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- (Added by: Paul Tuttle)

Bible curious
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Posted 2003-02-05 7:11 PM (#1530 - in reply to #1524)
Subject: RE: Bible curious

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Dear Doug...

Here is a piece I wrote for Penny's web page...you may find something that answers a question or two:

The man from Galilee
Have you ever noticed how life seems to be a vicious circle? Ever wondered why? Even
when your mind seems to agree with the truth that this physical, three dimensional world
is all an illusion, the cycle doesn't stop... Why? The truth we will just say right out:
Anything that contradicts that God is all there is, any entity that insists that it is separate
and can indeed exalt its assumed power above omnipotent creator God, simply goes on to
insist that more time is needed to prove it.
If such a power existed, it should be able to out-power the only power there is and
should be able to accomplish this task in one day, perhaps one hour... Anything that
powerful should only need five seconds it would seem.... such a grandiose Ego, however,
supposes it has the whole of eternity to pull it off.

Time Marches On

Time, with all its seeming endless ticking, is the greatest illusion of all, therefore a lie. If a
lie, then a lie about what? The great pretender is pretending it is eternity.
In the here and now, you are the center of Gods purpose, with eternity as the matrix. Time
is irrelevant and when you fully realize this fact, time shall be no more, not at the advent of
some rapture. In a dream-state this seems absurd, for in a parade of sleep-marchers, time
is the drum major. At the bedside of everyone whose eyes have been filled by the
sand-ego-man, a clock is ticking which has an automatic snooze button.

Mankind, being mesmerized by time, has never quite known how to grapple with the idea
of eternity, Man with a confused mind seems to picture round things as being flat and fears
falling off the edge of the world. His idea of eternity is pictured as a straight flat line,
beginning at the far left and ending on the far right. Religious teaching has imposed the
concept that eternity has no end, but that it clearly had a beginning as described in Genesis
in the Bible. This has given rise to some asking the question: What was before the
beginning..... and where did God come from? This certainly has brought a lot of questions
and with this kind of thinking, (brought on by dark teaching) answers have been

The Circle Of Love

There is nothing that pictures infinity as perfectly as the symbol of a circle. A dot placed
anywhere on the circumference of this circle would seem to serve as a fair representation
of a beginning and ending that would have to be the same if they existed in the context of
eternity . A clock face would be a good representation but Ego would use this imagery
and allow the insignificant dot to represent you. It would focus your attention on the
increments of time around the outer circle and remind you that time is constantly moving
always to the next hour, always in the future. Eternity cannot be made into a goal. To see
yourself as a dot anywhere on this outer circle is to never see yourself at rest but in
constant movement of self-intent.

Picture the circle again: You are now the center of the circle, and on our clock face, you
are the right hand and the left hand of God. This is the only place in Eternity where NOW
is the only time there is and HERE is the only place there is. The absolute center of
consciousness; The Holy Ground of the I AM; The sole reality that all is all there is -
where I and God are One and the Same, yesterday, today, and forever. Absolute patience
is a manifestation of this profound truth. Here our awareness is centered in Gods intent.

Can Anything Good Come Out Of Nazareth?

Jesus of Nazareth was known as the man from Galilee. The word Galilee means "circle."
Not long after Jesus' birth, it was feared by his parents that the child would be killed so
they took him into Egypt. Fear is anxiety that comes as a result of believing in a power
other than God. Jesus was thus thrust onto the outer circumference of the circle, being
made subject to the illusion of it. He willing to be "NOT OF IT ", exercised dominion over
it, thus fulfilling time.

God being everywhere present, allowed prophets to look down the illusionary corridor of
time and forth-tell Gods purpose on Earth (the exact same as it is in Heaven ) which is
actually NOW, waiting for the fullness of time. Because of an illusionary {circum}stance,
Jesus was able to fulfill a time-bound promise made by the Father, "Out of Egypt have I
called my Son..... This prophecy spoken into the frozen circle of time entered into the
realm of the NOW!!! No Son has to remain in Egypt once God's Word concerning Egypt
has been fulfilled.

Religion has taught that Egypt represented a type of the world of sin to be escaped in
order to attain a place of safety in the promised land (Heaven). Students on the road to
awakening see Egypt as a type of bondage to a pharaoh demanding unwavering allegiance
to a power besides God's. A place to "come out of" with silver (redemption) and gold
(divinity), after having put aside death as an option (by partaking of the life and strength of
the Christ pictured by the Passover lamb). Jesus is known to this day as the man from
Galilee. Had he not left the "circle" of time frozen thoughts; the vicious cycle of "laying
again foundations" he would probably have remained a minimum wage carpenter, building
caskets for dead men.

Then Along Came John

Jesus left Galilee to be baptized of John (the Baptist.) John's baptism was a symbol of one
being cleansed from the effects of dead works. (works done according to one's own will
and purpose) It also serves as a type of the natural body which is subject to all the frailties
caused by duality thinking, being buried and resurrected a spiritual body free from the
effects of human DNA encoding. Jesus said to John, "Allow it to be so now: for it
becometh us to fulfill all righteousness."

John proclaimed the good news that the kingdom of heaven was here, close at hand. Man
heard that is was now possible for those who still relied on ancestral bloodlines and the
teachings of their flawed traditions to repent (change their minds.) He gave the example of
eliminating bad fruit (illusions) by laying the ax to the root of the tree. Getting to the root
of the problem (wrong mindedness) is better than constantly having to deal with every
result (fruit ) of wrong thinking.

John's mission was finished after preparing the way for the Christ. He was thrown into
prison and beheaded, thus bringing an end to an age of darkness. The letter must drop by
the way... and the Spirit be released. Jesus went immediately back into Galilee. (the circle)
this time to fulfill another word of prophecy, "Beyond Jordan, Galilee of the gentiles: the
people which sat in darkness saw a great light; and to them which sat in the region and
shadow of death, light is sprung up." From that day, Jesus began to proclaim to the
people..... "Change your minds for the kingdom of heaven is here..... And NOW I say to
you; "Stop the cycle, let this mind by in you that was also in Christ Jesus."

Who Do Men Say That I Am?

Jesus was recognized by his brethren to be the Christ, the Son of the living God. Men on
the other hand, burdened by duality and separation thinking, were unable to recognize that
God was truly with them . Emanuel; The Alpha and the Omega; The Word made Flesh;
these were promises of a Messiah, but perhaps for some other time, one who would make
an appearance as a warrior and deliver his people. This profile, they thought, certainly did
not fit Jesus with all his "Kingdom here and now" preaching. As far as their thinking could
possibly allow them to go, this "pretender to the throne" certainly had nothing to do with
them. They were content to have priests over them who were chosen from among men
who laid down and died like men.

Jesus was described as a priest after the order of Melchizedek who had neither father or
mother (no human DNA) and who had no beginning or no ending (to show He was
Eternal.) Those who know nothing of the truth of their Oneness with Him, find it to be
impossible to see Him any other way. To see yourself as separated from the Christ makes
everything you would use as a source of truth a lie.... Including the Bible.

And The Word Was God

Some accept the Bible without question to be the infallible (without error) word of God.
Others have said it is merely a history of a male dominated society full of old men's
misperceptions. Which is true? Let's see... Either / or?

One thing is certain... Everything in the Bible, or for that matter, any recorded history
that took place on this earth, is an account of a man thinking he was a body running
hell-bent around in a circle. He has always been depicted as waiting for a deliverer, or a
messiah, or a promise, or a revelation, or a hand out . The Truth about this lie is that the
Deliver was from before the beginning; the Messiah has already come; the promise has
been fulfilled; the Revelation has been given and the hands are you own. This all was
accomplished before time ever ticked your toc.

I will tell you something else: The Bible is not the word of God..... You are! Do not
blame your misperceptions on some old men. God used faithful men to write as they were
moved on by the Holy Spirit... The same Holy Spirit which is your Higher Intelligence. It
can rightly divide the word and cause misperceptions to become crystal Truth. The
In-Spirit-ation of God will rise to the occasion of the NOW and teach you all things. All
things must be accepted as a present possibility BEFORE they can come into being. The
Christ of the Holy Kingdom of Eternal "NOW..." is here. God is the only power and is
everywhere present.

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