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Random quote: How could anyone ever tell Us we were less than beautiful? How could anyone ever tell Us we were less than Soul? How could anyone fail to notice that Our Loving is a miracle -- how deeply We're connected to the Whole. w/thanks to Libby Roderick
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Pushing your buttons
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Posted 2003-01-27 12:54 AM (#673 - in reply to #642)
Subject: Breathing....

Originally written by MaeDell on 2003-01-26 7:36 PM

Ryan. . . You see yourself as some sort of teacher

That is only partially correct.  I am a teacher.  Some call me a good teacher, some call me a poor teacher. I accept neither designation for myself.

and yet you are repeatedly demonstrating that you do not understand the message of the Course in Miracles.

At least that is how it seems to you. Frankly..... i doubt that anybody on the planet has a better understanding of the Course than i do. I know that you think you do..... but you are wrong.  I'm sorry if my telling you so offends your sensibilities.

Over and over and over, you show that you think there is some reason to attempt to make someone see things your way. . .you demonstrate that you accept some sort of coercion is actually loving and correct.

You think you see coercion in my words.  Again you are wrong. The coercion is your own. You know that there is more you could be doing...... and you feel guilty for not doing it.  When i point out the more you could be doing, all you see is the guilt of not doing it...... you therefor mistakenly think i was pointing to your guilt as means of coercion. This is all spelled out in the Course.

I say get over your guilt...... the Course will teach you how.

Do you understand that you are demonstrating that you truly believe that as one who has accepted God as your authority, the authorizer of what you express, you are claiming that you are being authorized by God to “push buttons,” as you decide they need pushing.

Not quite.  I'm not foolish enough to try to decide which buttons need pushing..... i let each of you decide for yourself....... as for the rest...... yeah.

 do you truly NOT realize that this can only be the thoughts of the ego split wrong mind?

Oh please get over yourself.  Why do you make it your business to decide where my thoughts come from?  There is no such thing as the ego split wrong mind.  I know you think there is..... but you are wrong.  Your fantasy invention does not exist.... no matter how hard you insist it does.  The ego is not a mind, and does not have the capacity to think. You are attempting to abdicate responsibility for the thoughts you embrace.

You are claiming this state of being as one which is fulfilling your functions in God’s Plan for Salvation of the world. . .?






You actually cannot see that you are worshipping false idols???

On what delusion do you base this conclusion? Because...... surely i cannot see that i am worshipping false idols. I see my Father all about me.  I don't think there is any room in my vision for false idols.

You do NOT recognize that "your own thoughts" are vain illusions, delusions and false idols???

Would you prefer i adopt your thoughts?  No thanks, i'll pass.  Why do you deem yourself qualified to teach the teacher? Do your expressed thoughts about me come from God?

 Ryan. . .you have got it backwards, guy.

Boy...... i hope that those who really know me...... appreciate my restraint.

 Your world, your little kingdom, is full of morons and people to have bite you,

What do you know of my kingdom? I write about how i spend all day with hugs and smiles and laughter. I write of miracles and friendships and inspirations.  My world is quite diverse. Actually the morons are quite few (but most of them seem to gather on discussion groups).

But it doesn’t help anyone heal the ego’s thought system for you to worship it.

Give me a break, maedell.  I willingly give Raj every opportunity to bust me.  Yet we always seem to be in agreement.  You are attempting to make judgments about me that you are woefully ill equipped to make.  BTW..... the ego's thought system is not something to be healed...... it is something to be abandoned.

 Stop thinking.

You first..... hypocrite.

Your “self” is not real.

You mean i'm not me? Who would you prefer me to be? You?

I'm as real as they get around these parts, babe.

P.S. Don't you just love the way Raj emphasized "finessing" us to changing our minds. You see? He doesn't coerce, he finesses.

Bully for Him.  I'm not Raj.  Accept it.  Frankly..... much of the "finessing"....... seems ineffective. I tend to look for results.  I tend to expect results.  My students are expected to get off the fence.

Things would go smoother between us...... if you would first practice what you preach.

I do.

Peace forever,


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