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Random quote: "projection is a Divine Law of Being. God .... in the Act of Creation.... is projecting what He is............ but not outside of Himself...... and He experiences His projection and recognizes Himself in it." ~ Raj
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Pushing your buttons
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Posted 2003-01-26 7:36 PM (#642 - in reply to #617)
Subject: RE: Pushing your buttons


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Ryan. . .

You see yourself as some sort of teacher and yet you are repeatedly demonstrating that
you do not understand the message of the Course in Miracles. . .Over and over and over,
you show that you think there is some reason to attempt to make someone see things your
way. . .you demonstrate that you accept some sort of coercion is actually loving and

You said:

“I have graduated the Course. I have accepted the Atonement for myself. I am a
Teacher of God...... ffulfilling my function in God's Plan for Salvation of the
world... and that really seems to annoy a lot of people.”

And then, today, you say:

“Okay.... I suppose i'm going to push some buttons here.... but perhaps they are buttons
that need pushing.”

Do you understand that you are demonstrating that you truly believe that as one who has
accepted God as your authority, the authorizer of what you express, you are claiming that
you are being authorized by God to “push buttons,” as you decide they need pushing. .
do you truly NOT realize that this can only be the thoughts of the ego split wrong mind?
You are claiming this state of being as one which is fulfilling your functions in God’s
Plan for Salvation of the world. . .? Truly? You actually cannot see that you are worshipping false idols??? You do NOT recognize that "your own thoughts" are vain illusions, delusions and false idols???

Within the last few weeks, or so. . .you posted about folks doing the workbook. . .and, let me show you something. . .Amena posted this as a sharing about one of Raj’s
teachings. . .

Raj: Everything about the lessons in the workbook are aimed at finessing you into the
position of willingly yielding to God. The workbook promotes the shifts of awareness
that occur as one slowly or quickly abandons his or her commitment to his or her own
best definitions and best judgements and join with the Brotherhood......... join with
God...... reunite at an experiential level. . ."

And a little later, Amena said:

“Raj looked directly at ammi during the other parts of the dialog...... but not once while
He was addressing the bible thumping....... did he glance at him.”

[[[I think Amena thought I would criticize you for thumping the Course around the value
of the workbook. . . however, I was valuing the workbook when you came to the
Gathering Place. Remember?]]]

And then a few days later, you said:

[[[The secret of the world, is that it is a wonderfully miraculous thought-manifestation
device which God gave to His Son.
[[[The secret to living within the world, is to become consciously aware of the power of
your thoughts, through recognition of their manifestation in your life.
[[[The secret to transforming you life within the world and transforming the world as
well.... is through disciplining your mind to grant the power of manifestation only to the
thoughts you would have manifest.]]]

Raj, looking at Ryan, directly. . .says. . .”abandon your commitment to your best judgments and rejoin with the
Brotherhood. . .”

Ryan . . . says . . .”is through disciplining your mind to grant the power of manifestation
only to the thoughts you would have manifest.”

Ryan. . .you have got it backwards, guy. Your world, your little kingdom, is full of
morons and people to have bite you, or people to go “pah” at. . .but. . .

The Course says:

“The Thought of God surrounds your little kingdom, waiting at the barrier you built to
come inside and shine upon the barren ground. See how life springs up everywhere! The
desert becomes a garden, green and deep and quiet, offering rest to those who lost their
way and wander in the dust. Give them a place of refuge, prepared by love for them
where once a desert was. And everyone you welcome will bring love with him from
Heaven for you. They enter one by one into this holy place, but they will not depart as
they had come, alone. The love they b rought with them will stay with them, as it will
stay with you. And under its beneficence your little garden will expand, and reach out to
everyone who thirsts for living water, but has grown too weary to go on alone.”*

The Thought of God. . .not the judgment of Ryan . . .You have got it backwards, guy. .
.You didn’t do it by yourself, and you’re not alone. But it doesn’t help anyone heal the
ego’s thought system for you to worship it.

Stop thinking. Your “self” is not real. Listen.

P.S. Don't you just love the way Raj emphasized "finessing" us to changing our minds. You see? He doesn't coerce, he finesses. . .


{Text, ACIM, p. 392, FACIM Registered Copyright)

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