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Posted 2003-01-27 7:17 AM (#681 - in reply to #642)
Subject: rite now moment {{{meadell}}}


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greetings maedell~

i know we have had this discussion before . . .but feel that the commonalities of purpose should take precedence over any seeming personal differences. we are here to witness to the best in our brothers . . . not belabor a point of contention when intent is to promote understanding.

you said:
{{You see yourself as some sort of teacher and yet you are repeatedly demonstrating that you do not understand the message of the Course in Miracles. . .Over and over and over, you show that you think there is some reason to attempt to make someone see things your way. . .you demonstrate that you accept some sort of coercion is actually loving and correct.}}

we each perceive within the projection of our own thoughts . . . and are constantly remined to turn to the HS to get it right. is this what the HS says about ammi? HS tells me someting different . . . why the discrepancy? my experience is ammi as a fine teacher . . . who is willing to take personal attack in his commitment to awakening. i believe he knows and  lives the course better than anyone i have met. i find that he is not trying to get anyone to see anything his way . . . but is instead encouraging all to see it Jesus/Raj's way . . . to help us understand what the course is saying much in the same way Raj does on thursday nights.

what you see as coercion is in my mind a method of applying "triggers"  or "button pushing" to initiate discussion and call out those areas of resistance that are ego strongholds . . . so that correction can occur and goal of salvation more completely understood and embraced. it is the goal that is loving and ammi has a singular focus on that goal. i think such commitment is to be commended in any brother . . . including ammi.

now as i stated in the historical background in my post below . . many (you included) seem to hold ammi to your opinion of him in the past . . . and it is the lens through which you see everything he says in the now. . and interact with him according to that misperception. but if we are (as Godlings) becoming new in each moment . . .then it seems to me that this is the greatest hindrance to realizing Oneness and embracing the Atonement which demonstrates in acts of love.

you used some quotes that i would ask clarification on.

ammi said:
The secret of the world, is that it is a wonderfully miraculous thought-manifestation device which God gave to His Son.

The secret to living within the world, is to become consciously aware of the power of your thoughts, through recognition of their manifestation in your life.

The secret to transforming you life within the world and transforming the world as well.... is through disciplining your mind to grant the power of manifestation only to the thoughts you would have manifest.

do you feel these statements are incorrect according to your understanidng of the course? i respect your understanding of the course and the degree to which you encorporate the teachings in your life . . . so could you comment on this?

you said:
{{Raj, looking at Ryan, directly. . .says. . .”abandon your commitment to your best judgments and rejoin with the Brotherhood. . .”}}

when did Raj make this statement? was it made recently . .  within the past year? i have seen a great change in ammi since his deeper integration with Raj so although He may have had purpose in eye-balling ammi at that time . . . now should not be held prisoner to the past.  it is a statement Raj consistently makes to all of us. until we abandon our best judgements (mutually agreed upon definitions) . . . we keep ourselves from rejoining the Brotherhood.

{{Ryan . . . says . . .”is through disciplining your mind to grant the power of manifestation only to the thoughts you would have manifest.” }}

knowing ammi . .  the thoughts that he encourages us to give power to manifest are thoughts found in the Mind of God . . . thoughts that are not coming from fear. . .  thoughts that accept the atonement and promote salvation. isn't this what the mind training facilitated by the workbook is for? so our thoughts become so disciplined that we manifest the "happy dream"  instead of the nightmare . . . and in so doing we bring ourselves close enough in Mind to God that He can bridge the remaining gap and bring us Home.

{{Ryan. . .you have got it backwards, guy. Your world, your little kingdom, is full of morons and people to have bite you, or people to go “pah” at. . .but. . .}}

again . . . i would be interested to know the time and context  . . as the past is never our now and now is all there is.

the course quote is very beautiful maedell . . . thank you for sharing it.

]The desert becomes a garden, green and deep and quiet, offering rest to those who lost their way and wander in the dust. Give them a place of refuge, prepared by love for them where once a desert was. And everyone you welcome will bring love with him from Heaven for you. They enter one by one into this holy place, but they will not depart as they had come, alone. The love they brought with them will stay with them, as it will stay with you. And under its beneficence your little garden will expand, and reach out to everyone who thirsts for living water, but has grown too weary to go on alone.]

we are the living water through which this beautiful garden of love and giving grows to embrace all in its holiness and those who extend the gift of love to whoever is placed before us have learned the simple beauty of God in motion and the miracles that are possible when we are willing to BE the presence of love whatever that looks like in the moment . . . and how that looks is determined by our getting the Father's answer first before doing or saying anything.

Raj says that many call Him on supposed discrepancies of His answers on the same subject . . . but what is happening is He is answering according to the best understanding of the one in receipt of the answer and so truth must be able to meet another where they are in the moment. the answer they need is what will move them along in their awakening. for some the answer will be soft and gentle.......... for another it will need to be strong and forceful. . . a clear determination of what will be of greatest benefit is what is called for. i'll have to see if i can find the exact statement. i think i have it clipped in "speakin the wisdom". 

at any rate . . . i know ammi is devoted to salvation and the awakening. i know you are devoted to the same goal. i think the two of you should focus on that with each other and look to your commonalities and express joy that you are both playing in the same Garden.  the "self" sees judgement and and responds with irritation and hostility, the Self knows only love and unity. we are all here to recognize that one is Real and the other is illusion. i think you and ammi both know which is which.

come on . . . lets all play in the Garden  . . . the flowers of Love are so very beautiful.

love to you my sister*


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