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Random quote: "The real meaning of the crucifixion lies in the APPARENT intensity of the assault of some of the Sons of God upon another. This, of course, is impossible, and must be fully understood AS an impossibility. In fact, unless it IS fully understood as only that, I cannot serve as a real model for learning." Jesus CIM

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Posted 2011-07-30 11:34 AM (#156873 - in reply to #156871)
Subject: Also totally congruent with this in Acim

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If paying – paying, the setting of a price – is equated with GETTING, you will set the price low but demand a high RETURN.

You want a lot for a little. The ego wants a lot for a little.

You will have forgotten, however, that your return is in PROPORTION to your judgment of worth.

If your brother, in your opinion, is not worth your attention, you will behave toward that brother as though he or she isn’t. And the return you will get will be what you’ve given.

If paying is associated with GIVING, it cannot BE perceived as loss, and the RECIPROCAL relationship of giving and receiving will be recognized.

As well, the experience of your relationship with your brother will be recognized, will be experienced. And the opportunity for transformation will continue to be present.

The price will then be set high because of the value of the return.

You will want to pay a lot because you’re going to get a lot. When you pay a lot, you give a lot. What you give, you keep. What you give, you have.

The price for GETTING is to lose sight of value, making it inevitable that you will NOT value what you receive. Valuing it little, you will not appreciate it and will not WANT it.
Never forget, then, that YOU have set the value on what you receive and have priced it by what you give.

How many people do you know who are accumulators? They get, get, get. They have lots and lots of things. But are they happy? And do they even use the things they’ve gotten? Do they actually enjoy having them? No, because having them wasn’t what was important to them. The getting of them was what was important.

To believe that it is possible to get much for little is to believe that you can bargain with God. God’s laws, on the other hand, are ALWAYS fair and perfectly consistent. BY giving  you receive.

See how consistent that is?

But to receive is to ACCEPT, not to get. It is impossible not to HAVE,…

It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom – everything.

…but it IS possible not to KNOW you have.

And at the moment, all of you don’t realize all that you have because you’ve decided to call Creation that has been given to you the world and universe; a material thing that has nothing to do with God, so you see very little of God in it. You have determined that it’s not God. And in fact, some who read the Course interpret it to mean that the world is an illusion; it is not of God, when the fact is that if there’s anything in front of your face, anything that you’re experiencing, it is God experienced clearly or through a glass darkly. There’s no other choice. But until you begin to value it as the Manifestation of God, you will not find God there. And you will not, thereby, have your vision of it corrected so that you are no longer seeing it through a glass darkly.

The recognition of having is the willingness for GIVING, and ONLY by this willingness can you recognize what you have.

Now I know that you have not had a great number of experiences of the world being the Kingdom of Heaven yet, but you have had some. You have had some glimpses. And I tell you that your one task is to persist in being willing to look at your world with the desire to see more of God there than you’re presently seeing, and to be, as I said, persistent in this. Now, the same applies to your brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter how awful they are appearing to you, whether they are appearing that way because of their own faulty decisions within themselves, or whether they’re appearing that way because you are insisting on seeing them as something other than the Excellence of God expressed because, as I said last week, you know them too damn well.

We’re talking here about breaking the habit of how you’re perceiving everything. And the only way you can break the habit of how you’re seeing everything is to be willing to look in a new way from a new standpoint; a standpoint that has its basis in Truth. “The recognition of having is the willingness for GIVING,” – It’s the willingness for persistently giving your attention to your brother in a new way – giving your attention in a new way, regardless of all of the justifications you have for looking at them in the old way – “and ONLY by this willingness can you recognize what you have.”

What you give is therefore the value you put on what you have, being the exact measure of the value you put upon it. And this, in turn, is the measure of how much you WANT it.

The big question is, “Is there any point at which you can justify giving up on your brother?” “Well, yeah. If he behaves badly enough.” Well, what you mean when you say that is if he behaves badly enough to put you at a loss where you don’t know to do. You see? You just can’t stand to be at the threshold of the pregnant void. You can’t stand to be at the threshold of the unknown where a miracle can occur, where inspiration and insight will happen. Why? Because it takes too much effort on your part? It requires giving more attention than you’re willing to give, more attention than you feel is justified? Well, how much do you want to wake up? How much do you want to be Sane?  That’s another way of putting it. How much do you want to be Sane?"..Raj Acim talk 1-02-05

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