Question for Chris
Posted 2003-01-18 8:49 PM (#40 - in reply to #12)
Subject: RE: My quest for a living wage...

hi Chris ... you said; Until then, I'm just trying to figure out a way to give enough such that I receive the support I need in order to make a living wage."

that's a very interesting way to put it ... an enlightened way, if i do say so myself

is it too early to ask if the response to Raj's (the foundation's) expressed need for your service is showing signs that 'a living wage' might be forth coming from the foundation?

and what about the idea of a "money tree" at tgp? did you see the posts in favor of a "visual inspiration"? perhaps now is a good time to comment on whether or not something like that is even possible with the new program/software.

i'm fine with dropping or pursuing the idea as appropriate ... would like to hear your thoughts.

the new setup looks and feels wonderful ... thank you!


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