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just one more thing
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Posted 2011-09-15 8:17 PM (#159603 - in reply to #159602)
Subject: RE: just one more thing New economy William


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Current Upheavals
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Posted 2011-09-14 5:30 AM (#159511)
Subject: Current Upheavals
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Location: Puget Sound, Washington

Ran across the following in my files (without a date) and it seems pertinent for the times we are currently enjoying...

Changes in Government

QUESTION:   We’re experiencing in our country a lot of chaos and disintegration it seems...

RAJ:   Glory hallelujah...

QUESTION:   And it doesn’t seem that we have enlightened, conscious leadership. So I’m wondering what as a people we can do about that, and what as an individual I could do to contribute or assist in that?

RAJ:   Literally be ready to roll up your shirt-sleeves and participate in the change, not the change that is NEEDED, because that is a preconceived change. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and participate in the change that is occurring. Don’t try to plan it, you will have trouble keeping up with it as it is. Why? because no man is in charge of it.

No man, no political group, no country, was responsible for the fall of the Berlin wall. No man, no institution, no country, was responsible for the dissolving of communism in the communist block.

"An idea who’s time has come," is here, but it isn’t a conceptual idea. People are beginning to feel. And as with the last question, there is junk sitting on top of what they are feeling. The junk is the repression of what has been felt. And it is what has surfaced in Los Angeles recently. And it has seemed alarming. But why would you be alarmed, because something that needs to be looked at is no longer being successfully covered up with a false sense of peace? All of you must begin to trust your fundamental innocence and therefore your fundamental integrity.

Everyone says, a true democracy in your country would be dangerous, because if everyone had an equal vote, there are so many of you who are politically and otherwise ignorant, that your vote would tend to pull everybody down.

Wake up!  That’s the beginning of dictatorship.

And what you are asking for is half a dictatorship. At the present time, your system in your country is half dictatorial, because you have a representative group who does the voting for the masses.

It isn’t going to work, because waking up is happening. In other words, the uncovering of the conscious experience of each ones divinity is happening. And it is happening, because there are more who are awake than there are who are asleep. And thus, there are not enough joined together in a false perception of things, to allow it to be reinforced and so the misperceptions, the ignorance’s are beginning to crumble. And that which is essentially Divine about each one of you is being felt in his or her humanity.

And again, we’re coming back to this fact that before you are a Protestant, or a Catholic, or a Jew, or an American, or a Russian, or a South African; you are brothers and sisters. And so, the Divinity of each of you and of everyone on this planet is beginning to emerge spontaneously at the level of each one’s humanity. I will warn you right now, that it is going to mean being more involved and not letting Washington do it.

You are watching a revolution in your world and although there are some pockets of diehards, if I may put it that way, who are resisting the healing and are shooting at each other and generally not reflecting the unfolding harmony. There is, nevertheless, a revolution occurring that is not destroying everyone in the process.

Don’t be so arrogant as to assume that the United States is the fore runner, because the United States is dragging it’s heels. Who is the United States? You.

And so, when I am talking about becoming still and going within and connecting with who you Divinely Are as an experience rather than an intellectual explanation so that you might spontaneously know of your brother’s Divinity; I’m not just talking about getting into the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m talking about all of you getting into the Kingdom of Heaven and recognizing that here is the Kingdom of Heaven, even though it isn’t the total extent of the Kingdom of Heaven.

And so, as I have been sharing, there really is going to be change. It isn’t just going to be a new intellectual perception. Your innocence awaits your experience of it. Your experience of it is going to involve the arising within you of feelings, and I’m not talking about emotional reactions, I’m talking about SOUL responding to what is Real. And there will be such joy, and there will be love. But you know what else? There will be a spontaneous conviction, not an intellectual one, a conviction born of experience that will cause you to be willing to go to the ends of the universe to express your love for your brother.

Unity, does not mean harmony of an infinite number of isolated units that somehow are not conflicting with each other. Harmony is the conscious experience of oneness that involves your willingness to be in total participation with every other individuality that exists, with absolute defenselessness and therefore without fear. But you know what? It’s going to start in very real ways, right here in River City, right here in Boston, right here in Philadelphia, right here in Los Angeles, right here in Russia, etc., with Real people. You. Me.

Now, if you want to be truly idealistic, be realistic, so that you don’t forget that your idealism must relate to where you are; not only must it relate to where you are, it is going to. Having the conscious experience of being Divine is going to be very different from your experience at this instant. The way that will exhume from you will be incredible and very different from what you are experience of it, at this moment.

But more than anything, is this willingness to walk the extra mile, the willingness to go out of your way in uncovering your brothers Divinity and treating your brother and sister on the basis of their Divinity that you perceive to be there, because you have let yourself into the conscious experience of your own Divinity.

Don’t call peace the result of escaping from the call for change. Be willing to be with, to be present with your brother and to be present with the situation where transformation is occurring, with that active desire to experience what is Real, right there. If you have a loved one who is apparently on a death bed, you find yourself willing to be there for and with that one. Be willing to be there for and with all of your fellow men, because that is what will allow for graceful transformation for everyone.

I am not meaning to make transformation sound like hard work. But if it is misunderstood and if it is resisted it will feel laborious. It doesn’t need to be. It won’t be if all of you will be constantly curious. If something is happening it has to be the Movement of God perceived clearly or through a glass darkly, but it cannot be anything else. And so, the call is for letting go of the biases and the preconceptions and the mindsets that cause the Presence of God to be seen through a glass darkly. Right where a problem seems to be going on, right there must be the Presence of God misperceived. So right there, let us desire to get past the misperception into the true experience of it. That desire is what always heals the misperception and the effect of the misperception. Remember that.

You are likely by the end of the day tomorrow to be sick and tired of the word "curiosity." But hopefully you will have heard it enough times to remember it. And hopefully remember it with kindness and fondness.

That’s the end of the answer.

Edited by Trish 2011-09-14 8:30 AM
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