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Raj on: Listening to Mary and what "Awe" means.
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Pamela Parnell
Posted 2019-10-14 9:22 AM (#232501)
Subject: Raj on: Listening to Mary and what "Awe" means.


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Excerpt #1 From: Raj @ Winnipeg Canada 1987


Audio: http://raj1987.homestead.com/1987_Winnipeg_Canada_Tape_1_Side_1.mp3


[Starts @ Tape 1 Side 1—14:07 minutes]



RAJ: Good morning.


QUESTION: May I call you Jesus?


RAJ: You may call me whatever you like. [Audience laughter]


QUESTION: Because I would like to say thanks for the help that you and Mary have given me. And I know you as Jesus and especially at Jennifer’s birth. And Mary has been very important to me especially this last year and a half. And I would ask how I can better listen to her. And one time I had a feeling that she wanted to speak through me. Was I correct in that?


RAJ: You were correct, you just could not believe yourself.


Now, if you want to hear, you must listen. If you want to listen, you must be willing to hear. The only reason you don’t hear is because you are afraid of what you are going to hear, which means you are afraid of what you imagine you are going to hear. And so, you block yourself with your imagination and with nothing more substantial than that.


Now, it will be helpful for you to understand that divine Guidance or answers are always resolving by nature, simplifying by nature, and, therefore, the answer will be something which will be easy for you to take. It will be something that will be easy for you to understand.


You get so caught up in the human drama and the hate and the distress and the anxiety, that there is a spontaneous assumption that divine Guidance is also going to be distressing and anxiety producing and that it will add a greater burden on you. And so, because you look at the process of listening for Guidance from within your present limited frame of reference, you project limitation on an experience which is ultimately clarifying and simplifying.


And this is not just you who does this; everyone does it. And the only reason answers aren’t heard is because there is resistance. And the resistance is based on fear and seems justifiable. But you can begin to cut through the resistance in the recognition that answers resolve, that divine Guidance comes out of a context of Love, and that, therefore, no matter where you are in your development, the answer will come in language that you can grasp and comprehend and find simplifying and meaningful.


This is an important point to understand: The expression of divine Love in each of your experiences will always happen in language that you can comprehend—whether you are what you would call greatly advanced or whether you are very inexperienced in your spiritual path. No matter where you are, the nature of divine Love is such that it connects with you in language that you can understand, that has meaning for you because anything less is not loving.


So, you are able to comprehend that God is Love and that it is reasonable to think that all those who are entirely Awakened are coming from a place of Love. What you must realize is that, when you ask for Guidance, the Guidance is obviously going to come in the context of Love, and, therefore, you do not need to be defended against the Guidance.


Let’s talk a moment about “awe.” Awe may seem to you to be a great honor to bestow on another. But let us look at the practical effect of it: It causes you to feel less than that which you are standing in awe of. To the degree that you invest more purpose or power or divinity to another, you demean yourself and you create a barrier between you and that one whom you have set up so high in your mind.   


And so, when there is a feeling that Mary, or myself, or Matthew, or Mark, or Luke, or anyone—even the Pope—anyone, let us say, presents themselves at the door of your Consciousness, if you have set up this artificial difference between you, you will find yourself blocking allowing them into your experience further.


Awe is a way of separating yourself. Awe is part of a defense mechanism. It is not an act of Love. Because Love is the lowering of your resistance to experience the divinity of whatever it is that confronts you. And, if you are actually going to be defenseless, you are going to be in a position of feeling your equality with that which confronts you.


How many of you want to feel equal to me, or equal to Mary, or equal to any other Individuality whom you have developed a great love for and an awe of? You certainly don’t want to bring us down to your level. [Laughter] But do you want to bring yourself up to ours? That’s when you cringe. “What will it mean?” “What will I have to do?” “Is there a lot of responsibility to it?”


The only reason you would ask those questions is because you think that being divine is something very far beyond your reach. And the dynamics of it are perhaps unreal in terms of what you call reality. But I want to tell you something: You all know a great deal more about that which is divine than you pay attention to and acknowledge within yourself.


To be divine is to not be wearing a mask. It is to not be presenting to another an ego façade. All of you at one time or another have experienced humility. You know what humility is? It’s simple genuineness. There are times when you are just able to be yourself, unself-conscious, unworried about what others have to say or what they thought. And, in that moment or moments, you were able to feel your integrity. That is an aspect of divinity. Being divine really means being Real, being You, not engaging in the presentation of a false front and then feeling the frustration of not being connected with your Self and not feeling the anxiety because, is somebody going to see through that front. Is somebody going to catch you at your falsity?


All of you know what Love feels like. Love is divine.


I am telling you that if you want to let yourself into your divinity and if you want to find your equality with those whom you have put up on a pedestal, then you must be willing to let yourself into everything that is of value about you right now as a human being because being a human being is not undivine: It is the interpretation about being a human being that the ego gives that isn’t divine and that fouls you up.


Being humble does not mean groveling in front of someone to whom you give your awe and your honoring. It is the ego which would suggest that you see yourself as small and inconsequential. Humility is the act of being genuinely you, and the experience of that is an experience of equality. It is an experience of fearlessness, not pride or arrogance, but fearlessness which causes you to be able to be present with another fully.


So, when you find yourself feeling as though someone whom you have loved and valued wishes to speak through you or to you, do not block it because you are unworthy. You realize that unworthiness is not humility. Unworthiness is an arrogant expression. Humility, humbleness is a matter of gentle being that responds gently and lovingly to what unfolds no matter what it is—with graciousness.


So, don’t indulge in the arrogance of unworthiness and resist communication. Be humble and genuine and have a good chat.


QUESTION: [Cannot hear what she says (It was probably “Thank you.&rdquo


RAJ: You are welcome.

[Ends @ Tape 1 Side 1—29:43 minutes]
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