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- (Added by: amena)

just one more thing
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Posted 2011-09-15 8:21 PM (#159604 - in reply to #159603)
Subject: RE: just one more thing New economy William


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The Divine Economy II
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Posted 2011-09-13 6:29 AM (#159446)
Subject: The Divine Economy II
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Fear reacts. Vision leads the way.


If an instant exists at all, it exists as peace. And peace, wholly here and now,
is what the holy instant actually means. Ever available, forever remaining
what it is instead of "becoming" in time and space, peace is holy—God's will
is done. And by allowing it, it becomes your ever-available
experience of ease.

It is becoming more important than ever for everyone to clearly grasp and embody the miraculous—the sudden shifts of perception that change you and then your world.  It is becoming clearer that you must "let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus"—the holy spirit.  It is becoming imperative to let yourself be transformed by the renewing of your mind if you wish to be emancipated from the domination of sin, sickness and death.

Powerlessness to be an agent for change—the inability to be able to alleviate suffering and inspire your fellow man to let go of his commitment to what doesn't work—is not your birthright.  Powerlessness obscures your function.
Circumstances around your globe are forcing you to demand change because your innate Integrity does not allow you to feel peace in the presence of chaos and suffering without calling peace forth from the deepest groundedness of your being and placing it in the world, gifting it to the world, reestablishing it in the world by being it and all that it means so clearly and benignly that it melts your brother's heart and peace returns.
However, this is not the way it is registering with you.  To you, circumstances around your globe are only moving you to be fearful, frustrated, angry, and judgmental—the innocent victim of nature, politics, governments, greed.  You are numbed by the decision to see suffering as normal, causing you to be unresponsive.  "It's not that bad!"  "What can I do?"  "That's life!"  Yet these are lazy reactions to the call for correction—the demand for change that you are called upon to make by being the change! 
The rut of the status quo is difficult to break free from, yet it is the function of the two-step—the practice of the holy instant—to succeed!  Your casual involvement from the sidelines, as the observer of the calls for correction, leaves you disconnected from and unconscious of your natural passionate hold on the peace of your being which, when you are feeling it, you must involvingly express!  If you were not numbed, the current suffering would be sufficient to connect you fully to your need for peace, and you would relentlessly involve yourself with your world and your fellow man to bring peace forth by means of peace, itself!  Yours!
Currently, austerity is becoming the new by-word, the new practice which will somehow address and solve the problem of failing economies around the world as well as inequities in one's own finances.  "If you have little, spend less!"  "If things are tight, tighten up more!"  "If you are miserable and bound by fear, by all means, do not allow for inspiration.  Do not let yourself be imbued with creativity.  Do not let your attention be distracted from the seriousness of the problems by answers which are not equally severe—answers which do not honor and reinforce the problems—else you will never ‘knuckle under.’  You will never ‘bite the bullet’ and become restrictive enough to turn the situation around!"
The correction of lack, it is suggested, is accomplished by increasing it, by practicing austerity and thus inducing a practical and stable state of suffering which will guarantee the abandonment of optimism, inspiration and faith—three highly unfocused elements which have the surprising capacity to spontaneously and unnoticeably undermine the willful, highly-focused personal self-determination which is touted to be the only practical solution to the problem, while actually being the cause of it.
It is clear that if setting the goal at the outset determines the outcome, one cannot correct lack by increasing it.  In fact, when economies begin to fail and austerity is seen as the means to its correction, it is because austerity was already being practiced in the generation of wealth.  When the generation of wealth is a means of escaping poverty, poverty is the generating factor.  Poverty, not wealth (wholeness), is the dynamic in place at the outset, thus determining that wealth (wholeness) will not be the outcome, and insuring an inevitable collapse of any tenuous increase.
Countries may struggle, each of you may struggle to practice austerity and reverse the collapse of a wealth or financial stability that you once had, but it won't happen until someone unconcerned about the lack, or escaping from poverty, lets natural optimism, inspiration and faith disclose an incredible idea that everyone can rally around, establishing a goal at the outset which embodies the fact that you are neither behind the point of perfection, nor advancing toward it.  Nor are you getting away from imperfection (poverty)!  In other words: that you are at the point of perfection and must understand yourselves therefrom.
"Understanding yourselves therefrom" is the setting of the goal at the outset from which resulting wealth (wholeness) will not rise tenuously, nor collapse; where it will not be a possession, nor be lost.  And, most of all where, in the absence of the "haves" and the "have-nots," there will be no inequities to fuel vulnerabilities . . . and peace will prevail.
Make no mistake, the flow of wealth must stabilize with balance.  Correction of collapsing economies must occur.  That which causes flagrant practices of selfish and self-serving manipulations on the political stage, together with global jockeying for power and domination, must yield to a purer idea embodying the Golden Rule.  And escaping from poverty must stop!

We are joining together today in the awakening to the truth that only God’s ideas of Love will work in every situation.  His inclusive dictum calls forth: “Behold, I make all things new!”  And it is this that runs deeply throughout all His creations. This is what is really present in the apparently exclusive place called the mind of man and his imaginings, and it is this exclusivity from which everyone is awakening.

When one joins in the practice of the two-step, he enters into an undefined place where nothing that he has defined can mean anything if he wishes to experience a renewed perception.  This place is called the holy instant.  It is this point in the road which is uncomfortable.  And this point of discomfort is part of the road that all who have Awakened had to walk.

It is at this very point where we must bring an unjustifiable faith that the experience of “being made brand new” will not destroy us, but will indeed uplift us into the exhilaration of the discovery that the goal of “being right” was mistaken and can now be seen for what it is, and that the movement of Love compounds Itself as It is allowed to rush in and fill every hopeless moment we thought had deterred us.

Once we step into this field of all possibilities where mind is infinite, we realize that this field extends outward everywhere and everywhen—even retroactively—in its redemption of time and space.  Righteousness and its tormented rule over its tiny kingdom of problems, unable to contain this realization, collapses in its presence.  Guilt is no more, and the debt accompanying it is erased.  What comes now of this vision, but it be the goal we would accept?

Love is what works. And what works must be without measure—meaning without controls, without leveraging, without kickbacks, without any agenda beyond the way Love works Its work and reveals it to you!    Can you allow such vision today in the presence of the righteous calls for justice, the threats of violence, the acts of hatred?  Again, the singular amazing answer is that Love is what works, and . . .

“What comes now of this vision, but it be the goal we would accept?”

Kingston, Washington
September 11, 2011

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