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Random quote: "I’ve decided that I’m going to approach this time with an expectation that the world is my ally, and I’m watching for it to identify it’s friendship, I’m watching for my good to unfold."-RAJ
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Raj excerpt -- . . .every single Aspect of Creation is some aspect of the infinitude of your Being.
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Posted 2018-12-03 2:44 PM (#230255)
Subject: Raj excerpt -- . . .every single Aspect of Creation is some aspect of the infinitude of your Being.


Excerpt from Raj Gathering 4/4/2004


Well, we’ve already spoken at some length last week about bargaining, didn’t we? There is a significant difference between bargaining between separated entities who engage in bargaining for purposes of safety and self-preservation, and Singularity. Bargaining is always something that takes place externally in a world out there amongst other separate, independent entities, Brothers and Sisters out there.

Mind you, there isn’t anything going on out there at all as separated entities, as separate things. That’s just the interpretation all of you have become accustomed to giving to a Singularity called Creation, a Singularity called the Kingdom of Heaven, in which every single one of you is inseparable from every other individuality and thing. The whole Brotherhood constitutes your Wholeness. Every single one of your Brothers and Sisters, every single Aspect of Creation is some aspect of the infinitude of your Being.

And it’s not going on out there in space. It’s going on, for lack of better words, in the within-ness of Consciousness, Mind. You tend to think that you have a private mind as well that has boundaries, and yet not one of you can demonstrate to me where these so-called boundaries are of your minds. And as you begin to withdraw your investment in the definition of the Kingdom of Heaven as a world and universe and Brothers and Sisters out there, as soon as you abandon that in favor of allowing for the possibility that it’s all a Conscious Experience of Mind occurring in Mind and reflecting Mind and embodying all that Mind with a capital “M” is, you will begin to see everything fresh.

And you will begin to see everything as a Wholeness. And you will begin to see that your Brother is part of you, and you are not independent and separate from him, and that he is essential to you and you are essential to him. And that because you are not independent, you all reflect the same Source. And therefore, it is natural for you to get along with each other harmoniously, and you might even say instinctively. I’m using the word “instinctive” there so that you might know that I’m speaking of something that doesn’t have to be learned. Good behavior expressed toward each other is natural to you. And you don’t need to go out and take classes to learn how to relate to each other harmoniously.

So how does your behavior end up changing from what it is right now? And right now your behavior is defensive. It’s bargaining. How do you get out of that? It’s simple. And it’s what we’ve been talking about since the beginning. There is a Place of Excellence in you. Whether you’ve believed it or not, there is a place of utter Excellence in you—Excellence with a capital “E”, Royal Excellence, Divine Excellence—that in itself embodies Love, and in itself inspires the Extension of Love. And if you will abandon your defensive posture for just a short period of time and become quiet, and within yourself desire to move toward that space in your Being where this Place of Excellence is so that you might gather from it the sense of caring, you will find all of the elements of caring beginning to fill your mind.

Because you know what? No matter how much you deny it, you know how to love one another. And you know what is excellent. And then you let it flow into expression. You let it be embodied in your actions here and now, right where you are. And it’s the doing of this that begins to illuminate the fact that what you’re calling the world and universe is the Kingdom of Heaven seen through a glass darkly, but still it’s what is being seen. And the illumination will relieve the darkness so that your sight is refreshed. Not only is your sight refreshed, but everything you see is refreshed by your fresh view. And because your fresh view will send out new kinds of messengers, they will come back reporting to you what you are looking with—new eyes.

And that’s the way bargaining ends. That’s the way defense ends. That’s the way bartering ends and gives place to natural expressions of affection. Affection embodied. Affection rendered visible. It’s the way your affections become enriched. And as a result of being enriched, enrich everything you look upon.

Because it’s all a Singularity, because you can’t actually do anything privately, everything you are doing is teaching. Everything you’re doing, whether it’s rotten or kind, is extended. And because it’s a Singularity, it’s not just extended to the one in front of you; it’s extended to the whole Brotherhood. Do you realize that the whole Brotherhood is listening today? Not because something special is happening here, but because something is going on in the Kingdom of Heaven and nothing escapes their notice.

Think about it when you’re inclined to snap at your sister or brother or husband or wife, to be irritated and short with them and embody frustration and anger, because it doesn’t just go to them. It doesn’t burden those who are awake, but while you’re engaged in it, those who are awake know that you are not conscious of them. And the Singularity, the Unity of the Brotherhood is not being experienced. And they extend to you Love. They extend to you their clear perception of What You Divinely Are, in spite of what you currently think you are. They are sending out messengers. And you know what? Their messengers are returning to them confirming your Divinity and that is making it easier for you to wake up. That is making it easier for you to be willing to abandon the defense of bargaining. That is making it easier for you to stop behaving as though you’re on the outside of the Allness of God struggling.

It makes it easier for you to say, “Wait a minute. Before I start trying to deal with all of these various challenges that I’m seeing because I’ve made the mistake of thinking I’m separate, I am going to go within to the Altar. I am going to go within to that Place of Singularity within me that is the Holy Spirit which is nothing more than my right Mind. And I am going to abide there and gather the facts of all of my experience from there so that I might behave from there.” That’s the nature and the movement of healing.

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First Edition  –  p. 104  /    Second Edition – p 112, Par. 4

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