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Posted 2003-02-05 2:43 PM (#1516 - in reply to #1509)
Subject: Mother Mary's Message

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Hello all,

Ok, first the story (I love stories).

When I went to Italy to see Rubens and have surgery, I walked into the meeting room.  One of the ladies that was in the meeting room turned to me and said "Has Mother Mary showed up in your life yet?"  I was sort of shocked by the question, but I answered "well she is right there" and pointed to a place above the lady's head. 

Immediately, I felt Mother Mary enter me and begin speaking through me.  This was unusual to say the least.  I immediately thought "I just got here and I am not going to stick out like a sore thumb right away" plus I was worried about what MMary might say. ----ego, ego, ego, it will get in there anyway it can----

So, I stood up and walked quickly into the kitchen and 'shook it off'.

Now, I was channelling Eloheim at this time, so the channelling thing was not brand new, but I wasn't chanelling MMary.  That was July, 2002

On October 13, 2002 we were talking with Eloheim. 

Laura:  We want to know about Mother Mary and we thought that maybe we could meet her...she seems to be around and we would like to meet her.

Eloheim then agrees to faciliate the connection.

MMary: Hello

Laura: Hello

MMary: thank you for asking if I might appear with you today it is a blessing to be requested.

Laura: I heard about you and I wanted to meet you.

MMary: We have been working closly with Veronica ever since she came back from Italy.  We were happy to have the opportunity to connect with her and it is our joy to join in the progress that she is making...the path that she is walking along to bring more balance to the Brotherhood.  To bring more compassion and peace and love into the day to day existence of the members of the Brotherhood that she encounters on a daily basis.

We simply exist to show the feminine principle and give its wonderous assets voice in a world that has spent many, many, many years focused on the masculine aspect.  So as our time to be here, a feminine time, becomes more and more prevelant, we are allowed to have more and more, let us call it "stage time".  And it has been incredibly wonderful to finally be able to step up and share the message...the message of the female...the message of the Mother..the message of the nurturerer, the message of unity, cohesion, peace, harmony, joy.

The world needs this message at this time.  The world has always neeeded this message.  But, it has come to a time when this message is ripe for the picking.  The masculine energy on the planet has been dominating for so long that as the pendulum swings and it becomes....safer...to be female...Not only are the female gendered individuals embracing their skills and abilities, but the male gendered individuals are starting to see that that tender spot inside of them is not an Achilies Heel, it can be one of their greatest assets.

We are here bringing the female aspect into balance with the masculine aspect.  Our amazing task is not to polarize again---[this time] to the female area.  The pendulm does not need to swing all the way to female and then slide back to the middle.  What we are working towards is bringing the pendulm down to a balance point.

We don't need to have a time when the female aspect is all encompassing as the male aspect has been for so many years.  We don't require that.  So we are slowly but surely swinging the pendulm.  And rather than let it swing wildly with a great deal of force, we are inching it along so that when it comes into balance we will all know it...rather than have it swing out of balance into a hyper-female space. 

We don't need a hyper-female space.  And this is the blessing we have for the Brotherhood.  It is that we don't require retribution for the years of having the female aspect stamped back, we are not going to require the men to bow under our power  the way that we were forced to bow under their their power for so many years.

This is the love centered, um.... blessing is a good word, it is not the precise word, we will see if the precise one will come out. But this is the gift that we are going to give to the entire Brotherhood.... is saying "Enough polarization", we won't even take our turn.  We will simply ease the Brotherhood into balance and that will be our reward, the entire Brotherhood united, rather than the female aspect having the opportunity to stamp down the male aspect and get even for the years of out of balance times.

This is gift that the female can give to the male.  This is what makes this time so incredibly special.  Many people will say "Oh well, every generation has thought it was the end days, every generation thought it was the time to be awakened, every generation thought that Armegadon was right around the corner."  And so it is easy to say that it is not our time because every other generation thought that it was, but we say that eventually it is this generation's time.

We assure you that it is THIS generation's time for the Brotherhood to awaken and one of the ways that this is going to be done is that the female heart is opening and refusing to take the bait of polarization.  And is instead saying I will meet you in the middle.  This is the gift that I am here to facilitate.  This is the gift that allows me my time.  This is the gift that allows me to remind everyone of the peace and harmony possible in the heart of the Mother.


She goes on to tell a bit of her time with Jesus...

So, that was the first of many times with Mother Mary.  She is so cool and funny.  I hope you enjoyed hearing her message.  I find it so beautiful and full of love....it just brings me such a sense of Peace.  Any typos are mine, not hers!






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