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Random quote: "projection is a Divine Law of Being. God .... in the Act of Creation.... is projecting what He is............ but not outside of Himself...... and He experiences His projection and recognizes Himself in it." ~ Raj
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For Amminadab
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Posted 2003-01-27 12:02 PM (#712)
Subject: For Amminadab


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Hi Amminadab,

I sent this to a friend in email yesterday. It's from a journal I wrote in a couple of years ago. Perhaps it is relevant to the "letting others in" phenomenon and how to be with each other. At another place prior to this, can't remember where, I said something like "well,you taught ...." and he corrected me and said "no, I demonstrated....".

I am a little hesitant to share this, first of all, on the board, and second of all with you, because you might bite my head off, and devour the rest of me......But I share it in the spirit of assistance, and fwiw..........Judy

Friday May 11th, 2001... noonish at the Green Cat Café

Q: Help me understand why it is that we don’t let each other in? I notice how others, well – though probably yes, I do it too – well, we argue away others gifts to us. We say. “No, no, I know what’s going on.” And when I was walking down here and I asked you about this you told me: “It’s humiliating to receive.”…that it somehow convicts us that we didn’t already know that.

A: In order to be open to receive and as I have said, you all have a great deal to give one another when you no longer ‘compare’ – who is better or worse, right or wrong – in order to receive, one must be open - open to what? It’s not just being open to one another, for one can be open to argument, you see? One must be open to receiving God, and willing to recognize, to be humble enough to recognize, apart from any concepts that one has, how God, how the Christ tone might indeed find that one in his awareness. For the Christ tone is and so one must be open to and be willing to experience a constant receipt of this…in every encounter with everyone and everything. And basically, this says nothing about you.

In the encounter the other day with the man bent over on the sidewalk, sitting on the stonewall, it was you who were willing to go over and say hello. Though you wondered what words were needed, you were willing to commune with me and feel directed to how to be with him. You were directed to say very little. The Christ has nothing to teach. It is a willingness, a quality of being with your brother. You were willing not to know anything, and from your current frame of reference, feel quite awkward or even foolish. But you received the message that being with him had for you. He had some good reminders for you, did he not? Be humble enough for even a rock to teach you, you see? There is only unending glory, even in the eyes of a suffering brother. Are you willing to receive nothing but the glory of God?

And when you could not be there anymore, you stood up to go. And he thanked you for listening. Let God use every situation to provide ‘both parties’ what is needs met for them, you see? It takes but an instant to be there for the reasons of the Christ, you see? But you won’t get to be the teacher, the star of the show.

I cannot emphasize enough how it is a matter of receipt. Be willing for the infilling of meaningful presence. So it is not stopping and impressing this man with what feels like your wise words or your meaningful presence. But you give it a chance to be felt where it appears this brother is, an apparently “down and out soul” who obviously needs ‘your help’. He does not need you to be his savior. But I need you to be willing to put yourself in situations and with the continuous willingness to feel my tone. Essentially, it is between you and I you see? I do not need you to save the world. But if you will allow it, I will lead you fearlessly to be present with what is, whether it is a rock, or a brother, you see?

Q: Well, yes. Thank you. I am letting you in. I guess I just keep on letting in. But when I see another not let in, I get sad. Is that what you see?

A: Not in the way you are conceiving of. As you learn to allow the humility to let in the Christ tone, we will say what appears to be continuously, there is only the embodiment of this tone, of the totality of what God is. You might say, no one has me forget my function.

As long as there is sadness for you, bring it unto me. As long as there is regret or pain or loss, bring it to me, you see? For it is in knowing me that the willingness of my heart becomes known as the willingness of ‘your own’. We are the same heart, you could say. The essence of all is unequivocally the same. That is why there is great simplicity, beautifully differentiated. And the joy is great as one comes to know this and have the experience, let in the experience. And, there is nothing and no one that cannot provide you with the opportunity for this. Until one fully embraces this, one will feel very isolated.

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