divine, and that your body is the visibility of this divine Individuality that you are—just as you let your body be exalted by the realization that it cannot act at odds with you and the exaltation you call healing—you will find that the experience of togetherness, humanly speaking, will be subsumed or consumed—totally embraced—in the experience of communion, Oneness.  

Defenselessness will be what is characteristic of the experience.  Performance will be absent from the experience.  Self-consciousness will be absent from the experience.  And the attempt to convey something, with the potential for failing at conveying it, will be absent.  And in the gentleness and the peace of this experience, joy that goes beyond any orgasmic experience you have ever had, will be what you will experience.  

The joy, the nature of which is peace: those two words do go together in the divine experience.  It will not be excitement, it will be calm all-consuming joy.  It will be joy without any edge of fear. 

Now, as I said yesterday, each of you, all of us are at one in the same time universal and specific.  And I indicated that the specific visibility and tangibility of all of us is what you call the body.  And the universe—the wholeness of the Creation of God—is the infinity of us.  And we experience in our Awakened state the wholeness fully, but we also experience it specifically.

Those who are Awake do not engage in copulation.  It is really a limited way of experiencing unity.  I will tell you that when bodies of light pass through each other there is an exquisite and profound experience.  It is experience of unity specifically, that all of us are always experiencing universally—infinitely.  I cannot convey the experience to you more completely than that.  

What all of you look for in human sexuality is the experience of union.  It is your best attempt at escaping being alone, of escaping the seemingly inescapable sense of being isolated.  The motivation is indeed a challenge to the belief that you are isolated and alone.  But since you are attempting to do it through space, through communication, you continue to substantiate the sense of isolation.  

The only way to get past or beyond the sense of isolation is through communion.  And communion only happens from the very center of you—that place that all of you reach when you meditate.  Because it is in that center of your conscious experience of being consciousness that the actual wholeness, the actual indivisible and undivided wholeness of Creation is present to be experienced. 

Now I’m not suggesting that you all become celibate and go into a cave and meditate so as to enjoy each other more fully.  But I am suggesting that when you are intimate with each other, you stop trying to be a performer of an act that is supposed to be meaningful, wherein it is your responsibility to communicate or convey something to another to let them know that they are loved to prove to them that they are loved, and to prove to yourself that you are capable of being a good lover.  

I encourage you to allow yourself to be at peace and to give up the idea of trying to be something effective and meaningful.  I encourage you to approach your partner without judgment, but rather with love—the willingness to recognize that which is Real, with a capital “R”, in your partner, that which is the Christ.  And don’t tell me that it will make it impossible for you to make love to somebody who is the Christ, as though making love were inconsistent with divinity.  

The recognition that your partner is the Christ is the acknowledgment that your partner is someone you need not be defended against.  It is a way for you to give permission to yourselves, to let yourself be undefended, receptive to your partner.  It is a way of letting your partner in.  Forget about this religious perception of Christhood as being ultimately pure and therefore unlike you—a status that is unreachable.  Christhood is utter simplicity.  Christhood is utter humility, utter self-acceptance—being at peace with yourself at this moment and at any given moment without judgment being held in reserve in case you goof; and without holding judgment in reserve relative to your partner in case they goof.

We could go on for quite a while on this subject, but I have conveyed the fundamental idea.

QUESTION:  I Thank you.

RAJ:  Have good sex.  You are welcome.  

Is it not amazing to you that as you open up to revelation, as you open up to that which is beyond your ego concepts, you do it with expectations.  Is it not amazing that you find yourself having very definite ideas about what ought to happen.  Already there are some of you here who are forgetting what we spoke about the first morning and the second day, that we are not here to get a bunch of new metaphysical toys; that I’m not here to give you a fix, a thrill, a spiritual ride, but rather we are here to be together.  

The meaning is to be together with: it is an experience of inclusiveness, it is an experience of family.  We could all be together in silence.  But it fulfills purpose for us to share in this fashion.  Again, what is shared is not the point, it is the gathering, if you will, it is the being together with.  

Many of you notice that I am repeating things that I have said before in other gatherings, and there is an impatience to get on to something new.  But you see, I am not here to get on to anything.  I am here to be together with you.  We are here to be together with ourselves.  We are here to be together in a new way, a new way that contributes to spontaneous relaxation into the clearer perception of who you are, who we are.  

I’m not speaking to the world today.  I am together with all of you.  And I am saying what is appropriate for us together.  And I am not saying anything that I seemed to have said before in the way I said it before, because we have never been together before here today.  Have we?  

Again, recognize the fact that there is a tendency to open up to the larger spiritual view, as you might put it, and it is done with an agenda being provided for that larger spiritual view to conform to.  Do you see that your very specific expectation as to what the spiritual experience is going to be constitutes a bias, that you insert between you and the experience of revelation—and it constitutes a block.  It doesn’t constitute willingness.  It doesn’t constitute a yielding.  It doesn’t constitute unconditionality.  

How on earth can you open to the unknown when you are looking for the known to be reflected in it?  What you want and need to find reflected in it is what is Real.

We are not here to glean metaphysical morsels to roll around on our tongue, to add a little spice to life.  We’re here for a new experience of being ourselves and a new experience of our world as it Really Is.  

I want to point out something else as well.  When you have an agenda of your own relative to revelation, you are not able to be present with the revelation on its terms.  And likewise, when you are relating to someone else and you have an agenda of your own relative to them, you are not truly able to be present with them.  And so the value and the meaning of the experience is lost.  

How do you be a teacher to someone else?  By having no agenda, whatsoever—being unconditionally present from your center, being with, being inclusive, letting in that other.  And in that state of defenselessness, finding yourself being able to be perfectly appropriate being the flow of the Movement of Creation that God is being right then and there, and watching the clarity of that expression emerge, rather than an ongoing experience of communication, separation, relationship and the stress of it.  

I’m being with you.  And we are all being appropriate together.  And getting a fix, a hype, a stimulation, intellectually, is not the point.  You need to realize that the ego would indeed have you search for something more and more stimulating.  Of course, it means stimulating intellectually, with grand new wonderful ideas that keep you from feeling bored.

But the originality of you arises not out of stimulation, not out of excitement, not out of fantastic tidbits of intellectual, spiritual stimulation, but rather from the humble peace of your Being that allows you to be so present with that you are spontaneously in the flow of the Movement that God is Being, the Movement that your Individuality is being and the Individuality you are with is being.  

You be a teacher by simply being, not being some thing in particular.  You be a teacher by simply being you, and from that point being with every other one and everything.  

So be careful of your own agendas.  Let there be a curiosity to know what the Father’s agenda is, because that is what is confronting you at all times.  And I will tell you that the Father’s agenda is always more meaningful and fulfilling than your best thought out spiritual agenda.  

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