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We're on the move! -- Part 3
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Paul Tuttle
Posted 2010-07-01 10:44 PM (#142914)
Subject: We're on the move! -- Part 3

Elite Veteran

Posts: 1195
Location: Kingston, WA

Backhoes digging, graders scraping, crewmen yelling over the noise as a trench is dug across the Foundation's driveway and up the hill for a new storm drain . . . these are the current sights and sounds in this part of the Kingdom of Heaven as the estimated time of one hour that the driveway would be blocked has stretched into five hours.

Phone ringing . . . realtor on the other end of the line with news that the seller of the new property is pleased with yesterday's communication which told him that his property meets our needs perfectly, that we are gathering the resources to purchase it, that we intend to be the purchasers, and that we will not be making another offer until we can provide proof of financial capability to close the sale. Seller extremely happy to know we are still seriously interested. Good news!

Did not tell seller that in the last twelve days contributions have increased our "financial capability" from $25,000 to $97,000 of the $719,000 needed, but we're happy to tell you, and thank each and every one of you for your participation . . . especially those whose contributions came by snail mail and to whom we cannot immediately respond.

Quiet now, relatively speaking. Machinery shutting down . . . some of it still humming, waiting for the ignition to be turned off. Workers finishing up for the day. No traffic. Just the sound of a small plane flying overhead.

Time to think . . . or remember NOT to think. Time to rely on guidance . . . or slip into fear and doubt . . . or balance on the tightrope between optimism and pessimism . . . or not. Time to drop it ALL and, as soon as the driveway is clear, go out and have some fun . . . become unconscious and abandon the place where ever-present inspired clarity and intelligence keep fueling the miracle . . . or not. Time to drive by the new property and wonder whatever one wonders in the middle of a miracle.

Of course, it may not be the driveway that blocks departure, but the finishing of this update letter of appreciation to everyone which is like no other update letter or request for financial support we have ever written.

Perhaps thinking about its strangeness is apropos . . . or not.

Better to continue Listening.


Exodus is always "movement toward," even though it is thought of as "movement away." It is community in action, not privacy. It is joined activity . . . "family" or "brotherhood" in motion. It is movement of WHOLENESS . . . and Love inspires the movement . . .

ALWAYS . . .

. . . if it is Exodus!

When the Red Sea parted, it wasn't only about Moses and the power of God in him. The Israelites had to take part in the event that Moses' listening initiated and the Red Sea's parting made possible, thus demonstrating the power of God in THEM as well.

THEY had to cross over to the other side of the Sea, passing through a phenomenon they had no experience with (dry ground where no dry ground could be). Talk about opportunity for doubt, fear, pessimism and downright unwillingness! Talk about faith, trust, inspiration and self-discipline that had to be allowed and embodied!

Talk about being out of control while being secure in the grip of God in spite of it! Talk about the two-step! Talk about having no choice other than the holy instant . . . Now! Now! Now! And talk about it being a multitude, a people, doing it on the run without time for negotiation, discussion or deliberation . . . listening (feeling for appropriateness in concert), trusting (in concert), acting (in concert)!

Talk about stepping out of the wilderness into the Promised Land!

Right there, where the first step was taken in faith onto dry ground that couldn't be there, the Promised Land was reached. The journey was over! They had ALL engaged in the two-step and yielded into the place where God's laws prevailed, else the waters would surely have engulfed them as it did Pharaoh's army.

That was the incredible ACTUALITY of the movement. But their belief held them to a journey in space and time with the Promised Land still at a distance, forty years away. It escaped their notice that the Promised Land was a mindful place to be FROM, rather than a distant place to arrive at, and that they HAD shifted into the middle of It! And right there in the middle of the miracle (the sudden shift of perception) they let go of the miracle (shifted their attention away from it) and proceeded to wander!

It is my task to teach (help you remember). And I am teaching you that in spite of your belief, you are not the servant of the orphan mindset, you are not in bondage, you are not departing from the land of Pharaoh, you are not wandering in the wilderness, you are neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing toward it, you are AT that point and must understand yourself therefrom.

This is the most important teaching there is. This is the most important learning to be had. This is the most important thing to remember. And the threshold to its experience lies at the edge of the "apparently impossible" which you are required to step across, entrusting yourself to the inspiration and revelation it will take to demonstrate its possibility, even though they seem to be totally absent as you take that step!

The Israelites, AND Moses, thought they were at the edge of the Red Sea in time and space, needing to move forward with no way to do so. But in actuality they were at the edge of deciding, "Thy will, not mine be done," and MEANING WHAT THEY SAID without a backup plan! THAT inner practice of the two-step revealed the impossible to be possible, even though the miraculous was only evidence of the greater and more significant event of unity . . . of "brotherhood in motion," one with God!

My teaching looks like something in the world. It looks like Paul sharing my words with everyone for twenty-eight years. It looks like Susan, Chris and Judy standing with him and with me for twenty-eight years. And it looks like all of you standing with us for some part of those twenty-eight years.

All of us are a "multitude," a "people" as it were, engaged in the Exodus, the movement INTO the remembrance of Reality . . . the Father's perspective. We are not organized, having only the ever-fluctuating APPEARANCE of structure (groupness) which is caused by the ongoing arrival and departure of friends who are involved with each other. We are not organized, but we ARE in relationship, actual active relationship . . . and like the Israelites, we are listening (in concert), trusting (in concert) and acting (in concert) as family, as brotherhood, no matter how unconscious of it we might be.

We are more than "students of the Course." We are more than "students of Truth." We are Sons and Daughters of God feeling our way Home to a Place we never left. Our intuitive movement as a "brotherhood," as "family," tells us of our Father, and His Fatherhood tells us of our Identity and we wake up! But when this movement looks like it has brought us to a dead end, blocked by whatever the "Red Sea" looks like today, the meaning of these words becomes less poetic, more demanding, and requires us, like Moses, to face the impossible and say to the Father, "Thy will, not mine, be done. What is thy will?"

And the answer is: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Embraced and embodied by you, this translates into the realization that you will not allow anything to be more important to you than, "Thy will be done." Not even the "impossible." You accept God's will as your ONLY will. And this brings with it the clarity that therefore you are under no laws but God's.

Mind you, this clarity COMES AS A GIFT! The waters part. The cancer disappears. Function is restored. Matter doesn't behave like matter! There is dry ground where no dry ground can be. There is daily bread where none can grow. Not because the laws of matter have been set aside, but because the mind, joined with its Source is where the laws of God prevail. And they prevail not because they're greater than the laws of matter, but because they are the ONLY laws. There is no order of difficulty to miracles because all of Creation simply embodies and fulfills God's intent.

Let me put it this way: Moses embodied the meaning of the first commandment at the edge of the Red Sea, before he ever went up into the mountain to receive it along with the rest. The Israelites embodied it by entrusting themselves to Moses' vision and their own, even though they couldn't hold the vision and would need it to be written down.

And so, here it is:

"Thy will, not mine, be done. What is thy will?"

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

"Nothing IS more important to me than, 'Thy will be done.' I accept your will as my ONLY will." And the gift of the experience that "you are under no laws but God's" and that "God's laws prevail because they are the ONLY laws," show up as "there is no order of difficulty to miracles."

Telephone rings . . . realtor on the other end. Someone else has looked at the new property, is interested, and is mulling it over before deciding whether to make an offer. A ploy to create movement? It doesn't matter!

Paul must continue Listening, staying in that place where God's laws prevail, and communicate my meanings, which seem to him to have little to do with the need at hand . . . or not as much as they ought to, considering the situation. But he is not giving preference to his unjoined thoughts.

I am saying exactly what needs to be said, addressing the blocks to movement-in-concert and trusting-in-concert and acting-in-concert. I am saying exactly what needs to be said in order to include everyone so that everyone might feel his or her place more fully in this Exodus as part of family, brotherhood, and not just as some puny little individual somewhere on the surface of a planet, alone and uninvolved.

We are all a "people" waking up, giving up the journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land and being, instead, FROM the mindful place where the Kingdom of Heaven no longer looks like or even hints at the presence of wilderness to wander in because everywhere is Home. But it takes effort, discipline and guidance to do it.

Chris, Judy, Susan, Paul and I . . . and all of you . . . are working together on this, and no matter how minimal it is, there must be a place from which to do it.

A piece of property to operate from costing $719,000, together with worldwide distribution of all the materials through the Internet is less than minimal. And without Pharaoh's army at your back to facilitate the willingness to abandon yourself to movement-in-concert, I ask everyone to consider that your PARTICIPATION in the purchase of this property is more important to you than sitting back to see a potential display of the miraculous that it will be interesting to watch. ALL of you need EACH of you to bring your centered attention and resulting guidance into play. It's simple! Treat this as though it mattered.

In just over thirty days $97,000 has been contributed. It is an amazing amount, but it is insufficient to secure and hold the property. Yes, the economic climate is a suffering one. Lack and limitation seem to be quite actual and dominant, just like the water in the Red Sea that stood in the way and apparently had no means to get out of the way. I am challenging every one of you not to justify suffering from the lack AS THOUGH IT COULDN'T SUDDENLY CHANGE, since God's laws prevail.

Nevertheless, aside from those who apparently have less, there are those here who easily have the means to provide the balance needed to pay for the new property in full, now, even if their support is in the form of loans against the present property, to be repaid when the present property is sold.

Your support matters! Moving to the new location matters. What Paul and I do matters. Become INVOLVED because it matters. Sitting uninvolved on the shore of the Red Sea made nothing possible. And it contributed nothing to those who didn't sit on the sidelines and crossed over on dry land. But the joy of union was diminished.

I am speaking to those who are able to act, who will act, but just haven't acted yet. Engage your intention. Become involved in letting what already means something to you MATTER enough to act!

Translate your radical idealism into practical realism . . . or not.

And do it now . . . or not.

I love you.

Kingston, Washington
July 1, 2010


If you have any questions, please feel free to call Paul at 360-638-0530 any time between noon and midnight Pacific Daylight Time. Secure online contributions can be made by clicking on this link http://www.nwffacim.org/contribute.asp
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted, and if you should have any difficulty with or reluctance around the online process, please call Paul directly and he will process it himself. Contributions can also be mailed directly to:
P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346-1490

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