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The NonMateriality of Matter
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Posted 2011-07-28 6:07 PM (#156674)
Subject: The NonMateriality of Matter

Location: so cal

I've been reviewing this transcript today and have found it as usual, to be one of my favorites of Raj. 


here is an excerpt ...


VOL. 9, NO. 3









RAJ: On a couple of previous occasions in other Gatherings, I have directed everyone’s attention to the windows of the room in which the Gathering was being held. And I have pointed out that the glass in the window, even though you think of it as something made from silicon and of it being material, is nothing more than a force field, in exactly the same sense that science fiction stories speak of generating a force field. It is an absolutely clear presence of a pattern of energy that has enough cohesiveness to it that it holds its shape and, if you lean upon it when it is thick enough, you will not break it.


If you employ your imagination a little bit, it is relatively easy for you to abandon the idea that the glass is matter, and consider the idea that indeed, it is a force field—a pattern of energy with sufficient cohesiveness for it to have a discernable, substantial presence.


For those of you who are sitting at the table over there, which has a glass top, and whose elbows or hands are on it, I want you to pay attention to your contact with it as though it were an energy field rather than a presence of matter. And the rest of you, I want you to imagine that you are touching a piece of glass. The reason for this exercise is to give you the opportunity to grasp, at least conceptually, that you can have a brand new experience of something with which you are completely familiar. You can touch the glass as though it has no physical substance to it whatsoever, and that it is pure energy. There is nothing material about it!

You could imagine a science fiction story that takes place in the future, where someone could mentally take an area in front of them and through the use of their thought, create a force field much like glass, that would be completely solid, completely clear and would support that one’s weight if one were to stand or sit on it. It is possible for you to conceive of that force field as pure energy. Now again, what I want you to realize is that the glass in the windows and the glass in the table is exactly that.


Why am I saying this? I am saying this so that you might realize that your very definite concepts of what everything is are not true—are not absolute. And glass, as an energy field is a very simple way that all of you have to play with . . . not the idea, but the fact that what you think everything is isn’t what it is and that there is a radically different way to experience it.


Now, I have a point I’m leading up to. You touch the piece of glass and it’s easy for you to pay attention to it as though maybe it isn’t glass, but that it’s just energy in a recognizable, discernable pattern. What I want you to do now is to question what it is that’s touching the glass. Is it matter? Or, is your hand or your elbow or your body also energy pattern which has enough stability and cohesiveness to be recognizable, discernable and tangible, but which doesn’t have a speck of matter to it?


I am sharing this with you in this way so that you might have a means of easily considering that your bodies are not organic, are not material, but, being pure energy, are expressions of something equally nonmaterial—which is the Mind of God, the Prime Mover, the Creator. And the reason it remains in an identifiable pattern is because of the integrity of the Idea, which it expresses—and the Idea has integrity because God is "thinking" It, you might say.

This is so important because, if your body isn’t matter, is insubstantial in the sense that it’s pure energy, and the only substance it seems to have is because there is a cohesiveness of the Idea as it is held in the Mind of God, then it is obvious that if there is distortion of your body—if there is disease, if there is the evidence of accident, if there is evidence of anything less than exquisite beauty expressed by every portion of your body—you are not stuck with it! The reason you are not stuck with it is because laws of matter are not what are holding it together, but the integrity behind the Idea that God has in Mind that looks like each of you and looks like that which identifies you, called your body.

If there is nothing material about your body, you don’t have to wait for matter to change according to the laws of physics, which will take time. Even things that everyone believes are impossible—if there is a shortened or amputated limb, a damaged eye with scar tissue that means that there will never be able to be sight there—are not impossible. Why? Because the eye, the limb, whatever part of the body, is still held in the Mind of God as God’s Idea. It still has the integrity of the expression of God, and any lesser manifestation of the Presence of God than what I just described has not the means of maintaining its distorted appearance.


Healing can occur instantaneously because it doesn’t take time for a pattern of energy to reconfigure. You see? It doesn’t have to wait for atoms and matter to abide by regenerative processes of matter to arrive at a form of perfection and harmony that expresses what is really the truth about you. Again: The reason it doesn’t have to take time is because none of it is matter, and it takes no force to shift patterns of energy.


Now, this might make it sound as though you could go to a catalog of body parts—I think you call them fashion magazines—and pick out the design you would like best for you, and change your mind about your body and have it look like that.


What you need to understand is that any deformity you are experiencing is a result of exactly that process. Any dissonance, any disease, any distress that you are experiencing is being experienced because you have chosen a belief, an attitude, a concept about your body that’s inconsistent with the Idea that God has had, and is having at this moment, that causes you to Be!

So healing is not a result of your being able to have a creative idea about how you would like to look. It is, instead, abandoning ideas of how you would like to look, how you think you have to look, what you believe circumstances have forced you to look like. It is to abandon those, and say, "I would like to be experiencing the Idea that God has in Mind which is the reason I exist in the first place. I would like to experience God’s Idea, which is my presence. I would like to experience it the way God is intending it at this moment and at every moment. I yield up all of my conscious justifications for not looking utterly beautiful, for not having the manifestation of perfect health and perfect symmetry and perfect harmony. I yield them up and yield instead to God’s original, current Idea which is the Spirit that patterns the energy that makes me experienceable."




The rest can be found here;




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