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Random quote: "have more fun bringing the principles of waking up inside your life and mind by desiring to know the Truth........... because Truth uncovers the joy unity and harmony of Being." ~ Raj
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Posted 2018-12-30 12:03 PM (#230664 - in reply to #230648)
Subject: RE: Think this is interesting?


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I agree with Pamela - the wall won't stop drugs coming in - drugs come from many places, including China, and including "home grown" right in the US. The chemistry to make them is not that difficult. Just watch the TV series "Breaking Bad" to see how it can conceptually be done right here.

A little correction to one comment about how much Mr. Trump wants to start his wall: $5 billion, not $500 billion. And yes, he claimed he would get Mexico to pay for it... (fat chance!).

In any case, This whole discussion is upside down, particularly for those that claim to listen to Raj/Jesus and (try to) abide by what He has said.

Look at what Jesus did while more visible 2000 years ago: He GAVE AWAY health care (free health care). He GAVE AWAY food (free food). When asked "who is my brother", He gave the example of the Good Samaritan who paid out of his own pocketbook for what was needed to assist the person in trouble, even though that person was considered an "enemy". He said: "Love one another as I have loved you," which means "recognize the Divinity in your Brother and do the same things for him/her that I did." All who claim to listen/follow Jesus should be pursuing this.

Those in other countries are running away from persecution, hatred, poverty to what they consider a better place (U.S.) where they can start over. They are PEOPLE, our BROTHERS and SISTERS who DESERVE to be treated better. I don't care a whit about what "sun tan color" they happen to have. They DESERVE our love and should be assisted in whatever way is reasonable to live a better live. That can occur in many ways:
- Let more of them in to our county. I do not advocate fully open borders, because prudence requires some amount of vetting to minimize any criminal element entering the country. In any event, we must be compassionate to their needs.
- Assist other countries growing their economy and reducing crime so that the people can stay there. I would guess that for the most part, the people coming to U.S. are coming here because they want to get away from a problem, rather than coming here just because of the location. I would think they would be happy to stay there if they could somehow be supported in life there.
- Donate to their needs. Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory has not yet recovered from hurricane Maria.
- Act as a beacon of love throughout the world, NOT hatred and limitation.
- (And consider this: more deaths have been caused by U.S citizens killing others than immigrants killing others. Related info: https://www.splcenter.org)

The sole reason that a contingent of people don't want "more of them" to come here is because of deep rooted hatred and racism against someone different. There is a great fear that non-white people will be more numerous in the U.S. than white people and those in power want to make sure they permanently stay in power no matter what. (Demographics of just U.S. citizens and birth rates indicate that within not too many years, there will be more non-white people here than white.) Everything else wrapped around that is simply propaganda to convince us that "they" are different and undesirable. We are being manipulated by various kinds of media that "make stuff up" about the value of our brothers and sisters.

We have enough resources in our country and on our planet to support everyone. What limits us is our selfishness and willingness to be conned into acting against our brother. Even capitalism is a con because the wealthy at the "top of the tree" have a propaganda game to convince us that they are better and deserve all they can get. The wealthy make their money by skimming a good chunk of the cash flow from the labor of the workers under them and keeping it, with the claim that they deserve that much because they organized it, forgetting all the work of many individuals in making it happen. I think that many "churches" that claim to support Mr. Trump are also part of that same game - it's a matter of gaining power, nor compassion. "Follow the money..." ...and watch carefully how they describe "someone different."

Consider alternatively, the world hinted at by Star Trek - they did not "keep score" with money. The basics were provided by what I will generically call "magic machinery", or replicators in their case. We have our version of "magic machinery" coming at us very fast - is called automation and machine learning that within a generation will make a significant amount of labor unnecessary. Self-driving cars is an example that will eliminate the need for taxi drivers, and this WILL occur within the space of 5-10 years. (First production models are expected around 2021.) I know of the capabilities of machine learning because as a software engineer, I have studied it. The possibilities are kind of like science fiction, even to me.

Consider also the set of individuals described in "Teachings of the Masters of the Far East". They had everything provided for them by God, directly, because of their full connection. That is our future.

I hope this makes the point. We, as students of Raj, must reject the hatred and unwillingness to listen that a "border wall" represents. We need to have more open minds and willingness to listen to God, so that we reject the overtures of an ego (in the world and part of us) that refuses to listen and "wake up" to all that God is being. Just remember: God is "All there Is", including "All there Is" in every refugee on the planet. God truly works by inspiring us to remember our own nature, and not by demeaning anyone.

God Bless you all.

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