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Random quote: "Say no to the inclination to react and say yes to what needs to be done." ~ Raj
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Posted 2003-01-19 10:22 AM (#55 - in reply to #53)
Subject: i like your "Location" Here....Now ...

Sandra, i think i drove by there once ... nice and peaceful but small, huh?  don't blink or you'll miss it

seriously, your reply/comments on Raj's Graduation 'instruction'  is chockfull of  meaningfulness to ponder ... enhanced mightly by your divine humor, of course.

yes, that's the down-to-brass-tacks  section i'm led to 'be with' today.

why is there an absence of interest in anything ... absolutely no motivation in me (or given me) to stay in touch with what i know is the only way to move out of this land of BLAH, zilsh interest?

well, thank God Paul made notes while he was going through this difficult part of the journey back, is all i can say... i'll read a little more because i've got nothing more interesting to do at the moment ... it's nice reading with someone ... thanks, here's more;

[[You will remember that I have indicated that coming Home is a matter of retracing one's steps away from the Conscious experience of Being, of Home. So, do not be surprised that this essential issue of overcoming—the challenge of overcoming and the potential for success at overcoming from your tiny, vulnerable, separated standpoint—will have to be moved through, rather than engaged. Then you will find yourself at the point of letting in your infiniteness as replacement for the sense of tininess and vulnerability that constitutes the first experience of the three-dimensional frame of reference, and therefore the last experience of the three-dimensional frame of reference. But, you are going to have to remain with me. You are going to have to maintain the idea of being Here with me and not actually in the events that seem to be transpiring on a finite and polarized basis.

You see, in the final analysis it is the choice for Peace that constitutes the release of the choice for conflict, and therefore the relinquishment of the validation of polarization. Polarization disappears in the experience of Peace, as you already know from your practice of meditation. Therefore, when you are choosing for anything other than your Peace, you are choosing for polarity, conflict. You are being sucked into the apparently valid but totally illusory aspects of a limited frame of reference, and you become entrapped. You become entrapped in a state of Self-denial, and you become entrapped in an act of the denial of Reality, the denial of God.

So, you say, "Why isn't unity with God more dynamically interesting? Why doesn't it arouse great fervor and motivation for following through to that moment of Joining?" And the answer is, because it does not involve the elements of overcoming, and therefore, the potential for ego satisfaction—the supposed substantiation and validation of the ego as a real presence. Of course, the ego's polarized sense of Reality and the potential for success at validating itself never ever has come to completion, because it is illusory. But, still, by virtue of the polarized dynamics, it does seem to represent a more real opportunity than union with God does.

Paul: So, you are saying, then, that the process of Awakening is not necessarily going to be exciting and full of, let us say, religious fervor?

Raj: No, Paul, it will be the most calm, quiet, natural, effortless, smooth shift of awareness that you can imagine.

Paul: Why would anyone choose for that, if there is no gold star, no promise of fulfillment?

Raj: Indeed, that is a good question, Paul. You notice there haven't been any advertisements lately on the television saying, "Come to the Kingdom of Heaven!" "Enjoy Eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven!" No promises of special rates. No promises of special deals. No promises of anything out of the ordinary. Why do you think that is?

Paul: My ego says it is because God is perverse. That is not what I think. I would like to hear you tell me the reason why.

Raj: Because being Awake and experiencing Reality without any misperception constitutes You, being absolutely normal. You, experiencing no altered ego. You, being clearly and totally Who You Are.

Your Birthright as the Son of God, your Birthright as the Christ, your Birthright as the undistorted perception of Reality, the undistorted Conscious experience of Being, is certainly embraced and embodied in your being normal, your being Who You Are. You wake up by virtue of consciously releasing the ego, by consciously arriving at the point where you find no value in its misperceptions and the so-called promises of fulfillment which arise out of those misperceptions. You cannot be enticed into that which is absolutely normal.

Again, "A mind that's changed against its will, is of the same opinion still." You wake up into your right Mind by virtue of a desire that arises entirely from within you.

You see, you never ever left the Kingdom of Heaven. You have been on your "Fantastic Journey" to "Fantasy Island," if you will, while never having left Home. In other words, it was an act of choice which you alone must reverse in order to bring yourself back to the Conscious embrace of Where You Are. You were not kicked out, or else, indeed, enticing commercials advertising the desirability of coming back would be in order. But, you chose not to embrace Reality and embrace dreams instead, and now you must make the choice to release dreams and embrace Reality again. "


now why/how does that font thingy obviously change on it's own?

i'll be listening for your 'real life' comments about what they're saying, Sandra ... to tell you the truth ... for me, it's the most helpful part of it all!







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