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Posted 2003-02-06 7:18 PM (#1635 - in reply to #1602)
Subject: A long explanation

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The following is from a manuscript that hasn't been published...yet... but there's a lot to it, and it makes sense to me.


The period of time that our bible students view as the Garden-of Eden, the period known as the Fall of Adam and on through our history, the process of procreation has been an automatic thing. Before this period of time, individual souls came to earth from different areas to process their states of development. They didn’t start from the baby body size and grow into manhood or womanhood. Instead their bodies were full size in stature, but lacking the wisdom of the generation, the same way that our children lack wisdom. They were brought forth onto the earth plane where an advanced master would provide substance in conjunction with and in coincidence with their higher bodies. Naturally it was a dreaded state to be placed in but the intention was to provide the soul with an opportunity to learn to operate the body of the lower dimension and integrate the ways of the masters who were teaching them. After many trips through this process they would, in most cases, learn to be the master in control of the body and mind.

During this period of time the young souls had plenty of strength while they learned to coordinate it with judgment so that they didn’t kill themselves. This was the most trying times for the Masters. It was mentally disturbing to them for they were not allowed to help the developing souls from danger in any physical sort of way. They could talk and teach the souls, or what we would term pupils, but once the pupil learned to walk and get food to his mouth all physical contact was to cease at that point.

Their training in habits of all body functions, wearing attire, and daily habits of behavior was taught from instructions without the aid of physical discipline. If they should hit an animal too hard or trained the animal in the wrong behavior patterns they and the other pupils had to suffer the consequences. Sometimes this included being mauled by the animal or even killed by the animals. They learned from instructions and not from the example of a rescue preformed by the Masters themselves. If they fell into a stream of water and they had not learned to swim by that time, they must get their help from their peers.

The law of the Masters was strict as to what they were allowed to do for the pupil.

After a certain point in their training program they were instructed to go out and learn about nature. The first lessons were short field trips to get them acquainted with the natural environment. Here many of youngest (not smaller) pupils went astray by following the older pupil out into the natural habitat of the animal world before they were qualified. The master could instruct the youngest ones to go back to their home area but not the ones who had been instructed to take the field trip. Although, most of the time the older student would help the younger student back to the training center, or their home as they thought of it when very young, because they were instructed to help one another during their early days among the people of the training center.

Girls and boys in adult bodies lived at the training center much the same as they now go to school together in high school. In the mornings the students would get up and help the newer students with their toilet training and cleaning their rooms which were large dormitory rooms. As high as fifty students of the same sex were staying in one dormitory. All were trained to take turns helping the newer student in his time of needs.

The training centers were run much like an orphanage in the warmer climate areas where walls and strong building structures are not such a feature in the society. Learning and development were the prime goals reached for by the student. The female Masters usually instructed the females while the males instructed the male gender. The students grew in knowledge, learning mostly from the older ones that were still around the area. The older they became the more difficult their assignments would get and the distance from the training centers would increase. The only instructions they would get while out on their special assignments would be by the process of inspiration and at times some telepathic instructions.

When the student had learned enough that they were able to be out on their own, with no Masters to converse with in the lower physical sort of way. Many of them would be instructed, through inspiration and mental communication, to build an instruction center on their own. Many times advanced students would converge together and finish the training center to a satisfactory state as agreed upon between them. Then they would call for their teachers to provide them with students to teach as they had been taught by their Masters and teachers.

This sort of training was greatly praised and encouraged by their Masters. The ascension they were to motivate to was not to be taught in the schools or training centers but was regarded as a glory that they would learn of as they grew wiser in the teachings of the higher law. Then, after proving themselves in following instructions of their Masters and reaching even higher with their mental telepathic powers they were rewarded with teachings of the ascension.

The Ascended Masters that had reached their one big goal of the ascension would be trained at the Inner Levels to return with the undeveloped soul and provide those who were setting up training centers with the soul which would be embodied in a flesh body. He of course was as helpless as our babies at first, for his muscular coordination took as long for him to learn as it does our babies. He had more strength with which to move things but his judgment was just as slow to develop as our babies judgement is.

A Training Center Master would generally help with the food of the youngsters in a physical manner until he finally developed himself to a state where he could eat the same kinds of foods the others would eat. When he reached that point the ones just under the Training Center Master, would take the youngster under his care until the youngster was able to help some with the chores. Gradually he would be trained to share in the responsibilities.

A training program for teaching was generally taught to the younger students so they would know what the older students and the Masters were expecting of them. The program usually had a part for all to participate in according to their abilities. They were taught to pride themselves on how much they could accomplish and how well they could do the job they had tried to do, from the growing of food to the cleaning programs they worked at.

The more advanced students were taught things of nature outside the Training Centers such as animal life and how to train oneself to cope with them and eventually have dominion over them through a mental process. This dominion over the animals was of the higher teachings, along with immunity to fire, cold, and pain. Supply being still of a higher teaching that ranked among the mental training programs that only the highest advanced students could attend.

Among those classes were the following: clairvoyance, psychometry, crystal gazing, which was done with the use of water rather than a crystal, clair-audience and body projection. There was some training given in astronomy but since their travel would be to places around the world and occasionally to the Inner Regions there would be little use of studying the stars and systems they would not encounter until they ascended into the Inner Levels where they would be able to get instructions there. They would then have raised their outer body up to a point where they could see planets that the human or outer eye was not capable of seeing, even with a telescope.

Teaching centers grew and people developed to the ascended state as was the plan for them to do. However there was some use of the powers of supply that didn’t turn out well, such as the bringing forth of animals not of a friendly nature to the undeveloped people. They were brought to a state of existence for various reasons but seldom were animals brought into existence to hurt people. They evolved to the state where they would maul people or scratch them playfully, eventually becoming an enemy of the people. After some time of being away from people and hunting for food the animals began killing each other and using their bodies as food. In time they recognized people as food as well as other animals. The people that have mastered themselves have no problem with wild animals, similar to the way it is now, both on the Lower Levels and at the Inner Levels.

The Earth was becoming over crowded by people who followed the examples of the elders who were doing things to appease their carnal desires rather than the inspirational methods that had been set up in the beginning. The Ascended Masters refused to provide bodies for that kind of training and living. By this time there were millions of people on Earth and very few of them were making their ascension as they had been in the beginning of the program.

After millenniums, large numbers of people were being killed by animals because of their own wickedness. This caused a retrogressive mental state to come over the people, leaving them far worse off than when they originally came to Earth for their first embodiment. The returns to the Inner Levels were large groups of nearly uncontrollable people and it seemed their behavior was getting worse rather than better.

The number of embodiments had almost stopped for there were few that were recognized as fit guardians for the souls as the results had been alarming in the past. The people that were coming back were a shameful group, to say the least, and certainly couldn’t be returned to their native planet in such a condition. They seemed to be as low in their thinking habits as the animals.

The planet officials decided, at this point, upon the same method that the animals had been using for reproduction of their kind. This planet was not the only one that had ever used that kind of system, so they went with that. They could live as low as they wanted or develop to the high estate. The choice was theirs to make and the officials would be waiting with open arms to anyone that would put forth the energies to produce the effect of the ascension.

There were still a lot of people on Earth that were still alive when the new system was put into effect through Adam and Eve, who were the first on this planet to experience life from the new systems for which the bible tells about.

Excerpt from Migrants of the Stars

By Ted Beal


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