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Posting a reply to: What is cryptocurrency trading and how to make money on it?

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James Franko
Posted 2022-01-31 5:03 AM (#252601)
Subject: What is cryptocurrency trading and how to make money on it?
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Before answering the question of what digital currency trading is, it is worth defining the concept of cryptocurrency: this is a digital (virtual) currency, the unit of which is a coin (Eng. -coin), which is issued on the network, is not connected with a regular currency or any state currency system; in simple words, it is electronic money.

Cryptocurrency trading is the same online trading, but in this case, instead of the usual assets (currencies, stocks, bonds, etc.), a trader trades digital currencies (for example, bitcoin, litecoin, quarkcoin, etc.). This market, unlike binary options and forex, is even more dynamic and unpredictable, attention to it is constantly "heated up" by rapid price growth, "crazy jumps" in the exchange rate. Such an opportunity to earn fabulous income on cryptocurrency in a short time has become the subject of heated debates: someone accepts cryptocurrency, someone opposes it, but its existence on the market is justified and especially valuable in the era of universal globalization and the development of the Internet.

The instability of the market, the constant rise or fall of the exchange rate, the increased risks faced by investors have caused, if I may say so, a whole "cryptocurrency fever": today everyone is involved in conversations about when the digital currency will "burst" and what will happen next? Thanks to the news, sensational statements and loud headlines, we all know when there is a sharp jump in the value of such currencies when they fall in price.

The volatility of cryptocurrencies is hundreds of times higher than its indicator among traditional trading options. However, cryptocurrency trading is also a risk of loss, and if you do not have time to track the trend change, there is a risk of losing your capital. The risks also include the fact that the future of the cryptocurrency, if I may say so, is vague and today it is not entirely clear what will happen after this "bubble bursts". In addition, crypto exchanges can be blocked, hacked, your account can also be hacked due to an unreliable password, and because the exchange is not responsible for such situations, all losses fall entirely on the shoulders of traders. Of course, all these risks do not stop investors from trading cryptocurrencies and making huge profits, the possibility of quick earnings in the very near future attracts an increasing number of interested market players to trading cryptocurrencies today.

A profitable trading strategy on the cryptocurrency exchange is something that can bring good results to the speculator. This is one of the first things that a trader has to think about if he is interested in constant earnings from digital assets. You should understand that choosing a broker or a reliable crypto exchange is only part of the case. The network presents various strategies for trading cryptocurrencies, among them there are both effective working methods and inefficient systems. But among all this diversity, how can you choose the strategy that will really bring you profit? We offer you a number of the most common trading strategies for professional investors in crypto assets on the cryptocurrency exchange.

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