would somone like to explain this to me

Posted 2003-03-10 12:17 AM (#4576)
Subject: would somone like to explain this to me

Amena in a post now low down the page, put this

they had to crucify Jesus in order for us to access the Christ he embodied. violence in this case was the Father's Will. who am I to argue with the Father's Will?

Now I know nothing of the bible, nothing of religious or spiritual teachings, nothing about guidance and out of body experiences etc....but I have read, do read, and try to put into practice the principles of A course in miracles, in which I came to understand that Jesus "Gave" himself to the popular method of bodily death of the day, in order to demonstrate to us blind ego's that the body had no function except as a communication device in this thing we have "made".

Am I now to understand that "They" DID something to Jesus, and that in their doing Jesus embodied violence?? This makes no sense...... If he voluntarily chose in full knowledge this path, to lovingly give us the greatest practical demonstration of our eternity, of our spirit, that is beyond the form of the body, then there was no violence.....and yet we missed it then.......are we still missing it? Hmmmm

Is this the rationalization that our minds make to accept the necessity of violence against another individual, or country, as an act of revelation for those we perpetrate the seeming violence upon? is this a rationalization so often seen in historical wars....that of religious cleansing. or justifiable cleansing..... I do this for your own good...that you can see I love you??

I hope someone can answer this, for I am sure I am misperceiving it.... so I ask for clarity.


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