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For Trish, plus a P.S.
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Posted 2003-01-20 5:50 AM (#92)
Subject: For Trish, plus a P.S.

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Regarding your comments about the male mind; it still sounds condescending to me.

While it appears that you have some type of psychological inclination, I, and my colleagues of both sexes agree (and have read your comments), that your facts are significantly superficial as to warrant concern. You stated that I had obviously not read John Gray’s publications, as if John Gray was the final authority on male behavior. Such an assumption on your part confirms the superficiality of your knowledge, for not only is John Gray’s book short of any real psychological depth (being aimed at average thinkers), but I have in fact read that which you mentioned. So you are mistaken.

I can recall one time when the team I was connected with did a thesis on the book and found it helpful in some areas, yet wanting and misleading in others. No therapist worth their salt would quote John Gray’s material as some kind of elevated psychological resource material. In our company, you would get laughed out of the group, figuratively speaking of course. It might be a refreshing treat for you, if you haven’t done so already, to study the works on Freud, Jung, Adler, Erickson, and Rogers, specifically looking for information on human sexuality, you may even want to include more modern authors like Bradshaw, Watters, Offit, and Masters. You can research cultural mythology and practices too, for there are big clues there also to gaining a more accurate viewpoint

Be assured that the sexual wiring you are inferring of is non-different in males and females. If anything, the scale is actually tipped toward that female end as being more suggestive, more manipulative, more sexually expressive, more initiating, and more revealing anatomically and psychologically. There is much truth to the old saying that woman is body, man is mind. Looking at the consensus reality, this would certainly appear to be the case. Women have always – and in all cultures – wanted to reveal their physical form. Even in those religious communities where the woman are heavily clad, that law was issued by the respective male authority, but the woman wants to wear less and less. Studies have proved beyond doubt that the reason for this is that the woman gets sexual gratification from being looked at. Makes one wonder where sexual abuse really started, doesn’t it? Who’s really got the unawakened mind you referred to?

My knowledge (aside from experiential hands-on experience of 40 years) comes from counseling psychology, criminal and social psychology. I’ll leave it up to you to imagine what kind of books, learning, and research would be done to reach competency in those areas. You mention data, and I would say to you that there is a greater possibility that the data/information that the law has access to is more accurate than your own.

You said “I'm wondering if it isn't the female's role to help refine the male's thinking”, how can that not be condescending and chauvinistic? With as much respect as you can receive this, the cold facts are the reverse and will forever be so. Most ignorant and ordinary females spuriously believe that all males think of is sex, and from your statements it may be safe to conclude that you are one of them. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the stupidity and dwarfed intellect behind that conceptual nonsense. Who invented spacecraft, ships, planes, trains, automobiles, television, telecommunications, your cell phone, the very internet and computer you are using, your washing machine, microwave, your hi fi, movies, the sewing machine, refrigerator, the clock, books, writing, language, the hearing aid, surgery, heartvalves, medicine both herbal and modern, fabrics, paint, your lipstick and nail varnish, your mirror, and so on right down to a paperclip. Does any rational woman anywhere really believe that all males think of is sex?!

AND, looking through historical records, what gender are most of the ‘gurus’ who have given us the spiritual teachings? Yes some women, but mostly males. Why is that? What gender is Jesus? What gender is Raj? To repeat, you say, “I'm wondering if it isn't the female's role to help refine the male's thinking”, but the truth is undeniably the reverse. Have you ever heard of vagina envy? Interesting isn’t it?



Several days ago, a colleague of mine handed me a copy of a research report regarding gender responses while under hypnosis. The concept is still in its infancy and for this particular session, 30 people, 15 men and 15 women, were accepted from among the many volunteers. As there is a myriad of people willing to be participants, I feel certain that this new type of study will take off, and if so, I can issue more complete details. The point of me writing it here is as an interesting eye-opener, even while the results are obviously non-conclusive.

While under hypnosis, the 30 individuals were asked to say the first thing that came to mind when they heard the word ‘love’. The males under hypnosis in the group responded with things like “family”, “my girlfriend”, “mother”, “my dog”, “my kids”, “God”, “making love with my Traci” (his wife), “letters from my mom”, “watching my wife feed our baby”, “my HD (Harley Davidson Motorcycle)”, “my job”, and so on. The hypnotized females responses to the same question were, “sex”, “threesome”, “my hubby’s javelin” (penis), “69er”, “melon kissing”, “f***king”, “sex with my boyfriend”, “doing it for sam’s digital camera”, and some others.

The interesting observation to note from this little hypno-psychological experiment, was not so much the comments themselves, but the fact that there was some level of astonishment by facilitators that most of the sexual responses were made by the participating females. They had expected such things to come from the men. It will be of great interest to see what eventuates from further sessions in this field of delving into people’s minds, and hopefully continued with clinical professionals.

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