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Random quote: "have more fun bringing the principles of waking up inside your life and mind by desiring to know the Truth........... because Truth uncovers the joy unity and harmony of Being." ~ Raj
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Raj on: Pain
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Pamela Parnell
Posted 2019-10-30 9:22 AM (#232617)
Subject: Raj on: Pain


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Excerpt from: Raj @ Winnipeg Canada 1987


Audio: http://raj1987.homestead.com/1987_Winnipeg_Canada_Tape_1_Side_2.mp3


[Starts @ Tape 1 Side 2—17:16 minutes]

QUESTION: On one of your previous conversations, Raj, through Paul, you had said that, during the crucifixion, you experience no pain, that you were in bliss. I’m having problems with physical pain, how to deal with physical pain. It’s one thing to say I’m a body and not believe that I’m a body, but it’s another thing to experience that. And I’m having a problem in learning how to deal with physical pain.


PAUL: What is the form of the physical pain?


QUESTION: The form is in my teeth. When I go to the dentist, the freezing does not take, and I have a great deal of physical pain. I’m working with it in a nonresistant way; however, I am not totally successful, and many times not able to be successful at all.


RAJ: You may not be a body, but you are identified. Your Individuality is identifiable, and that which identifies it is what you call body.


Now, your body has a reason for being. And that reason is to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly. There is a necessity here for you to begin to see that, although it appears to be a body of matter—self-existent substance that has nothing to do with God—that, in actuality, it is your ally, that it does not exist as a static lump of stuff which somehow gets moved by the spirit.


The reason there is a visibility and tangibility is, as I said, to identify the presence of your Individuality. And the presence of your Individuality is the Presence of the Father in action. Therefore, your body’s intent is to perfectly identify the Presence of the Father. All form, in what you call the world and universe, is the visibility and tangibility of the Movement of the Father. It is, therefore, to be appreciated and valued as such.


Now, if this is the case, then your teeth and your gums and your jawbone and your cheeks and your glands and everything associated with this part of your face is there to cooperate with you on your behalf even when you are taking apparently human material steps to evidence your health. They are not there to resist your attempts to be comfortable when surgery or dental work is being done.


If you will remember, I earlier said that, if the context in which everything is going on is a context of Love, then, even in your ignorance of the divinity of everything, that context of Love is able to manifest itself in language of your present perception as that which is Loving. And to be comfortable while work is being done on your teeth is most certainly Loving. To not be in pain is kindness.


Now, I would like to ask you where the intelligence comes from that the dentist is going to be using who’s working on your teeth. If it isn’t coming from God, it isn’t coming from anywhere; it’s not intelligence. He is expressing his best intelligence to perform the office that he performs. Therefore, he is not a second-best alternative to God or divine healing; He is the very presence of the Father, he is the very presence of divine Love meeting your need right where you are, in language of your present perception.


Everything about working with the dentist can be valued and can be related back to the Father, can be related back to Reality even though what is going on there is not an absolutely perfect representation of fourth-dimensional Conscious Being. Nevertheless, the Reality of Being is available, translated into your present awareness. And this is what you need to be even delightfully curious about and eager to experience right there in the dentist’s office. The experience can be one of comfort. It is your right to be comfortable there.


Now, I want to address one other point. You do not have to endure discomfort because you are perhaps choosing a lesser mode of healing. And that is a belief you need to address. Whatever meets the need is the evidence of divine Love.


Stop excluding the Presence of the Father from a doctor’s office. Stop assuming that the instruments that are being used are somehow going on outside of the blessing of the Father. Stop seeing any part of what is going on as unGod-like.


Meditate before you go. Meditate while you are sitting in the chair. Choose for your peace, and I really do mean your physical comfort, your physical relaxation. Tension and fear are what manifest as pain. And the tension and the fear are present because there is a feeling that what you are doing and what is being done to you is somehow going on outside of the realm of the Presence of God.


There is someone in the group who believes that pain helps them learn. And so, pain has a status of a small god. It is valued because it has promoted their growth significantly in the past. Validate pain and you’ll have it. It doesn’t make it real, it doesn’t make it valid. Growth is not inherently painful; it is the resistance to the growth that creates the pain.


Conflict is inconceivable to the Father. It is nonexistent in the Presence of the Father; therefore, the Father will never use conflict as a means of promoting your growth. Don’t validate it. The Holy Spirit, as you know, can utilize any ignorance, any human misperception, any ego belief on your behalf.  Turn it to your advantage. But that is not because it has been divinely setup to work that way.


So, don’t validate or value your pain. It is an indication that something is out of kilter. It is an indication that you are coming from the ego frame of reference. It is an indicator that you are not coming from your Being. Okay, that’s the end of the answer.

[Excerpt ends @ Tape 1 Side 2—29:39 minutes]

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