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Random quote: You are only ever addicted to that which takes you away from your peace.~~Raj
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DEBT - just who is lending all this money?
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Posted 2011-07-29 3:00 AM (#156697 - in reply to #156690)
Subject: Re: DEBT - just who is lending all this "money"?


Of course the heart intuits 'wrongness' or dissonance of illegitimacy or deluded application (dead end). But our true love is locked in a dungeon by the mind that revels in the promises of the world and looks only there to grab and defend its treasure. Insofar as we try to speak the knowledge of the heart, we yet tend to do so from the framework of the desire to use the mind separatively - and undermine our inner knowing with the desire to be right or valid in the world. This is why Jesus says "Resist ye not evil". For that is the way to be drawn back into the crab barrel of conflicted self - seeking to resolve itself in a world that is reflecting (built on) a foundation of conflicted heart and mind.

So there is that which does not hear, will not hear and cannot hear - until its promises are broken and its deception revealed. Even so, the mind is trickier than even the most dazzling minds in high finance - and seems to be able to re engage allegiance despite broken dreams - by promising to protect from nightmares - or at least manage and delay their symptoms.

To change the world of its false foundation - we must change our mind about the world - and then we must change our mind about our mind. Anything that changes the foundations must automatically change all that comes after. So when a false cause is undone - all the seeming effects of that cause are no longer experienceable within the belief or thought that has been invalidated  - by directly seeing the as meaningless nothingness that it always was but seemed not to be.

 Anyway - This is what I wrote to the blog author:

Thankyou for your blog. I am interested in uncovering the modes of thought and intention that I feel are reflected in the world as deception used to control. In some way not unlike the dog in the film the Wizard or Oz – who pulled the curtain on the old man with the levers. A role not unlike your own in the world. This is because I feel that deception – smoke, mirrors and false promise – uses nothing in such as way as to seem to be not only something – but a something that is different in kind and in nature from Truth – Reality – That Which Is – as it is – and not as it is presented via symbol, concept, image and derivative definitions. I cannot explore this with mere thinking – as concepts are the ‘currency’ of the mind that defines itself – but I can follow the guidance of thoughts that arise from a genuine and innocent desire to know truth rather than determine, assert or control truth.

The promises that seduce, appeal to a sense of lack - that is itself an effect of the attempt to ‘get’ for oneself alone or indeed to grasp and possess life instead of sharing in it.
I felt to share this much as a token of appreciation and connection.
All levels of shared purpose are one. My own sense is to work at the level that sees insanity for what it is – in my own mind – (albeit served by my experience of the world in which it seems ‘other minds’ act out that which I find hateful – excepting I see the seed in my own thought and know that getting, grasping and private self interest, though writ large in the world – is also in my own mind’s habit – so I seek to notice it and nothing it – if you see what I mean.

The Commonwealth that is stripped and wasted by the mentality of seeking to possess and wield power has a Divine Root – and this is the Original Uneditable Love that remains true as our inherent nature, even if covered with wishes, lies and alibis. But unless that is expressed in a currency based on true wealth (gold standard) – it is just itself wishful thinking or at best a potentiality untapped.

Exactly how being saved from our own illusions translates into a rising of health and wholeness is to be uncovered. But for it to be so must needs to desist using them as a currency – but instead being vigilant to SEE directly without investment.
Perhaps I appear quite mad – but perhaps those who awaken to an insanity have taken the first step away from living within its dictate.

Thank you for your attention*

in Gratitude


(*For attention is the focus of our giving value or validation – (even if given to reinforce and recycle one’s own concepts) – but I have a sense of you as giving value where value truly abides.


What is it to allow one's attention to be released from the spell of a self inflicted slavery? It is not to cease to employ the wishful imaginations of the mind that were summoned to make the unbearable bearable? To accept the love in the world but to refuse the narcotic? And to let the suffering, humiliation or death that was feared, rise up and be released, whilst abiding in the true desire or prayer of the heart?

Perhaps this is why so many will not yet listen - for all know that the world they made which seems to have enslaved them, is a sacrifice of truth, that their wish be lived out as their personal life - and if truth is acknowledged, illusions are no longer. And without the experience of truth, the abundance of love is hidden, forgotten and is not accorded faith.

The Life is an interpenetrating Flow of One through many as One - but the mind jerks off into its own meanings as if its own thought is a life against death. But there is no death in the Life. To abide and rest in such a trust is not a surrender of anything but our toys; our financial instruments; our tricksy ways whereby we make nothing seem to be something and everything seem to be as it isnt.

The baby will fight to not have a dangerous object taken from it - so we are given experiences of something of a different order that we release our fixation and spontaneously turn to that which is our true nature and desire. This is the experience that seeks to share itself through us - because the heart desires to know itself whole and wholly.

In trust, the mind quiets - gets out of the way.

Trust is the extension of love and sets our foundation.

"In God we trust" is not a matter of choice. But in making our image of God and serving that, we make a basis for choice where there is none, and then seem cursed by the very power that disrupts, denies and falsifies love with its two faced promises.


Thanks for setting me off!

in Love's blessing



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