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Raj - Denial Of Your Own Divinity
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Posted 2003-02-09 1:20 PM (#1925)
Subject: Raj - Denial Of Your Own Divinity


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Denial Of Your Own Divinity

Q. My question is what makes a sin, a sin? I have no idea.

Raj. It is really very simple. Sin is whenever You engage in an act of Self denial. And the word Self must have a capitol "S". Whenever You engage in a denial of your essential Divine Selfhood, You are committing a sin, I say that, because it always has detrimental effects.

Now, the question is, how does One deny His or Her Divine Selfhood? And again, the answer is really simple. One denies His or Her Divine Selfhood by claiming to be something else. Or by believing with commitment that You are something else: like,

"Well I'm just a human being."

"Well I came from a sperm and an egg."

"My existence is pure happenstance."

"The purpose of my life is to make the best of a bad situation."

"There wasn't anything before my birth and there isn't anything after my death. I am just a temporary physical event."

First of all, all of these ideas are false. Secondly, when these false ideas are held to be the truth and You live your life with commitment to them, You are actively denying Who and What You really Are.

Now, I am not using the word "sin" in the awful way that religion has tended to use the word. But as we also spoke about, the last time We had a Gathering, when One is in a state of Self denial, One is actually denying His or Her connection with The Prime Mover, God. In the denial of your Divinity, which is a fact because You are the direct Expression of God, You forfeit the conscious Awareness that spontaneously accompanies a conviction that You have as to your Divinity and your inseparability from The Divine Source.

And in the absence of that conscious experience of what it Means to be Divine, not what it intellectually means, but what it experientially means, You cannot help but feel small, independent, alone, and vulnerable. And as a result of this, your living of your life is expressed from that place of awful limitation. And your life becomes a defense against all that makes You feel vulnerable.

Inseparable from this experience, this false experience of separateness from the Whole, life becomes a struggle to overcome, sickness, death and the fundamental sin, You might say, of not knowing of your Divine origin. And I enjoy playing with words, especially if it conveys Enlightening meaning. The accent has always been wrong when the "original sin" is referred to. It's not the o.rig'.i.nal sin as in the very first sin, it's the origin'.al sin. It's the mistaken belief about One's origin. And it is something that EveryOne practices now, not way back with Adam and Eve. You see?

When You don't know of your Divine Origin, and as a result of not knowing of it and being curious to have a greater experience of it, then You will find yourSelf suffering from the origin-al misunderstanding or sin.

In the state of ignorance that results from the origin-al sin, sin, sickness and death are what You are bound to cope with. But as You become aware, for whatever reason, that You have a Divine Origin and that there is a God, there is a Prime Mover Which is Divine Intelligence and whose every act is an act of Self Extension or Love, then You seem to become free of the effects of, or the practice of sin, sickness and death.

So sin is simply a mis-understanding about your origin and a commitment to that mis-understanding and the intent to live your life on the basis of that mis-understanding. As a result of this, in addition to what I have already said, it causes You to be unaware of the fact that right here and right now, you are in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. You are in the middle of the only thing that can be confronting You because God is the only Presence and Power.

And just as You don't have a curiosity to know the meaning and the experience of your Divine Origin, if You think You don't have one, You like-wise find yourSelf experiencing no curiosity about your world and universe as the Kingdom of Heaven when You think that it also is a fluke of nature, a temporary physical event. And so, all day long, as You are attending to life, as You perceive it to be, You are neglecting with commitment, because of what You think it is.

You are neglecting with commitment, to be curious to see the Presence of God and the Kingdom of Heaven right here. That amounts to a denial of it. When You are not looking to see what's really there, because You are committed to what You think is there, You are by virtue of your focused attention on what You think is there, blocking out and in that sense denying the Kingdom of Heaven.

And so, I have talked about the necessity of developing a curiosity to look at everything with innocent eyes. And You could say with "sinless" eyes, eyes that are not biased by a mis-understanding of your origin. Or the origin of All that Is. I fully understand that at times You look out at your world and You are absolutely convinced that God isn't here. And that the world as You perceive it, is an "absolute" that is governoring your experience and therefore the injustice that You are experiencing, from which You have no escape.

I understand that is the way it appears sometimes based on what You are committed to believe about your world. But when You are willing to let there be a little weakness in your commitment to what You think You are, when You are willing to even just play with the idea that maybe right here and right now You are an utterly Divine Presence, that You are at this moment, the forever fresh Expression of God, if You are just willing to play with that idea, even though it seems totally unreasonable, do You see that your commitment to your definition of what You are and what everything is, has been weakened because You are willing to consider another possibility?

When that weakness occurs in what You had been totally committed to before, the penetration of Reality has a chance of occurring and You will experience Transformation. Your world will began to reflect back to You a closer approximation of the Kingdom of Heaven than You have allowed yourSelf to see before, because You were so sure it was something else, something else that couldn't possibly have essential Love as Its underlying make-up...the Love expressed by the Father in His/Her Expression of His/Her indivisible Integrity.

I want to bring out one other point in regard to this as well. And that is, that when You are so firmly convinced that there is no God, and that crisis is going to grind You into nothing, at the very Moment when You are feeling this with such great conviction, that is the time when there is the greatest potential for breakthrough of what is Really going on.

To tell You the truth, it's when You're all having a really "good" experience with no threat, that You go through your days with a self confidence that the way You understand everything to be, is the way it is, and therefore there's absolutely no need whatsoever for You to consider any other possibility.

"Why make waves? "If everything is going smoothly, leave it alone!"

You see? That attempt to keep everything on an even keel when it is going fairly well, means that You are consciously insisting upon stability, solidity. But do You realize that if You actually were able to bring everything into an unchanging state of Perfection, let's say, that would be death? You would have taken Life and made it absolutely dependably unchanging, which is not the definition of Life.

"Behold, I make All things new." This is the dictum of the Prime Mover; of God. That means there is going to be forever unfoldment of that which You weren't expecting. Now that's not called stability! And yet, because it is the expression of an indivisible and therefore undivided Intelligence called God, there cannot be polarities, there can't be contest. There can't be war, there can't be conflict.

And therefore, this Movement of, "Behold, I make all things new", is utterly safe! And so You don't need to get it to stop moving in order to feel safe. Who of You would take this delightful 18 month old child that You see in front of You and say, "Stop! Hold it there, no more growth. You are so perfect I want to enjoy You just as You are and I do not want You to change so that I have to change. The Perfection of You is so delightful, I want to capture it."

You don't want to capture Life, either! But what You want to do is, You want to become free of this origin'-al sin, this origin'-al mistake, so that You are no longer feeling separate from this Impulse, this Intelligent Conscious Impulse of, "Behold, I make all things new". Because when You are not experiencing yourSelf as separate from it, then it is the Movement of your Being.

When You are not holding your conscious awareness of Self separate from God, then the Mind that God Is, becomes revealed to You as yours. And in that radical experience, the forever Movement of "Behold, I make all things new", is no longer something happening to You, but for You, it is You happening.

I do not want to belabor this point but it is important. I do not mean that You, separate from God, experience having the Mind of God, being able to do the things that God does.

When all of You wake up and the origin'-al mistake or mis-understanding about Who You Are, vanishes, You find that the Infinite creation of God that You have called mankind and which I will call the Brotherhood and Sisterhood, the Infinite Expression of God is still Infinitely Expressed but no part of the Infinite Expression of God is claiming that it is existing on its Own.

And so the whole Brotherhood, the whole Family of God experiences simultaneously Being Specific and Universal. And so You do not get swallowed up in God but You do come to the experience of the fact that God is all there is of You. And You have abandoned thinking that You can act on your own. And You realize that if You are acting, it is because God is Moving.

You each came from various points on this part of your globe quite independent of each other...You think! But God Moved and You are here. God Moved and I am here. Why? Because for EveryOne here, this time, this Moment, identifies Fulfillment of Purpose for Each One of You. Likewise, an hour before You all got here, wherever You were, You were still as a "group", You might say, acting in concert, all intending to come here or all in the process of coming here, because there was a Movement of God.

And [speaking to a specific individual who had found tears streaming down her cheeks as she was driving to the Gathering] that is why You cried, because You were paying attention beyond the limits of just a puny little human being saying, "I'm going to a Raj afternoon". So I do mean to convey to You that this Moment is not any more Divine, and is not any more geared toward the Experience of Fulfillment of God's Purpose than that of an hour ago or a week ago for each of You individually.

I want You to understand that whether or not You have your world reflecting back to You as clearly as You do at this moment, that You are the Presence of the Movement of God, in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, that is still the fact all the time.

Because of expectations and hopes many people find themselves experiencing [a click of fingers] light bulbs going on, regarding their Divinity, regarding their Essential worth, regarding their Integrity, when they come to one of these Gatherings and it can happen whether they go to a meditation retreat or any other single function that has as its motivation, self-help. Why?

Why does it happen there and not during the week when You are in the middle of your work? It isn't because the event held that in store for You, because every Moment holds that in store for You. It's just that You open the door of your curiosity and I'm saying, let your curiosity be present while You are opening the mail or typing the boss's letter or correcting an employee, or filling out your tax forms.

Because if God isn't doing it, it isn't happening. But something is happening and so God has to be in it. If You are having a conscious experience, God has to be in it whether You are mis-interpreting the experience or not, and whether You are mis-interpreting "Who You Are" doing it or not.

Now You know, it's not really going to be possible to understand your Holiness because your Divinity, your Sonship and Daughtership, your Christhood, your Innocence isn't constituted of ideas. There is not a spiritual way to say it's in your genes but it is in your essential Presence, which You experience as being Conscious.

What I am enticing You to do, what I am inviting You to do by saying "be curious about your Divinity", is not to be curious to have an explanation of your Divinity unfold to You so that You can understand it, I want You to be curious to have an influx of an experience of it.

Like an intangible in filling of Love that lets You feel undeniably that You are not alone and your fear that You're alone is what governs almost all of your actions. Because once You know You're not alone and that One accompanies You...the Presence with You is the Presence of Love that is so Pure that it discloses to You, your Innocence because only that which is Innocent could be so Purely Loved.

That is what I am talking about, for You to become curious about. That is what will replace the origin'-al mis-understanding which became identifiable as sin, when commitment to it occurred.

Raj. That's the end of the answer.

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