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Raj on: Abundance
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Pamela Parnell
Posted 2019-10-17 6:57 AM (#232532)
Subject: Raj on: Abundance


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Excerpt from: Raj @ Pacific Palisades 1987


About: Abundance.


Audio: http://raj1987.homestead.com/1987_Pacific_Palisades_Tape_8_Side_2.mp3


[Excerpt starts @ Tape 8 Side 2—10:24 minutes]

QUESTION: Hello, Raj.


RAJ: Good afternoon.


QUESTION: My question involves little green pieces of paper and round metal disks. [Laughter] When I was growing up, I had two strong models, I guess, of attitudes toward money. One was that you hoard it. And the other one was that you throw it in the air and see how far it blows away. And so, I didn’t care for either of those two, so my solution was not to draw it to me so I wouldn’t have to make either of those two decisions. The result of that is kind of a scarcity principle and that can be uncomfortable also. What is a good way to view economics personally or worldwide for me at this time?


RAJ: Money needs to be looked at as an integral part of fulfillment—not as a means of getting fulfillment, but as an integral part of the Movement of Fulfillment. In other words, as I have indicated before, every idea includes within itself everything necessary to its fulfillment. Sometimes that which is included is money; sometimes it is the availability of parts or materials, et cetera. But what will free you up from bondage to money is the awareness that it is an integral part of the process of fulfillment. In other words, if every idea includes within itself everything necessary to its fulfillment, then you can dare to allow money to come into the picture as part of what identifies fulfillment and not as something which you must accumulate first so that you can dare to go ahead and have an idea that is worthwhile.


The moment you dare to entertain intelligent ideas, the moment you dare to entertain ideas that unfold as a result of inner listening— and you do not get in the way of that idea, but you stand ready to facilitate it in any way that is appropriate—then you will find that, as that idea unfolds itself as its purpose unfolds, you will have whatever is necessary to its fulfillment, including money.


Now, what I’m trying to convey here is that money never exists all by itself. It is always coupled with fulfillment of purpose. Everyone is attempting to accumulate money instead of paying attention to the appropriate ideas that Being is unfolding for the identification of fulfillment, both individually and universally.


Those who have the courage to forget about the money and engage the ideas will find the money. And you will find that the uneasiness about money will leave and the value judgment on it will be released. And people will begin to get down to the business of listening for the ideas that are essential to the experience of well-being. And they will no longer say, “I can’t afford to pay attention to that idea because I have no way of doing anything.” You will not say, “There’s no point of even thinking about it because, if I had an idea, I couldn’t do anything with it.” And so, the squelching of listening will not occur, and the fear of not having what is needed will not occur because you will find the process of fulfillment occurring as I have indicated.


People will see the need. Listen for the idea that renders the need invalid by proving that it isn’t there.


QUESTION: Can you say that a different way . . . that last statement?


RAJ: People will find that the need will disappear because fulfillment of that need has replaced it and the suggestion of lack will not be confronting anyone. It will begin to be fun to listen and to be able to dare to value ideas that are important because you will be aware that there is no need for you to figure out how to create the money to bring the idea about, and you will not set the idea on the shelf until you can get the money. You will embrace the idea and forget about the money, allowing the idea to continue to unfold itself further including all of the means for its fulfillment. And you will simply stand there ready to facilitate that fulfillment.


Money does not exist separate from the meaning . . . from the meaning that is in the process of becoming fulfilled. And so, you must dare to pay attention to the meaning rather than the money, or the materials, or the supplies, or the man power, or the designers, or the architects, or any of the things that seem to be essential to the fulfillment of the idea.


Do not be afraid of money, and do not be afraid of lack of it, and do not for a minute think that your well-being or your wealth is dependent upon the stock market or the world economy any more than you think that your health is dependent upon the state of the art of medicine. Your health is available to you because of what you divinely Are and because dis-ease does not find its origin in God but in the ignorance of God. And the clearer awareness of your Oneness with God dissolves, annihilates disease. It also annihilates lack, poverty, whether the economy of the world is solid or not.


Don’t make your abundance dependent upon the economy, don’t even make it dependent upon having a job, even though a job may be the way in which the money appears.


You are caught in the three-dimensional frame of reference—the frame of reference of cause and effect, action and reaction. You do this, you get that. You don’t do this, you get the other. You put in hours of labor, you get money; you don’t put in hours of labor, you don’t get money. But, you see, cause does not lie in the three-dimensional frame of reference. Your abundance does not have its source in the world. It has its source in what you divinely Are as the direct Expression of the Father, as I said, “From whom nothing has been withheld.”


If nothing has been withheld, then your abundance is present at any moment that you exist. And the necessity is to dare to open to it rather than saying, “I cannot possibly have abundance because I haven’t worked in a year,” or “I cannot possibly have abundance because the job I have only pays $2.35 an hour.” These are simply ways of justifying that there’s no point in looking for an abundance that is going to be manifest from some other source because you see no other source and you allow for no other source. You are not dependent upon the economy any more than that your health is dependent upon the availability of certain medicines.


Now, this does not cover the subject fully, and there is not time to go into it today. But it addresses the specific thing that releases you from bondage to poverty or lack. It nails the kernel of the problem for you and for anyone else who is interested. Okay, that’s the end of the answer.


QUESTION: Thank you.


RAJ: You are welcome.

[Excerpt ends @ Tape 8 Side 2—24:10 minutes]


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