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Raj reviews "Addictions"
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Posted 2003-02-06 3:04 PM (#1605)
Subject: Raj reviews "Addictions"

Location: The Kingdom of Heaven
Boston, Ma Gathering, 1992

QUESTION: I have several addictions that are preoccupying my life for quite awhile. And I don’t understand why the pattern keeps… it’s about the only thing that keeps unfolding in my life, is these two particular patterns.

ANSWER: So that others might relate to you, would you share the nature of the two addictions?

QUESTION: Cigarettes and coffee and I feel or have given myself the belief that they affect my skin.

ANSWER: Well, let’s handle that first. Let’s become free of the belief that they affect your skin. Let’s get a clearer sense of their inability to have physical effects upon your body. Let’s deal with that before you attempt to set aside the cigarettes and coffee. Let’s become less charged about those two habits.

You see the more charged you are about it, the more conflicted you are within yourself. And the more conflicted you are, the more compulsive will be your "addiction." When the need is, to come to a place of peace in which there is no element to fuel compulsiveness, or the reaching for anything that will seem to supply you with a peace that you don’t seem to have.

Oh, I hear someone saying, "how can you say that? It is well known that cigarettes cause cancer and that cigarettes do such-and-such. And Raj, haven’t I even read some place where you told Paul that smoking will keep him from experiencing the finer levels of conscious awareness?"

I will tell you that this question arises out of a conflicted sense of what this world is and what this body is; the space time continuum I referred to as the third-dimensional frame of reference.

You know what? Cause does not lie in the three-dimensional frame of reference, it lies in what I have referred to as the fourth-dimension, which is another valid way of referring to the Kingdom of Heaven. The fourth-dimension, or the fourth-dimensional conscious experience of being is the experience of consciousness without any distortion present whatsoever, which means that you are having the conscious experience of everything through God’s eyes, if I may put it that way.

It is the Movement of God which is always fourth-dimensional that is rendered visible and tangible three-dimensionally. But the cause does not reside in the three-dimensional frame of reference, which means that cigarettes do not cause cancer, overeating does not cause over weight, one part of your world cannot kill another part of your world, etc.

Now, I know that flies right in the face of your common sense. But the belief that cause does lie in the three-dimensional frame of reference is part of the mutual agreement to be ignorant, or to have a point of view based upon partial information that two or more of you agree to call truth. If indeed cigarettes or carcinogens or anything else caused cancer, then no matter how much realization you had, it couldn’t be changed, there would never be healing.

If genes are responsible for a deformation in your body, you could never experience a correction of that deformation. And there would be no reason for such a word as "healing." It is because the Cause of your body does not reside in the three-dimensional frame of reference, but is the Intent of God expressed at every given moment that you can experience healing, including regeneration of congenital defects, which are the things you least expect to experience healing of. It is because there is a God that operates beyond the three-dimensional frame of reference that YOU can arrive at a point of discovering that you are not a three-dimensional entity either; and wake up to what I will call the fourth-dimensional Reality of You RIGHT HERE and find yourself in the Kingdom of Heaven, as the Christ.

I wouldn’t even be wasting my time sharing any of what I had shared with you this weekend so far if indeed cause lay in the three-dimensional frame of reference. Everything that I have been saying has been based on the fourth-dimensional Reality of Being. Another way you could say that is, the Divine Reality of Being, and the fact that that conscious experience of Being is your birthright. I wouldn’t be saying anything at all if there weren’t really a way out of the incarceration of your current ignorance. And the only way there could be a way out is if there is something beyond it. And the reason you can get out of it is because what is beyond your current sense of limitation is your Home, is the territory of your freedom of Being and this limitation you are experiencing is not. We’re talking about, you could say, blowing the limits sky high.

It is as though you are standing in a privy and even the little silhouetted moon hole is to high for you to see out, so that it is hard for you to imagine that there is anything beyond the confines of this "SHIT-HOUSE of an experience." And you might imagine that there are little leather straps, like handles, on the four walls and you are in there with your arms through it, holding your shit-house together for fear of loosing what little sense of security you have. And in effect, I am encouraging you to let go of the walls because they will fall down and you will be able to see infinitely in all directions and have the opportunity to experience and explore and be without confinement. And you could say, the inside of the privy is the three-dimensional frame of reference. And indeed, that space inside the privy is a valid part of the infinity that’s available to you, it’s just the walls that are invalid. So, everything is happening fourth-dimensionally.

Now, I have shared this in another workshop but I cannot make you wait until the tapes are available so that you may hear it. For those of you who are familiar with the Course, you have heard of level confusion. And right now we are talking with respect to level confusion, fourth-dimension, third-dimension, second, etc. And I am going to share with you an explanation that will give you a hint of the meaning of level confusion.

Imagine if you will that it is early morning, you have been asleep all night and your mother, husband, wife, daughter, somebody comes into the bedroom, puts their hand on your shoulder and shakes you and says, your name, "it’s time to get up." And you’re in the middle of a dream. And in the dream, someone standing next to you, puts their hand on your shoulder and says, "it’s time to wake up." That is level confusion. The event is occurring outside of the scope of your dream, but it becomes interpreted as something happening within the dream. Now the one who comes into the bedroom and shakes your shoulder is functioning, we will say, fourth-dimensionally; and you in your dream are having a three-dimensional experience. And that fourth-dimensional action is interpreted as something originating in the dream.

Well I’ll tell you something, conception does not occur because of any innate power of a sperm or receptivity of an egg. It happens because the Movement of God is occurring. And the identification of that Movement must be manifest, it must appear as something. So, even your physical existence doesn’t stem from a three-dimensional source. And it is because it is a fourth-dimensional Movement and the manifestation of it called you, is the manifestation of a fourth-dimensional presence or actuality that you, who have come to a conclusion that you are a character in a dream with limitations; can have the opportunity to be nudged awake and experience release from the limitations, which are not true about you. Which is what we’re talking about.

And because your body is indeed the visibility and tangibility of a fourth-dimensional Movement of God and therefore does not have it’s origins, physically speaking or three-dimensionally speaking, only because of that can you experience spontaneous remission of a disease or the correction of a vision problem, which you say is hereditary because your mother and your grandmother and your great grand father and Joe and Henry and Sibyl way back, all had the same problem. The reason you can at any point experience release from a physical limitation is because your body at every moment is originating in the thought of God fourth-dimensionally.

I’m going to ask you a question, and this is specifically for students of the Course who because of the wording of the Course and the current interpretation of it have come to a point of conviction that the body is an illusion. Why would I have ever healed an illusion? Why would I restore sight to the blind, or a withered arm? Wouldn’t the healing of illusion mean the arm and the eye-balls disappeared? The healing would have to be the uncovering of the absence of that which isn’t real. Let’s be reasonable here. But the withered arm was restored to the fullness the same as the other, and the eyes that were blind could see. Why? Because the natural condition of both had their actuality of Source fourth-dimensionally; and not as a result of a birth defect, a three-dimensional cause. And why? Because that Individuality was the Christ also and it’s his birthright to experience his perfection in all respects, just as it is with you.

Waking up is the result of the penetration of Reality, fourth-dimensional Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven through the characteristics of unconsciousness or limited awareness, which we have referred to as dreaming. Thus, causing the walls of your confinement to fall and disclose to you that which has always infinitely been present and that which has always infinitely been the territory of your Being for you to enjoy.

You need to have a new vantage point, a new context. Everybody, you might say, wants to get out of the confinement. What will work here is, as I said, letting go of the walls. In letting go of them so that they fall, it lets in the infinity. There is less sense of effort and of necessary accomplishment attached to that than somehow fighting your way out of confinement.

The illustration of the privy is an excellent one, the one with the straps, whereby you hold yourself in a secure and "comfortable" place because Reality has not provided walls. And Reality is not keeping you out of Itself.

And again, as I said, you’re going to get tired of this word. The element of curiosity is what justifies letting go of what you call security, the four walls of the confinement that causes you to be miserable, but at the same time gives you what you would call a reasonable experience of security.

Does that answer your question?

QUESTION: Yes, except for school.

ANSWER: You’re right where you need to be. And in effect, you are like a piano student, a student who loves the piano, who runs into a dry spell where it seems not enjoyable and not worth pursuing. But, I encourage you to persist here because the aliveness to it will return. It will not be a drudge for you and it would be a sad mistake to abandon your schooling. And I am going to encourage you by telling you that you are in exactly the right field. And you will do very well and you will be very much needed.


From: Carmel 1990

QUESTION: Well as I get it the Course says that the only cause is the mind. So that an allergy reaction has nothing to do with the food or the drug, but has only to do with the mind.

Now, my confusion is that, in the first chapter or so of Paul’s book Raj tells him that it would be best if he quit smoking and drinking caffeine. And so, my ego liked that contradiction or what seemed to be at any rate. And I’m struggling with this a lot, getting a lot out of the struggle. But I’d rather not suffer anymore with the confusion of this. So clarification on cause and effect is what I’m after.

ANSWER: If before you had sat down in your chair someone had placed a thumbtack on it and you had come back from break and sat down on it, it would be rather difficult to convince you that it was all going on in your mind, and that it was simply a shift of perception in your mind rather than your standing up and pulling the thumbtack out that would correct the problem.

Now, when you arrive at a point where you are experiencing the body of light, that is the true experience of this body that you are presently experiencing that would be in pain if you sat on a tack, until you are experiencing that body of light which would also disclose to you the body of light of the tack that you are sitting on, it will hurt to sit on a tack. When you are experiencing all form as light forms, if you will, manifesting the true intent of that which formed it, meaning the Father, you will indeed be able to sit on the tack and only experience exquisite beauty of the intent of your body and the intent of the tack--which have nothing to do with harm.

Likewise, until you are mentally clear--able to be absolutely unconflicted and unfearful in your mind--when a match is held under your finger tip do not hold your finger over a match. Until you are able to take a drug without suffering ill effects from it because you are absolutely unconflicted in your mind, do not take the drug.

But I will tell you that when the time comes that you have been able to discover perfect equilibrium mentally, which is what you do when you go into meditation, you will indeed find yourself able to sit on a tack, or smoke a cigarette, or put your hand over a flame with no sensation of suffering whatsoever. And so it’s always an issue of the mind. But until that issue is corrected at the point of mind it is well to steer clear of those circumstances, physically speaking.

Physical distress is always the manifestation of mental conflict--of confusion. And if you do not know who you are truly, if you are not experiencing your Christhood and if you are not experiencing the universe and your world as One, inseparable from you, then you must use common sense while you undo the false mental conditionings that will ultimately allow you to be in any circumstance without physical damage or suffering.

So you, if I may put it this way, break the rules slowly. And you only break the rules that you can break without generating fear. Your guide helps you to step out into new territory in such a way that your level of fear is reduced and you do not panic. And you then have the opportunity to find that the step you have taken has been on to solid firm ground rather than the void that you thought it was. So you use your common sense as you gently and wisely move beyond the limits of your common sense. And in this way you establish an extended or enlarged common sense. And what is reasonable and what works becomes less and less confining. That’s the end of the answer.

Edited by Trish 2003-02-06 3:05 PM
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