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Random quote: "each of you has been entrusted with something very holy..... this something that you have been entrusted with.... is the Presence of God...... BEing God right where you are." ~ Raj
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RAJ~on how to Love, from Feb 6
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Posted 2003-02-11 7:10 AM (#2058)
Subject: RAJ~on how to Love, from Feb 6

Location: New York
i'm sitting here w/a long list of 'things to do' and i couldn't stop till i finished this. here is what has me -- i don't have a word for it.


QUESTION. “The fearful must mis-create because they misperceive Creation. When you mis-create, you are in pain. The cause and effect principle now becomes a real expediter, though only temporarily. Actually, Cause is a term properly belonging to God, and His Effect is His Son. This entails a set of Cause and Effect relationships totally different from those you introduce into mis-creation. The fundamental conflict in this world, then, is between creation and mis-creation.”

ANSWER. And we could say: Creation and modification of Creation.

QUESTION. “All fear is implicit in the second; and all Love in the first. The conflict is therefore one between Love and fear.”

ANSWER, Indeed. So, the process of awakening in one in which you learn to Love again. And you don’t know how to Love because you are in fear, and therefore, always on defense.

And so, in order to learn how to Love, you must turn away from what you have been relying upon to give meaning to everything – which are the mutually-agreed-upon definitions – and since that’s where … that is where your total focus has been, it seems as though you are going to have to turn to a point completely outside of anything you are familiar with, even though you are turning back toward home, and laying the groundwork for the “Ah ha!” – the light bulb that will go on in your mind, illuminating that your mind is Whole and never became less than Whole – even though your act of independence caused your attention to become focused only – we might say – in a very narrow band-with of the capacity in your mind. …
So, it’s all about Love. And Love can’t be explained to you. You can only be pointed in the direction where the experience awaits you, which is the direction I am consistently pointing all of you in, and which became even more clearly expressed in the last meeting – that it had to do with involvement – with each other. And that it involved getting off the fence and no long thinking you had a safe place where you could hide by not determining something as needing correction or not needing correction. And that it’s necessary to get off the fence and cast your vote. To not be hot or cold. To not be – To be hot or cold, but not in some neutral, safe spot. That’s not always comfortable. But you know what? Whatever level of comfort you all have arrived at through finding a group that all have the same mutually-agreed-upon definitions – so that you don’t have to be nervous, and you can feel safe – that has never illuminated to you what Love is. And because it has never illuminated to you what Love is, you haven’t been able to move to the point of casting your vote and Being the Presence of Love in the process of discovering what it was because you faced the uncomfortable situation that required you to get off the fence and vote. Do you see what I’m saying?

AUDIENCE. [slight murmur]

Your comfort zone – your personal ego comfort zone – is not the place where insight and inspiration will occur. That’s where the so-called safe zone is --where God does not find expression, and you continue to be stuck – ignorant of what Love is, ignorant of feeling the Love you’re Loved by – because the center and circumference of You is entirely the totality of God – and thereby not having the experience of Being Love – and experiencing the refreshment that comes from fulfilling your Function and discovering what that Function is – not as a definition, but as an Act. Yes? Microphone.

QUESTION. That … that concept troubled me last time I was here, and, uh, I cast my vote a lot, and it’s coming from judgment. But on the other half I’m saying when I look at a situation, I really don’t know what … what to do about it – or what the best outcome is.

ANSWER. Yes. When I … when I talked about casting your vote, I didn’t mean …

QUESTION. My opinion!

ANSWER. That’s right! [joyfully!]

QUESTION. Well, so … so … when I … what you have to do – you have to turn to the Altar and ask the question …

ANSWER. Exactly!

QUESTION. … and then you don’t sit on the answer …

ANSWER. That’s right!

QUESTION. You participate.

ANSWER. That’s right! You act. You embody it in …

QUESTION. You mean I can’t just sit around?

ANSWER. … behavior.

QUESTION. Oh. That’s a nice thought.

ANSWER. Indeed. You put your neck on the line. At least that’s the way the ego would look at it. But you know what? The ego calls it putting your neck on the line because you are being genuine from your Soul – with a capital S. And you, and what you feel become joined. What you feel doesn’t remain hidden while you share what you think. Your thought and your action becomes one, and that constitutes – within you – and experience of indivisibleness.

And I’ll tell you that that indivisibleness feels like power, and it feels normal. And you feel integrated, and therefore, you feel your integrity. The power you feel isn’t a power over anything. It is … it is what purity feels like. If you have a glass of water from which all impurities have been removed, there are no little spaces in the water – no little holes filled by the impurities – where the water is not able to touch itself. When the impurities are removed, every molecule of water is in total connection with every other part of the water. That is unity. It is integrity, and … well, in it – it is absolutely impossible to experience fear. That’s why it feels like strength. That’s why it feels like power. And that is part of the experience of what Love is. When what you know, what you find yourself knowing as a result of turning to the Altar, is acted upon – you could say that your knowing and your will have joined for the purpose of expressing Integrity, Indivisibility, Wholeness. Your will has become the servant of what the Father has revealed to you. It therefore has become the servant of the Father and not an ego from the separated vantage point. And yet, there is no experience of willfulness in it. It’s just an experience of being a Presence – and utterly True Presence – where everything that is true about you is being embodied in that Act. Do you see what I’m saying?

I can’t give you the feeling. I can give you a hint of the feeling, and I can try to inspire you to let yourself have that experience – and of course letting yourself have that experience means getting off the fence, getting involved, and not letting pain and suffering continue without objection – either in yourself or in a brother. Involvement in other words. Okay.
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