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For Trish and All
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Posted 2003-02-05 8:12 AM (#1488)
Subject: For Trish and All

Location: New York
i think this is January 30th/whatever is presently streaming -- the first 20 minutes.

January 30, 2003

ANSWER. Good Evening.

AUDIENCE. Good Evening.

ANSWER. And Good Evening to everyone who is joining us on the Internet, as well. We have been gathering like this for over six months now. Time flies. And during that period of time, many of you have made comments, asked questions, participated, but … as some of you have joked, if I don’t stop doing so much talking, we’ll never get through the Course. So I want to … I wanted to take some time tonight to give all of you an opportunity to … for example gone home and thought: I didn’t understand a thing he said. and other times you’ve gone home and felt you understand what the Course is saying better than you ever did before. I would like to give you an opportunity – to express thoughts and comments relative to what I might call a spiritual disconnect between what your hearing about the Course and what the Course is teaching a spiritual disconnect between that and the life that you and the life you’re living every day. And if so, what are those areas not only are they not the only ones thinking that, but also the answers. So …

Let me mention also that when we get into a … a give-and-take situation like this, it’s easy to forget to ask for the microphone when you want to butt in and say something. So … so try to remember to reach and ask for the mike. So I will turn the floor over to you. right there.

QUESTION. Good Evening Raj.

ANSWER. Good Evening.

QUESTION. Well in particular last meeting – the last meeting was particularly meaningful because of the emphasis of your wanting us to ask you before we make any decisions, if our will is in accordance with yours. And I’m finding – just to be conscious of that in my daily life – I’m finding I’m not as conscious of that as I would like to be … but in going about my everyday affairs, just being present and observing life as it’s unfolding – feel too much difference other than I’m more and more at peace, and I’m more and more present.

But I’m trying to understand how the Course is … is … how we are supposed to integrate I mean watching for light episodes and things like that I’m still not too sure about.

ANSWER. it is a good question. You’ve got to remember what this is all about. It’s not about miracles. It’s not about A Course in Miracles. It’s about … it’s about … … it’s about joining, isn’t it, if you stop and think about what we’ve been talking about for six months. It’s about breaking the isolation so therefore, it’s about not being alone. Now that’s the negative way to put it. The positive way to put it is that it’s about union, unity, communion. With whom? With whom?

QUESTION. With each other and you.

ANSWER. Yes. so, it’s about reuniting the Family, isn’t it? So what is the peace for? What is the point of turning to the Altar so that you might experience Atonement, if Atonement is an act of Love? It’s about – anyone want to yell out the words?

QUESTION. Being present?

ANSWER. It’s about relationship. So … what do you do? What is the reason for finding your peace? The reason is so that once having found it, you might extend it to your brother. You might engage in involvement.

You see, this is not about finding your bliss, finding your peace, experiencing your enlightenment, and flashing out of here, as it were. This isn’t about you individually. It’s about you breaking the isolation – and from a place of a clearer experience of what Love is, becoming involved with your brothers and sisters expressing that Love.

QUESTION. Then it’s about forgetting oneself.

ANSWER. It’s about forgetting the self that you think you are as an isolated entity. Yes. but it’s about bringing your self more clearly and more beautifully into relationship with your brothers and sisters. So, at the bottom line it’s about healing relationships – even pleasant relationships, happy relationships – because if the pleasant and happy relationships are just the result of perfect attunement to mutually-agreed-upon decisions that you have made with each other, you’re still dreaming the dream. That’s not involvement. And so involvement means bringing Love into those places where your ego would have said: Love is not deserved. Back out. Be separate. Stay away from him. Stay away from her. She’s trouble. He’s this. So on and so forth. You see?

We talked about this in varying ways during the past six months. If you think that the Atonement and awakening is about you – and you alone – becoming clear and going home, you’ve missed the point. When you turn to the Altar, and you say help, you say: “Father show me the Truth here.” you are wanting to know the Truth here so that you might extend it to your brother in committed involvement.

Why committed? Because if it’s not committed involvement, it’s … it’s temporary. It’s … it’s vague. It’s tentative.

Loving your brother is something you do fully or your not loving your brother. and so all of this is about learning to be still and then experiencing the influx – experiencing the influx of Love that naturally occurs when you’re not inserting yourself into this – so that you might turn to your brother and sister and Love them fully. You see?

QUESTION. And being fully – let’s see if I have this straight – fully concerned with every aspect of their life, when you are in their presence.

ANSWER. Being fully committed to bringing whatever you can to your relationship with them for the purpose of blessing them.

QUESTION. Which as I am hearing it: to be truly helpful.

ANSWER. That is a statement that identifies your function …


ANSWER. … but saying it is not … a practice of your function. 13:17 … Do you understand what I mean?

QUESTION. That’s a good point. But it brings my attention back to where it needs to be when I say it.

ANSWER. That is correct. “I am here only to be truly helpful.” And then you follow up by saying: “Father, how can I be truly …


ANSWER. … helpful?”

QUESTION. Yeah. … I’ve found that prayer that you gave in the Course to be extremely valuable.

ANSWER. Yes. For pointing you in the right direction …

QUESTION. Pointing you in the right direction …

ANSWER. … but not for accomplishing the goal. … Pass the microphone.

QUESTION. [new] What is the distinction you’re making? If … If I’ve understood, you’ve made it twice, and I’m still not clear. One is … one is just …

ANSWER. You could … You could walk … you could walk into a friend’s home and say, to them: “I’m here to be truly helpful.” But saying it doesn’t constitute being truly helpful.

QUESTION. [previous questioner] This all has to come from the heart.

ANSWER. That is very true.

QUESTION. I mean …

ANSWER. That is … That is all that it’s about. Yes. And … and caring enough to hang in there with a brother or a sister who is in need, through the thick and thin of their suffering for the purpose of helping to relieve the suffering is what it’s about. It is what Mother Teresa did: wiping the sweat from the forehead, bathing those who couldn’t bathe themselves. Providing Love that instilled – reinstilled in that one standing in receipt of the Love, a sense of his or her dignity … again. It’s much deeper than the social niceties of friendly talk. You see?

You want to feel the Father’s Love so that you may fulfill your function, which is to be the Presence of Love – not just glowing somewhere in the Void, with incredible colors of Love, but with Love that embraces – fully embraces your brother and sister. – Where there is involvement. That is … That is the best word for it. Involvement that is presented with commitment. Another way of putting that is: involvement, Love that is presented with faith in your brother, faith that is felt so that your brother knows that it is not a tentative expression of Love. It’s not a trial experiment in relating to them with Love. You see?
QUESTION. Well then that would also include addressing the Christ in them – I mean really from your heart.

ANSWER. It would indeed, but you … you must remember that the one before you who is, perhaps, dirty, disheveled, perhaps smelly, … behaving unpleasantly – not exhibiting Christ-like qualities – is indeed the Christ – with mud all over his face – is indeed the Christ. With mud all over his face … or her face. So it’s not – to see the Christ and to address the Christ in them – is not a spiritually disconnected thing where here’s this dirty stranger – but you’re going to address the Christ in them that is somehow above and beyond, or behind, what you’re seeing there. Do you see what I’m saying?

You must recognize that the one standing in front of you – whether fat or thin, ugly or beautiful, tall or short – is right then and right there, the Christ. That’s another way of saying: you … you approach another, seeing the worst in them. To say the Christ in them is to take it all the way – to the Ultimate – so that you are addressing the Ultimate, right there, where the one who is unlovely – or behaving in an unlovely way – is.

QUESTION. Your example of healing when you were here, those many years ago: You looked into the faces of all your brethren, you looked into their eyes, and saw the Christ, and remembered God. I know that’s the phrase – but that has sig— terrific a very important meaning – that if we can look into each other’s eyes while we’re relating – and remember who[m] we’re relating to – that’s … that’s the opportunity for real healing.

ANSWER. Yes. the bottom line of what I’m trying to express in answer to your question is: that any of you who have spare time, the best way to engage actively in your spiritual growth, is not to sit there and read the Course, or not to sit there and think the Truth, but to get out there and find a brother and help. You can do social service. You can read to children in the library. Find a way to be involved. You have to bring this Love into play, so that it actually gets addressed to these other Christs – instead of sitting in your ivory tower, thinking Christ-like thoughts about the Christ in your brother that you know must be there, even though you’re not seeing it at the moment. You … you get my point? Okay.

QUESTION. It’s hands on.

ANSWER. It is indeed.

QUESTION. Thank you.
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