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Pushing your buttons
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Posted 2003-01-26 4:40 PM (#617)
Subject: Pushing your buttons

Okay.... I suppose i'm going to push some buttons here.... but perhaps they are buttons that need pushing.

I just don't get it.  I write about how essential the Workbook is to understanding the Course..... and i get a plethora of posts in opposition to such an idea.

I write that a trained mind is more competent than an untrained mind.... and the responses lecture me about arrogance and bullying.

I write that if you are not actually living your beliefs, then you really can't claim them as your beliefs.... and i get told that everybody is doing the best they can and that i should mind my own business.


When Raj said that the Workbook was the most transformational tool on the planet and encouraged everyone to complete it..... nobody posted any opposition to the idea..... nobody went on and on about different paths and thousands of ways.

Now Raj has recently been telling us the advantages of a trained mind..... and the brotherly irresponsibility of so many "idle" thoughts within the mind so arrogant that it thinks it needs no training.  Yet...... where are all the posts in opposition?

If the idea merits opposition.... then the idea merits opposition.  Is that the case?  Then let us hear it?

People seem to think that the stuff which the Course and Raj are teaching is unknowable..... or unknowable until some future cosmic event makes it knowable.


It is only willfulness which makes it appear unknowable..... and the real arrogance is in believing than no brother could learn what you are unwilling to attempt.

Raj says "Do the work".... and everybody nods and smiles.  Ammi says "do the work"..... and everybody gives rationalizations as to why the work is unnecessary.  Has anybody else noticed this?

Thinking about stuff is NOT doing the work...... and anybody who gets angry or perturbed by my telling them to do the work..... has quite a bit of work to do, and should get started.

Unlike some opinions to the contrary, i am not here to vex you.  I am not here to delay, nor am i here to destroy you.  In truth i am here to HELP you....... but honesty would admit that you really don't want any help..... at least not from me..... and really not from Raj.  All you want from Raj is soothing words...... a short anesthesia from the hell you find yourself in.

I know that i'm not always nice..... not often gentle.  But rest assured, there is a crack team of technicians working on this.  I would like to point out that my less than nice posts are usually in response to someone being less than nice to me...... and i don't suffer belligerent ignorance well at all.

I guess a big part of the problem is that i expect a lot more from Raj students and Course students than they seem to expect from themselves.  I mean, c'mon...... do you know what a treasure you have in getting direct teachings from Raj?  Some people have been listening for years and years and years..... still refusing to implement even the simplest of instructions.

And i'm supposed to buy the sob story that goes with arrogant willfulness?  Sorry, can't do that.

I ask only for a bit of introspection, and a modicum of honesty.... and generally i insist upon it.  I have a Purpose in saving the world..... and i'm pretty one-tracked in this regard.... so i don't much put up with the silly bs justifications.

If your life sucks..... do something to change it.  If you claim to hold certain beliefs..... then you should hold them everywhere..... not just on an internet discussion board.

Yeah.... i've been compared to a drill sergeant on more than one occasion..... and i guess i fill the role because...... because i am willing...... willing to be single-minded.

So now Raj is saying that you should get off the fence...... that you should actually get out and DO what you are asked to do.  If i had said that (i have), there would have been riots (there were).

So...... i just don't get it.

Oh sure.... i don't say it in the same way Raj does.  So what?  I'm not Raj.  I don't dance or dress like Him either.  Sorry.

I know that everybody applies motivation to everything i write..... and often it appears to be a very unflattering motivation.  I also realize that i sometimes antagonize in support of this unflattering motivation..... so what?  Take the material and work with it.

I don't buy the excuses.  I don't buy the rationalization. I don't buy the justifications..... and the apologetics make me gag.  I'm generally nice to people who are nice to me....... so keep that in mind if you decide to write a response.  But don't write something stupid and try to use it in opposition in opposition to the ideas presented.  The ideas are solid..... and consistent..... and right.

Even if they come from me.

And some here HATE it when i am right.

So..... do the work.  Raj says that the Course Workbook is the most transformational tool available for the human condition..... so avail yourself...... start today...... get off the fence.

We are looking for a profound change of mind..... and when you receive it...... you will no longer bitch about me pushing you...... and from a right perspective..... you can even push me back.

Peace forever,

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